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Work experience

Administrative Intern

East Greenwich Public Schools
  • Chaired School Improvement Team
  • Conducted School Report Night
  • Developed and submitted Article 31 Plan
  • Assisted in the institution of a Freshmen Academy at EGHS
  • Submitted a proposal for the establishment of an Alternative Learning Program
  • Chaired the Bias and Universal Design Committee
  • Compiled and wrote 2006 Progress Report and 2007 Commissioner’s Review
  • Analyzed data included but not limited to discipline, standardized testing results, and attendance
  • Conducted professional development on Looking at Student Work
  • SALT and NEASC Visiting Team Member     
  • Shared responsibility for discipline with the assistant principal
  • Member of the Response to Intervention Team 
  •  Member of the Strategic Focused Monitoring Team and organized site visit
Jul 2008Present

Director of Student Services

East Greenwich Public Schools

Administrator for a suburban high-performing school district with 2500 students. Responsibilities include supervision of students, personnel and programming related to special education; supervision of integrated preschool; coordination of reading specialists and oversight of personal literacy plans; implementation of digital database of student records including Individual Education Plans, 504 Plans, Personal Literacy Plans, Response to Intervention Plans, and assessment results; coordination of NECAP and standardized testing; oversight and coordination of two Title I programs; administration of English Language Learners' programming; administration of 504 services; grant writing for federal funding through the consolidated resource plan including Title I, Title II, IDEA, IDEA Preschool; Title IV, and collaboration on Title III; district homeless liaison; implementation of Response to Intervention; and coordination of professional development activities. In addition to responsibilities listed, annual reviews of current services to determine quality and effectiveness and the creation of supporting programs. Programs created include an alternate learning program at the high school for students with emotional disabilities, transition to community activities for high school students in collaboration with the Southern RI Collaborative, revision of extended school year opportunities, assistive technology on-site consultation services, district-wide response to intervention team, and Title I programming with a math focus. To implement programming and revisions, I participate on and coordinate several professional learning communities throughout the district. These teams include administrative council, curriculum council, response to intervention team, and family and support services team. Through common commitments, visions statements, missions, and goals aimed at enhancing student learning, each team assesses the current reality and adjust s accordingly.

Aug 2000Jun 2008

Secondary Special Educator

East Greenwich Public Schools
  • Implemented academic support program to strengthen students’ individual academic skills, and ensure success in the mainstream classroom
  • Demonstrated ability to modify regular education program in the inclusion model in social studies and English
  • Instituted four ramp-up classes at East Greenwich High School based upon data from action research 
  • Developed three college preparatory collaborative classes at East Greenwich High School
  • Completed action research project detailing data associated with student transition difficulties from the middle school to the high school and presented findings to school leadership team
  • Developed and implemented successful Individual Education Plans and transition programs
  • Established strong, professional rapport with classroom teachers, students, parents, and administrators
  • Proven ability to successfully teach Learning and Emotionally Disabled students using regular education curriculum to create appropriate and engaging lessons
  • Created and maintain professional Web Site
Jun 1999Aug 2000

Director of Special Education

Valley Community School
  • Established Standards Based Curriculum
  • Coordinated special needs services with local education agencies
  • Evaluated and supervised teaching staff
  • Provided professional development training sessions to teaching staff
  • Aligned special education program to state and federal regulations


Community Involvement

  • Organized “Have a Heart for Lena” dance to raise funds for a student requiring experimental open heart surgery
  • Facilitated Noelle’s Neighborhood Walk to support a student diagnosed with a debilitating brain tumor
  • Support Multiple Sclerosis activities and fund raisers


To obtain an administrative position with a focus on education leadership, teaching, and learning.

Professional Activities and Honors

  • Member of of ASCD, RIASCD, and CEC
  • Member of RIDE ACEES Committee for the development of teacher evaluation
  • Completed RI Leadership Series for School Administrators
  • Member of RI Association of Special Education Directors and Southern RI Regional Board Member
  • Member of Curriculum Council and Administrative Council
  • District RtI Coordinator, Reading Coordinator, Title I Coordinator, and ELL administrator
  • Coordinator for district data team
  • District Testing Coordinator:  NECAP, SDRT, SAT 10s, ACCESS, DRP, Fountas and Pinnell
  • Chair of Professional Development Committee
  • NEASC Visiting Team Member 2008 and 2010
  • SALT Visiting Team Member 
  • School Support Visit Team Member 
  • Chair of EGHS Commissioner's Review 2006-2008
  • Member of the East Greenwich High School Improvement Team2005-2007
  • Maintain current professional knowledge through the attendance of professional workshops:  No Child Left Behind, Formative Assessments, Common Tasks, Differentiated Instruction, Assistive Technology, Personalization, Response to Intervention, Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies, Inclusion, Standards Based Grading, Professional Learning Communities, Grade Span Expectations, Proficiency, and Graduation Requirements
  • Member of the East Greenwich High School Social Studies Curriculum Development team
  • Aligned Modern World History Curriculum to National Standards for History, Social Studies Standards, and State Grade Span Expectations
  • Member of the East Greenwich Math Curriculum, aligned curriculum to Grade Span Expectations and standards
  • Involved in the development of Common Tasks for the English Department
  • Participated in five hiring committees at East Greenwich High School
  • Yearbook Adviser    2002-2005, 1995-2000
  • Cheerleader Coach      2002-2003, 1996-1998
  • Class adviser for Class of 1999    1995-1999
  • Kappa Delta Pi, International Education Society Member

Wiki Spaces


Online workspace including: work groups, messaging, web development. e-mail, calendar, file share, and file store.
Wiki Creation
Created and maintained professional Wikis:  East Greenwich Technology, East Greenwich Student Services, East Greenwich Health and Wellness, and My21Classroom
Created, submitted, and amended RIDE grant applications including: Title I, Title II, Title IV, IDEA B, IDEA Preschool, ARRA IDEA B, ARRA IDEA Preschool, and Stabilization grants
Applications include Google Documents, Google Search, Google RSS Feed, Google Reader, Google Groups, GMail, Voice, YouTube, Translate, Scholar, and Directory.
Microsoft Office
Applications include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Create hyperlink documents, including procedural manuals Develop spreadsheets for the purpose of data analysis and organization Prepare PowerPoint Presentations
Coordinate, implement, and administer digital student records: Individual Education Plans, Response to Intervention Plans, Personal Literacy Plans, and 504 Plans Upload, analyze, and monitor student assessment data: NECAP, ACESS, SDRTs, SAT 10s, DRP, Fountas and Pinnell, Title I Secure Math Create and run reports to monitor special education, response to intervention, reading, Title I, and 504 services Provide professional development to teachers and administrators in program applications Progress monitor student achievement: state assessments, standardized assessments, quarterly benchmarks, common tasks, formative and summative district assessments, and weekly curriculum based measurements Develop new application with Maximus to include curriculum alignment to courses and student achievement analysis  


Special Educator/Mild Moderate

Rhode Island Department of Education

Superintendent of Schools (PK-12)

Rhode Island Department of Education
Aug 2011

Middle/Secondary School Principal

Rhode Island Department of Education
Aug 2011

Special Education Administrator (PK-12)

Rhode Island Department of Education
Aug 2011

Teacher of Secondary History

Rhode Island Department of Education
Aug 2011

Teacher of Secondary History - Anthropology

Rhode Island Department of Education
Aug 2011

Teacher of Secondary History - Sociology

Rhode Island Department of Education


Jeannine Nota

July 20, 2010

Dear Selection Committee:

It is my pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Paula Dillon.She and I have worked together in the East Greenwich School district for two years.Paula has been the Director of Student Services and I am the principal of East Greenwich High School, therefore we have collaborated often.As part of the administrative team, Paula has provided the community of East Greenwich with superior work.Her extensive knowledge of special education regulations and her dedication to families of children with special needs far exceeds that of most administrators.She is an exceptional member of our administrative team.

Paula is a straightforward, honest person who works efficiently and cooperatively with many people.Her knowledge of best practices, grant writing, program development and evaluation, and professional development is highly regarded by her colleagues.At all times, Paula keeps the needs of students as the driving force behind her actions.She seeks resolutions to issues that are fair, creative and legal. She has the ability to provide all students with an appropriate, high quality education with a watchful eye on regulations and district policies.She is thorough and conscientious regarding procedures and legal safeguards for all special education issues.

Working with Paula in East Greenwich has been a pleasure.She has been collaborative, thoughtful and respectful of everyone’s role in the school district.She took over the director’s position with little guidance and/or direction from the previous employee.Paula took the reins and has done a wonderful job of assuming the responsibilities of more than just the special education director.She was handed many complex problems and tasks and has worked very diligently to resolve many issues that had lingered for several years.She was able to move the district forward in a variety of areas, such as professional development, data analysis, technology, teacher evaluation, and of course, myriad special education needs.She works tirelessly making sure special education and regular education teachers uphold rigorous standards in a very demanding community, while still providing support for all students.

Paula would be an asset to any community and administrative team.She has a great sense of humor and is a true team player.These qualities alone set her apart from many others.Please contact me (487-6974) if you have any questions or would like to discuss her candidacy.


Jeannine L. Nota-Masse

Michael Levine

March 26, 2008

Michael LevinePrincipalEast Greenwich High School300 Avenger DriveEast Greenwich, RI 02818

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Paula Dillon.  Dillon is a valued member of our special education department who I have known for several years in my capacity as principal of East Greenwich High School.  Paula is a caring, intelligent, and dedicated teacher who has been highly successful as a resource teacher.  Paula has established an excellent rapport with parents, students, teachers, and administrators.  Paula has emerged as a natural leader at the high school assuming more responsibility each year. 

This year, in particular, Paula has been involved in the following areas:

  • She wrote the Article 31 application which was approved by the state.
  • She helped draft the Commissioner’s Review which was also approved.
  • She is the chair of the School Improvement team and helped write the School Improvement  Plan.
  • Paula has immersed herself in a variety of professional development opportunities including:  Looking at Student Work and Universal Design/Bias, SchoolMax training and she has gone on a NEASC visit and SALT.
  • Paula is on the RtI committee.
  • She worked on the committee to establish the freshman academy.
  • She also, as part of her internship, has been actively involved with discipline, working closely   with the assistant principal, Michael Podraza.

As principal of East Greenwich, I have found Paula Dillon’s effectiveness and input invaluable.  Although she us currently not an administrator, I do consider her as a member of the “inner circle” and seek her council on a number of academic and operational issues.  I strongly recommend that Paula be considered as an administrator in your school.  She is dedicated, committed to excellence and well-versed in a wide range of educational topics.  She gets the job done!!!  If I had a similar position at this high school, she would be the top candidate for the job.

I am confident that Paula Dillon has the skills and dedication to become a fine leader in the educational community.  I highly recommend her for consideration at the high school level.

Sincerely,Michael LevinePrincipal

Michael Podraza

April 10, 2008Michael PodrazaAssistant PrincipalEast Greenwich High School300 Avenger DriveEast Greenwich, RI 02818To Whom It May Concern:I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Paula Dillon and recommend her for a position as a school administrator.  I have known Mrs. Dillon for only a year now, however, during that time she has shown initiative, forward thinking and sound decision making in all that she does.  She has shown the ability to not only speak about reforms; but implement them as well.  She is very well spoken and is a constant advocate for all children.  Mrs. Dillon has shown a strong ability to connect with many different stakeholders to create groups and teams that can collaborate and move forward shared goals.  The leadership roles that Mrs. Dillon assumed over this past year are a testament to her motivation and initiative.  Her work in creating programs such as East Greenwich’s Freshman Academy demonstrates her forward thinking.  Her work as the school improvement chair has been outstanding.  She keeps meetings running smoothly and members motivated and on task.  Her coordination efforts on East Greenwich’s submission to the Rhode Island Department of Education on high school reform initiatives and Article 31 applications demonstrates her knowledge and ability to produce high quality work and the district’s confidence in those abilities.  Additionally, Paula is constantly looking for new ways to grow as evidenced by her recent participation as a visiting team member for NEASC accreditation.  Mrs. Dillon is ready to assume a school administrator position.  She would be a strong addition to any administrative team.  I strongly urge you to consider her for an administrative opening.Sincerely,Michael J. Podraza

Bonnie DiMeo

April 22, 2008

Bonnie DiMeoSpecial Education Department ChairEast Greenwich High School300 Avenger DriveEast Greenwich, RI 02818

To Whom It May Concern:

It s with pleasure and confidence that I write this letter of recommendation for Paula Dillon, an extraordinary teacher in the Special Education Department at East Greenwich High School.  I have known Paula as a colleague in our Special Education Department for nearly seven years and have served as her supervisor for the past six years.  She is an extremely talented teacher and very knowledgeable about regulations, reform, and best practices in all areas of education.  Mrs. Dillon has recently completed her Master’s Degree in Administration as Providence College and served an administrative internship at our high school this year. 

Mrs. Dillon has assumed a variety of administrative and supervisory tasks at our high school since her first year.  She has served as a cheerleader coach and advisor to the yearbook.  Mrs. Dillon participated in the development of our School Improvement Plan and participated on the School Improvement Team, serving as chairperson this year.  She has developed curricula with both the math and social studies departments, and has completed mentor training and has served as a mentor to a new teacher.  Mrs. Dillon has also been a cooperating teacher for teachers from Rhode Island College and Providence College.  Among many other tasks, Mrs. Dillon chooses professional goals every year and has had a significant impact on change at our high school.  She has examined data from our middle and high schools and interviewed staff in order to determine how to improve the transition for incoming ninth graders.  She has presented her findings to the leadership team and administrators.  She has also initiated the successful introduction of four new collaborative classes “ramp-up” classes.  She frequently voices her opinions and knowledge of the latest mandates and has helped to provide information for senior project and digital portfolio.  At the principal’s request, Mrs. Dillon successfully completed and submitted the Commissioner’s Review for graduation requirements for the past two years.  She has assisted in the development of a possible Alternative Learning Program for at-risk students that we hope will beginning next year.  Additionally, she has attended NEASC visits, SALT visits, and state special education monitoring visits.  She is also very strong in the area of technology.  It is clear that she is a natural leader and has the intelligence and dedication to initiate reform. 

Mrs. Dillon is ready to assume an administrative position in either special education or general education. Mrs. Dillon has also taken numerous courses over the years and enjoys learning.  She maintains current in her knowledge of educational practices and policies.  If you have any questions, I can be contacted at home (401) 246-0462 or at work (401) 398- 1530.

Sincerely,Bonnie DiMeo