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Writing skills


I work well with others particulary in achieving goals. I am very level headed and do not allow irrelevant subjects to hender my progress. I communicate well with others and am not difficult to approach. I am a diligent worker and can ensure satisfaction. I am not afraid to speak in front of a large audience.



 I want to make a difference in everything I do. I would specifically like to work with kids. I also would like to travel if possible. I wouold like to go to places that are in need of help. I hope to improve any bad condition. My objective is to take the things that are not up to par and improve the dramatically.


I work very well with children! I am also intrested in traveling for any purposes. I also enjoy working with the elderly.

Additional Information

I often participated in community service outreach programs. I was a part of an organization known as the "L.O.V.E. Team".  Additionaly, I also work in child care.  This experience has caused me to become a very patient individual; one who always treats people the way I would prefer to be treated.


Stephen Covey's 7 Successful Habits of College Students