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Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Sr.Manager & Head Paint shop

Mutual Industries Ltd.

Robot Programme development for paint optimization, quality improvement & reduction in cycle time.Process stability to give consistent out puts by introducing process controls.Introduction of teach robot cell for programme optimization & operators training.Correction in start signals & Development of programme to check start signals & skid alignment.Introduction & follow up of equipment cleaning schedules to decrease the dust count.Development of Jigs & Skids dimensional accuracy check methodology & implementation.Painting programme optimization to eliminate DFT & mDE variations on the bumpers.Painting process & booth conditions improvement to reduce orange peel from LW 38-40 to less than 13.Skills development of Robot operators for JH of the equipments.Preparation of JH & PM schedules for eqipments, adherence & follow up.Improvements in work conditions to reduce labour turnover rate.Coustemers satisfaction.Designing responsibilities specific departmental structure,defining job responsibilities,filling the gaps by selecting appropriate candidate.Establishing performance evaluation parameters for each team members,monthly progress review in order to idenify the gaps,training needs & support required with clear cut feed backs.Development of process engineering group.


Dec 2007Sep 2009

Executive Manager & Head Paint shop

John Deere
Responsible for improving productivity by 80% with elimination of one shift operation.Strategic planning of processes & resources for capacity enhancement.Reduction in lead time & Takt time by 50%,Elimination of NVA's & strategic sourcing to improve OEE,Team building,Performance evaluation & monitoring.Departmental budget & variance monitoring.Reduction in turnaround rate.Improving the employee envioronment & work culture.New projects lead,Work force & strategies planning,JSA & zero accidents,EMS & QMS implimentation & monitoring.Equipment uptime monotoring & improvements.
Feb 1989Dec 2007

Assistant Manager Paint shop

Bajaj Auto Ltd
Responsible for Electro-Deposition for all types Fuel Tanks including Jig & Mask Design, Conveyrised Masking,Process full Proofing and cost saving.conversion of epoxy grey E-coat to acrylic black Ecoat. Played significant role in bringing about 1.8 to 2.0 times productivity increase with zero breakdown.implimentation of single set flow / streamline manufacturing system. attaining zero customer complaints & zero defects,Quality (RFT- Right first time) increased from 83.2% to 98.9 % by reducing defect phenomena from 12 to 2. Led & mentored a team of working operators, section managers and paint suppliers for achieving high grades of quality norms.Cost reductions by 30%,TPM Exceelence award by JIPM,Inventory mangement for single set flow,Improving Moral of operators.Led & mentored a team of working operators, section managers and paint suppliers for achieving high grades of quality norms


Science college Nanded

Diploma course in surface coating technology

Technical Institute Pune (BTE Mumbai)


Pratibha Niketan Highschool Nanded


Paint technologist with over 20 years rich experience in Production Planning & Control, Process Enhancement ,management of large automotive paint shop with thorough knowledge of Elecrodepsition both Anodic & Cathodic (epoxy & acrylic) painting processes manual,bell application,robotic of varity of primers,top coats & clearcoats on sheets metals as well as varity of plastic surfaces.Paint shop administration,safty and Team Building.A keen planner & strategist with expertise in managing operations with focus on profitability by ensuring optimal utilization of resources. Proficient in handling all the production operations for paint shop, and accountable for quality service and timely completion of the new projects.Effective communicator & team leader combined with flexible and detail oriented attitude with the ability to interact effectively with people of diverse nationalities across globe.Proven abilities to enhance the production process operations optimize resource & capacity utilization; escalate productivity & operational efficiencies; while curtailing the costs/ expenses. Experience in implementing cost saving measures to achieve substantial reduction in terms of man-days, production cost, raw materials and energy consumption. A proactive planner with dexterity in identifying & adopting emerging trends to achieve organizational objectives and profitability norms. Resourceful in handling a broad spectrum of functions encompassing special area like Metal & plastic pre-treatments, Electro Deposition (A&CED.Epoxy & acrylic ),Manual & Robotic paint applications of variety of primers,base coats & top coats, Automation. Keen understanding of the formalities and implementation of quality systems and excellent skills in complying with the norms of regulatory authorities. A keen strategist and planner with thorough knowledge of TPM & skills in conceptualizing and effecting process initiatives to enhance plant efficiency and productivity.


  • Toyota Production System
  • Lean Manufacuring
  • Gemba getsu
  • Six Sigma
  • Visual factory


I am currently looking for opportunities to make use of my rich & hard core experience of over 20 years in the field of paint shop & paint application processes management.

I believe my background and experience will help me be an asset to any company in a very short time.

My leadership & managerial skills are developed and have allowed me to spontaneously interact with ethnic diverse populations and all age groups.I am a motivator and organizer and these skills have enabled me to effectively defuse problem situations with customer’s(internal as well as external)using tact, thus creating a WIN WIN situation. Teamwork & improving the employee environment is another skill I have acquired and one I know is necessary for organizational cohesiveness.

Being able to make the paint shop a world class manufacturing plant has been my goal since beginning of my managerial career.To ensure this I have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge by putting my academic & professional experience to practice.


Strategic Planning  Project Engineering Manufacturing Process Enhancement Cost Reduction  Resource deployment TPM expertise Team Building & work culture Developing employee environment EMS,QMS,OHSAS & HIRA Budgeting,resourses & assets utilization with focous on organizational profitability.