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ERP (American Software, SAP, Baan, IBM Copics), Gentran EDI, Hospital Information Systems (HIS) (McKesson Series 2000, McKesson Horizon Pathways, Quadramed, Orchard Lab, DR Systems PACS, Medhost ED, Misys Physician Practice Management), Great Plaines (Microsoft Dynamics) Financial, payroll & HR, Cloverleaf, Kronos, Medselect Drug Dispensing, FormFast Document Management, IBM CICS, MS/Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio), Windows (95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista), Windows Server 2003, Antivirus, MS/SQL, Cache, Oracle, IBM DB2, IBM VSAM, Active Directory, Exchange, Sharepoint, Lotus Notes


C, C++, Java, COBOL, IBM Assembler, Microchip Assembler, Pascal, Basic

Hardware / Infrastructure:

IBM Mainframe (MVS, DOS/VSE, VM) and Midrange (AS/400, iSeries, OS/400) systems, Intel Servers, Storage Area Networks (SAN) (NetApp, EMC), Data Center design (HVAC, UPS, Power Distribution, Cable Management)

Network / Communications:

Cisco networking (switches, routers, firewalls, wireless, fiber channel), VTAM, NCP, Ethernet, Token Ring, Voice Over IP (VOIP), telephony systems, unified messaging, Video Conference systems, copper and fiber infrastructures, secure remote communications, Internet / Extranet / Intranet systems, Blue Coat Web Filtering


Information Technology



RC Airplanes

Single Engine Pilot


Executive technology leader with proven capacity for developing/implementing strategic plans for business operations and growing technology, including efficiently merging acquired, disparate IT organizations into cohesive, highly-functioning units. Design and deliver cost-effective, high-performance, cross-platform and enterprise-wide information technology infrastructures to meet business development needs. Strength in long-range planning, project initiation, negotiating scope with executive management, directing people and departments, managing conflict resolution, budgeting, estimating, resource allocation, requirement management, quality assurance, technical review, and execution. Significant experience in working with/managing international projects and teams.




  • 10+ Years Director Level in Manufacturing
  • 5 Years Director Level in Health Care
  • Technology / Business Planning
  • IT Organizational/Management Reengineering
  • Technology Architecture & Integration
  • Large ERP and HIS conversions
  • Managing International Projects & Teams
  • System Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Resource Procurement & Contract Management
  • New Technology Research, Evaluation, Recommendations

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Partner, Systems Engineer

FM Services

Entrepreneurial co-developer of a successful currently marketed product to monitor radio tower lighting for being within Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) specifications. The product is designed to be compatible with tower lighting applications used in radio, TV, cellular and any other industry requiring lighted towers.  Co-developed the electronic circuitry and wrote all of the operating system firmware for the actual product.  Also co-designed the electronic circuitry and wrote the C Language firmware for the development simulator system.  The product is currently in use by organizations such as Radio Disney and Clear Channel Radio.

Aug 2004Aug 2009

Chief Information Officer

Wilkes Regional Medical Center

Recruited to reinvigorate an antiquated IT system and weakened IT staff. Projects included rebuilding the hospital's aging infrastructure to support the advanced applications required in a modern hospital; selecting/implementing a new, state-of-the-art Hospital Information System (HIS) with a full Electronic Medical Record (EMR); turning around an IT team suffering from low morale and managing and administering the day-to-day operation of the Information Technology department. Additionally served as a member of the hospital Administration Team, providing input into the overall business and assisting in after hours/on-call administration manager rotations.Select Accomplishments:

  • Successfully implemented a new Hospital Information System (HIS) with Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Negotiated a $2M savings on software and an over $1M savings on implementation services for this project.
  • Upgrading a Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) for radiological exams, providing at least 25% better performance and $340K in negotiated savings.
  • Designed and implemented two new data centers with mirrored storage arrays (SAN's) for disaster recovery with negotiated savings of 500K.
  • Replaced PBX based phone system with Cisco Voice over IP system with 200K savings over a PBX replacement.
Jun 2003Apr 2004

Director, Communication Services

Lowe's Home Improvement

Selected to lead the a team of 33 engineers to provide strategic planning, architectural design and maintenance of Lowe's communications network including data, voice, wireless, video and satellite communications for 1,100+ stores, warehouses and corporate locations.Select accomplishments:

  • Managed voice, data and satellite engineering to support approximately 3 new store openings per week.
  • Managed implementation of a new store data network that had an estimated $4,000,000 in annual savings.
  • Reduced annual expenses by $600K by renegotiating an existing consulting contract.
  • Managed engineering of a new very high-speed high-capacity data network to support an interim disaster recovery system while site selection for two new data centers was ongoing.
  • Managed the team that designed and implemented the LAN infrastructure for Lowe's new corporate headquarters in Mooresville, NC.
  • Performed with consultants a Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) review of Lowe's data networks. Initiated and managed projects that brought the network into compliance with the required security standards.
  • Developed and managed a Lowe's Communications Network budget of approximately $50 million in expense and $50 million in capital projects.
Nov 2000Jun 2002

Chief Architect

Corning Cable Systems

Provided innovative strategic technology direction to the business, pragmatic execution of technology projects, and leadership in the planning and implementation of the entire technology base with particular emphasis on architecture, tools, platforms, and the developing Internet environment, for all global locations. This position also provided leadership for the globally distributed IT engineering teams.Select Accomplishments:

  • Continued development of integration plans for integration of the European SAP ERP system with the American Software ERP system used in North America. Primary emphasis was on using Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools such as SeeBeyond, Tibco or IBM MQ/Series. Longer term planning included moving the entire corporation to SAP.
  • Developed architectural standards to be used across all current divisions and future acquisitions.
  • Recommended and implemented an architectural change away from Novell to Microsoft based solutions, allowing closer integration with Corning Corporate and easier integration of future company acquisitions.
Aug 1999Oct 2000

Chief Information Officer (Interim)

Corning Cable Systems

Appointed to top leadership role as interim VP CIO, to manage Siecor IT during the due diligence phase of Corning's acquisition of Siecor Corporation and other Siemen's assets, and prior to the hiring of a new, outside CIO for Siecor. Managed the new Corning Cable Systems global IT. This included organizational design and management, budget management and project management. The corporate and global IT staff was comprised of over 250 employees in numerous countries.Select Accomplishments:

  • Compiled and led a due diligence team in researching about-to-be-purchased European entities, to develop a strategic IT plan, including estimated costs and time tables, for integration into CCS. Developed and presented strategic plan to rave reviews from the executive committee. Implemented the plan immediately following the purchase transaction.
  • Began the development of integration plans for integrating the European SAP based ERP systems with the American Software ERP systems used across North America.
  • Organized and held the first Corning Cable Systems global IT managers conference, creating a forum for all newly merged IT departments for discussing strategic direction and for gathering/addressing concerns.
Jul 1992Oct 1999

Director, Systems Engineering

Corning Cable Systems

Managed all systems engineering (staff, network (voice & data), mainframes, midrange systems, servers, storage and data center), and to maintain overall architecture from infrastructure through applications. Develop and maintain the disaster recovery plan and testing enterprise wide. Active member on team of enterprise managers providing IT input and solutions for business strategy and problems.Select accomplishments:

  • IT architecture lead during due-diligence research for new national and international business acquisitions.
  • Developed comprehensive disaster recovery system that was used to fully test all of Siecor's ERP and related manufacturing systems for Y2K compliance before the year 2000.
  • Lead architect for new international factory IT implementations in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.
  • Implemented IT systems in Japan for Siecor's new Japanese sales and engineering office.
  • Developed and implemented the architecture for a distributed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system based on 18 AS/400 systems connected by a Wide Area Network, making Siecor one of the first companies with a true peer-to-peer WAN connected ERP system. The successful architecture drew interest from numerous large companies, including Harley Davidson and Molson Brewery, who followed our lead and implemented similar systems.
  • Rapidly and significantly improved Siecor's inter-department communications, performance, quality and customer service - company-wide through implementation of a Lotus Notes based collaboration system. This system ultimately became the basis of our Intranet and Internet web sites.

Prior Corning Accomplishments

  • Represented Siecor on the Telecommunications Industry Forum (TCIF) a industry standards body for development of ANSI EDI standards for the telecommunications industry
  • Championed and implemented Siecor's first mainframe based Email system.
  • Lead architect during Siecor's IBM COPICS to American Software ERP conversion



Appalachian State University


Businesses need a business savvy IT leader capable of developing a well-articulated IT strategy that is tied to the business plan.
International Experience
When business goes international the IT leader needs to be attune with cultural differences and legal requirements.
Problem Solving
Problems are best managed through prevention.  When that fails don’t work on the symptoms, find the root cause and permanently fix the problem.
Technology Architecture & Integration
It's not just about having the latest and greatest technology. A strong IT leader must understand when technologies are mature enough, which technologies are a strong fit for the business and how to successfully integrate them into the business.
IT Organizational/Management Reengineering
Businesses and IT organizations continually evolve. A strong IT organizational leader must have proven abilities to select the best people to build the best teams.  When the evolution includes mergers and acquisitions the IT leader needs be proven in organizational reengineering.
A strong leader doesn’t just set the direction; he/she inspires and motivates everyone to bring quality, innovation and enthusiasm to everything they do.