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Work experience

May 2010Present

Summer Intern

The NextGen Marketing Group

-Create an internet brand strategy and plan for Nextgen Marketing Group Co.: SWOT, authority brand, the affiliated websites strategy, blogs strategy, online video strategy, social media, email, and reference

-Build Skill inventory excel database for companies’ consultants, summarize company’s strength and weakness in different industry and skills, and design a future marketing strategy based on the finding

Sep 2008Present

Graduate assistant

University of Iowa Former worker program

-Work on medical data organizing, data analysis, writing letter to patients and cooperate with team. Communicate and get along well with colleagues. 

Aug 2010Present

Marketing consultant

Percival Scientific Inc

-Team leader: research on market trends, environmental analysis, competitors analysis, SWOT analysis, customer interview, surveys for Percival Scientific Inc; write project proposal, and report

Jan 2010May 2010

University of Iowa

-Designing a course for UI ESL (English as 2nd language) class on public speaking

-Spring intern, UI Bedell Entrepreneurship lab: assist internet marketing on a health coaching website, narrow down the niche, provide video marketing strategy, and marketing on facebook, twitter, and related sites; 

Jan 2008May 2008


Mayinglong Pharmaceutical Co

-Assistant for Internet marketing: blog marketing, discussion forum marketing, design medicine education online related to the product, communicate with advertising companies and different internet company on advertising.


Part time work

-Part time salesman for different companies, meet over 1000 people for selling --practice communication skills

-Tutor for high school student every week for 6 month

May 2006Dec 2006

Self start up training business

-Establish a summer time training class small business for high school student, teaching English for the whole class, responsible for hiring other teachers, organizing classes and marketing;


Aug 2008May 2009

University of Iowa

-Compare the environmental pollutant economic policy in different country.University of Iowa

Aug 2004May 2008


Tongji Medical College of HuaZhong University of Sci & Tech

-National Bronze Prize in 5th Challenge Cup College Students Business Plan: Organized people in economics, management, and accounting together to write medicine company plan; wrote marketing plan. 

-National College Students’ Innovative Experiment Plan. Team Leader for research in increasing the targeting abilities of cancer medicine carrier-TongJi Medical College; --Develop leadership skills and team work skill.


Team work skills
I have worked in different teams for years. Understanding the purpose of the whole project and communicate with other team members about different work. Then, cooperate with each other toward the goal.
Leadership skill
I have worked as a leader since college time, I lead a students business team won a National Bronze Prize in 5th Challenge Cup College Students Business Plan.  I lead a team to win the National College Students’ Innovative Experiment Plan.  Also, I lead a team to start up a training business in college.  I'm good at communicating with other people and organize people together by their different interest and skill. And create a vision and goal for all the team to be passionate about and work on.
NLP skills
I have been learning and practice Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) for years. I learned this skill from Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall and keep practicing it and use it in communication, problem solving and helping other people to improve and solve their problems.


Life is a journey of searching and knowing ourselves. 

I learned pharmacy during college time and trying to find the truth in the lab. However, I found that's not my world and begin to search myself. I worked as part-time salesman for different companies, assistant marketing for pharmaceutical company, start up training business for high school student, and doing counselling jobs for young students. Through the process, I grow more and more interests in business and people.

I want to learn from the best and so I'm in USA right now. I'm a graduate in educational psychology and also in the entrepreneurial management certificate program at University of Iowa, and focus my energy on marketing and human psychology. I love and enjoy studying psychology theory and try to apply it in marketing and the development of myself.

I have the entrepreneurial spirit to keep changing myself, improving myself and learning new things. I would love to make things happen and meet new people. 


love play basket ball,  hang out with friends & family,  watch football, meet new friends, and do some meditation.

Related Study

2010-Certificate of Honorable Award, 2010 Iowa centers for enterprise elevator pitch competition

2010- FastTrac New Venture Entrepreneurial Training Certificate

2010-ManKind project: New warrior training adventure—learn leadership and man’s development training

2010-5 day Training on “How to use your brain” by Eben Pagan and Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall

2010-ToastMater group member

Books: 22 laws of marketing, positioning, marketing management, Peter Drucker’s book

Courses: Introduction to marketing, Entrepreneurial marketing, Entrepreneurship and innovation, Motivation, Educational psychology (similar to customer psychology), Design of instruction, Web-based Learning, E-commerce strategy, Entrepreneurship Business consulting, Managing the growth business, Entrepreneurial Finance

Also, I have been learning Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and use it to develop myself, solving problems for others, helping other people for many years. Learned from Tad James, Richard Bandler's products and directly from Wyatt Woodsmall.