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As an educator, I truly believe that preparing our student for the 21st century is very important. Integrating technology aids in the learning process. During the course of this class, I have learned how to use various tools to facilitate learning. Teachers should make a significant investment of their time to prepare themselves to use technology resources well.

The information that I have acquired from this class will allow me the ability to integrate technology in my future lesson planning. I am convinced the goal of this course was cover in its entirety.For example, we covered the most modern, yet foundational, theory, research and practices in educational technology. I learned that by integrating technology we create a flexible environment.

At the beginning of class, I enjoyed the assignment where the professor had the class use “Wordle” to talk about the things that were all enjoy doing. I now have shared this site with my friends, and will use it at the beginning of the school year to get to know my students. In addition, I have a deeper understanding by collaborating with my classmates on how to create a “Wikispace”. Previous to this class, I was fascinated on how people created “Avatars”, I had the opportunity while creating our wikispace project. As a result, I have several “Avatars” listed on personal webpages.

I chose to display these artifacts because they were very meaningful to me while learning how to integrate technology in my every day teaching. I hope I don’t go overboard with these tools when school starts.

As I conclude this course, I can honestly say that I have gained so much knowledge about the force behind technology. With technology, every child should be able to learn.

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