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Work experience



Gleneagles Hospital

Dr. Peter Chew's Clinic

 The scope of this job is mainly to answer telephone calls, arrange appointments and manage patients who come for checkup. This was my first job and I worked in Dr. Peter Chew's Clinic in Gleneagles Hospital. This is a clinic catered mainly for women and Dr. Peter Chew is known to be a very famous gynaecologist. This job exposes me to many pregnant ladies as well as a few underaged pregnancy individuals. This job unkowingly helps me to grow and mature as I am exposed to the harsh reality of life that some teenage pregnant girls face and it also teaches me to think rationaly before doing anything. This job has inculcated me many values like responsibility and initiativeness which i would carry them forward with me in life.


artistic desert making

Summer Frost

Summer Frost

This job is considered a challenge to me as it was a completely different environment as compared to the previous admin job. This job requires me to showcase my creativity in the arrangement and decoration of a bowl of dessert. The dessert served here is very unique as the main attraction is shaved snow ice which is meticulously and specially homemade by the boss of this company. Other then making the desserts, I am also required to cut the fruits, clean the tables, serve the dessert and prepare the ingrediants to go with the snow ice. I handle the shop on my own at times which can be very challenging when there is a crowd but I am confident to say that I was able to handle it well. This job is indeed very different and it thought me something different as well like perseverance and determination and to never say never.


Skates Promoter



Being a Skate Promoter exposed me to many different customers some who are unreasonable while others are undersatnding and polite. I learnt a very important lesson here and that is no matter what, in order to be a good sales person, you must always put your customers before you and you as a sales promoter have to know your customers needs very well.


Fashion Consultant/Model/Fashion Wear Promoter



PurPur is a fashion botique that has 9 outlets over Singapore. Being a member of PurPur requires one to have a high level of confidence to have a persuasive edge as a promoter. This caused my confidence level to increase and make me a better person.


Apr 2010Present

Diploma in Psychology & Community Services

Ngee Ann Polytechnic


Tanjong Katong Secondary School


St. Anthony Primary School


I have been playning piano both for leisure and for exams for 7 years. I have already achieved a grade 6 in theory exams and now working on my practical part.