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I love all sports and the sun! It is my way of getting healthy.

I love music. I aspire to learn as many musical instruments as I can.


I am an easy-going, flexible person who is always ready for new challenges. Problems in life are challenges that we need to overcome, and are inevitable.

Being a people-oriented person, I love socializing and meeting new people.

I am looking for job opportunities that allow me to interact with people.

Work experience

Haagen Daz

Even though it was only a one-time experience, I had learn a lot from promoting Haagen Daz ice-cream. I had to be daring enough to approach people to promote the new ice-cream, and also, walk around carrying the box. Also, most important of all, the smile on the face should not fade, no matter how tired you are. 


I used to be a promoter for Liese Bubble Hair Colour. Being a new product when I was promoting it, there were some difficulties faced like the reliability of product. Many were doubtful of the product's effectiveness. Having to abide to school rules at that time, I was unable to use the product to dye my hair. Thus, I was unable to give the customers an accurate description of the dyeing process and its effects. However, I worked hard to look through the guide and provide demonstration so as to bring out the advantages of the product to promote its sales.


I used to work as a sales assistant for JSB, a apparel shop located in Bugis Street.

My job scope includes promoting the clothes, interacting with different people daily, and maintaining the cleanliness of the shop.

I enjoy how I had to use different tactics to deal with different customers so as to fulfill my belief of "customers are always right", as it posed as a challenge for me. When customers are able to get the apparel they really like and fit well into, I feel a sense of satisfaction.


Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Field of study includes: Sociology, Sports and Wellness, IT Application for Behavioural Science, etc.