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Ever since I got my hands on the computer, I started to create accounts on websites like Twitter, Facebook, Friendster and Windows Live Messenger. I love to socialise with people. I feel that I can interact with new people I meet everyday. Listening to one's rantings or problems and giving them advises is my hobby!

I love the course I'm taking currently, which is Psychology and Community Services. I can learn to understand how human behaves and being able to help out the community is what I spent most during my free time. I have the opportunity to interact with them even if it is awhile. At least, seeing them smiling makes me feel that I've made someone's day great!

I found that through these social networks like Facebook or Twitter, I am able to get to know new people, thus giving me the chance for a job opportunity. It was where I got to meet my boyfriend too! I'm really interested in helping people like the ex-offenders or those that has family problems. I would also love to have the chance to get to play around with little kids and teach them!

Work experience


Ngee Ann Polytecnnic
  • Primary school: Compassvale Primary School

-Attended from year 2000 - 2005

-In EM2 stream

  • Seconday school: Greendale Secondary School

-Attended from 2006 - 2009

-In Express stream

16 years of Education. Graduated from a neighbourhood school, obtaining good results for O levels and entering Ngee Ann Polytechnic, taking Psychology & Community Services.

My skills!


First Aid
First Aid skills Footdrills Being a Red Cross Volunteer Instructor, I have the knowledge of First Aid skills like Evacuation. I was involved in many events to help out in assisting First Aid like the PCF Kindergarten Day, NPCC Parade and during school matches. I also trained my cadets to be discipline as I think that is the most important value one should have in order to have a good impression from others.   Photoshop/ Picnik I learnt these skills since I was young and I think every picture holds a memory and story.   Excel Spreadsheet You can see on the left sidebar, a video by me is uploaded, teaching others on how to use the Excel Spreadsheet.