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Work experience

Aug 2006Present


Yogi's Pizza

I managed a kitchen of 15-20 employees, including both English and Spanish speaking people. 

May 2010Aug 2010

Strategic Marketing Intern

SES World Skies

As a summer intern, my job was essentially to gain a firm understanding of the company's European market (focusing on their largest 20-25 customers) and analyze how to better serve their needs and increase our share of wallet.  This was done through extensive market analysis, examining strategies of the competition,  and interviews with Sales Directors, Sales Engineers, etc.  The internship lasted 12 weeks, and included analyzing roughly $100 million worth of business, concentrated in no fewer than 15 different countries ranging from Kazakhstan to Ireland.


Aug 2007Present

Bachelor of Science

Illinois State University

During my time at Illinois State University I have been the most active member of the International Business Club.  I have also done two exchanges, and have made it a point to familiarize myself with many of my professors through speaking with them outside of class on topics ranging from business to travel to (for those who are foreign) their home countries.  Undoubtedly the two most valuable lectures I have attended at Illinois State were two optional lectures. The first was during my freshman year which was a presentation by world-renowned economist Steven Levitt. The second was during my junior year, when I attended a two-day seminar presented by a noted Illinois State College of Business professor which dealt with the potential safety and security issues associated with doing business in developing nations.

Jan 2010May 2010

Study Abroad

The University of Hong Kong

I studied for a semester at the University of Hong Kong, which was ranked by Quacquarelli-Symonds as the 24th best university in the world, and the best university in Asia, in their 2009 rankings.  My studies there included a full 5-course workload of "The Economic System of Hong Kong", "The Economic History of China", "Theory of International Trade", "Multinational Corporations", and "Putonghua (Mandarin) for Foreign Learners, Part 1".

Aug 2008Dec 2008

National Student Exchange Program

Louisiana State University

As a sophomore I partook in the National Student Exchange Program on an exchange to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, where my courses centered on International Politics and, in order to gain a mandatory fine arts credit, The History of Jazz, which was taught by professional jazz bassist Dr. William Grimes.


Asia/Asian Knowledge
Having lived in Asia and been exposed to educational, social, and business environments, I feel that it is a marketable and noteworthy skill to mention here.  I spent time working with my Uncle in January 2010 in Hong Kong, and took a trip with one of his associates to a factory over the mainland China border in the city of Shenzhen, where we discussed (and saw firsthand) the production process for his business.  Additionally I am well-traveled through Asia and would feel confident and comfortable living or working in essentially any East Asian country.
I consider myself an above average writer.  In the past I have worked as a freelance writing consultant (starting when I was about 14) and have managed a personal writing business of sorts ever since. This consultancy includes helping others organize their ideas into a clear and concise argument and helping to correctly order words and sentences so as to maximize efficiency and reader satisfaction.  I also specialize in very quick, brief summaries of enormous amounts of data or very complex concepts.
Italian Language
I have taken Italian for 2 years at university, and this has been supplemented by my numerous trips to visit family in Italy (during which I am exposed to nothing but Italian for most of the time), which total roughly 10 weeks of intensive Italian learning.  My study of Italian was also helped by my tendency to watch Italian films with regularity.
Spanish Language
I took Spanish for three years in High School, and my learning is supplemented by the fact that I work in a restaurant with a number of native Spanish speakers.


As a soon-to-be university graduate, I would love the opportunity to work abroad in a relatively long-term situation (up to 5 years or so).  I would be willing to work more or less anywhere, including such developing and potentially dangerous regions as the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South America.


I have one year remaining at Illinois State University in my study of International Business.  I would be available for work immediately after my expected graduation date of May 2011.  My preference would be to work abroad, more specifically in a developing country.  I have a strong background in math and logic, exemplified by my history as a chess and poker player.  I also tend to be able to think creatively, exemplified by my background as a freelance writing consultant.  I feel my biggest strength is my ability to see "the big picture" while also being able to analyze very small parts of it.  I also am well-versed in foreign cultures, am well-traveled, and have a confidence in myself which allows me to persist doggedly until my task is completed to the very best of my abilities.  I feel that these traits allow companies significant flexibility when choosing tasks I am assigned to, which is supported by the fact that I did every conceivable restaurant task during my time working in a restaurant, and by the fact that my current position at SES involves a fair bit of sales, marketing, data analysis, and, to a lesser extent, some engineering and asset management.


Culture: As an open-minded individual, I feel that it is essential to have a reasonably thorough understanding of other cultures.  I also feel that it is better to have a mid-level understanding of multiple cultures than a very deep understanding of only one, as it allows more flexibility.  Consequently, I have familiarized myself with Italian culture by taking multiple trips to Italy and living with locals, Chinese culture by studying abroad in Hong Kong for 5 months, Dutch culture by working in The Netherlands for 3 months, and have a basic yet reasonable understanding of the cultures of Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Mexico, England, and Spain, having travelled to each of those countries for varying lengths of time not exceeding one month.  I also hope to somewhat familiarize myself with South America during a 2 week trip to Colombia in the second half of August 2010.  Additionally, at my current job I work with people of varying nationalities, which allows me to familiarize myself with the tendencies of people from different countries.

Economics: In addition to significant economic study in the United States, I also familiarized myself with Asian economies by taking three economic courses in Hong Kong, entitled "The Economic System of Hong Kong", "The Economic History of China", and "Theory of International Trade".  My work in The Netherlands has also allowed me to develop a basic understanding of the economies of the European Union through my research about different markets and external market conditions in varying regions of the European continent.

Sport: As an avid and lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, I am used to commitment to one's athletic clubs despite failure.  I feel that this translates into business relatively well, in that one must stick to their team regardless and continue to try through adversity.  Additionally, I played for the University of Hong Kong Cricket Club (while simultaneously learning the rules of cricket), and worked as an Umpire for the Lake Zurich Baseball and Softball Association when I was younger.  I also tend to be a passionate supporter of the United States National Soccer Team, the Chicago Bears, and Manchester United Football Club.

Writing: In the past I have worked as a freelance writing consultant, which has allowed me to become very adept at the art of writing.  I was raised in an environment which encouraged this, as my grandmother (who I see generally no less than once a week when home) was a high school English teacher for approximately 25 years.  I also kept a blog of my time in Asia, and have continued this blog as I work in The Netherlands.


Aug 2009May 2010

Illinois State University Outstanding Junior in the Field of International Business, 2010

Illinois State University