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MW Consulting - Pittsburgh, PA
KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: *Spearheaded the development of a new range of eyewear, exlusive to online buyers. Designed and implemented a project-based focus to manage deadlines. Instrumental in marketing, attending a national tradeshow, assisting with web content development, and providing expertise in meetings with Zappos, a premiere online retailer. *Orchestrated the launch of a family-owned construction company, facilitating all start-up activities, including securing offices/equipment location, researcing market trends and advertising, and developing the company logo and uniform. Designed the salary structure, employee benefits, and spreadsheet billing system.
Dec 2007Jun 2010


Accenture - Manchester, England
KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: *Produced an analysis of internal resource against demand and identified gaps in offerings and skills, leading to higher than expected redundancy and changes in management practices in locations in Ireland and the United Kingdom. *Championed changes in training methodologies. *Effectively managed project allowing Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) to meet new standards required by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), focusing on delivery of key targets and ensuring positive public exposure.


Electronic Data Systems (EDS) - Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) - London, United Kingdom
KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: *Revitalized a project more than a year behind schedule and over budget by $375K. Analyzed project parameters, established high-impact partnerships with project managers, and mentored project teams to implement quality improvement strategies and ultimately rescue the NAS project. *Masterminded a plan for project managers to re-focus attention on the use of governance and preparation for project milestones. *Achieved a reduction incentive of $185K for on-time delivery. *Provided motivational leadership, creating a collaborative work environment and reinstating trust and communication amongst team members.


Department of Work & Pensions (DPW) - Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: *Integrated IT and business changes for large government agency Jobcentreplus. *Led the restructuring of the internal central communications for the organization, reducing resources by 33% and overhauling business deliverables for the first time in 50 years. *Spearheaded the implementation of a new strategic business model for the most difficult customers in the organization, improving effeciency by more thatn 97% and establishing a savings of $16.95M. *Overcame obstacles in a low morale environment successfully leading a team of more than 500 team members to exceed deliverable targets in IT transformation. *Launched a training and development initiative for more than 3000 team members that squashed the change resistance mentality and empowered staff to control changes. *Generated a savings of $12M by reengineering 2 streams of work and aligning new contracts. *Collaborated with Regional Directors, Members of Parliament, voluntary organizations, and lobbyists to develop a new national delivery model for crisis loan customers.


Department of Work & Pensions (DPW) - Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: *Reduced attrition rates and groomed future leaders, skillfully mentoring, managing, and retaining next-generation talent. *Initiated business and organizational communications improvements by driving change management activities and encouraging team collaboration amongst departments. *Introduced a groundbreaking,customer-centric, paperless process, reducing headcount by 500 nationally and enhancing the performance of existing staff.


Department of Work & Pensions (DPW) - Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: *Successfully developed business change plans and negotiated with senior policy makers and government ministries to orchestrate government legislation and policy into process design. *Increased customer satisfaction by more than 85% within 3 months. *Designed the national model for a new element for the welfare system. *Implemented training and development standards and provided enthusiastic coaching, and mentoring for a team of personal advisors charged with providing support for clients returning to the workforce.


Post graduate Masters

University of York

Post Graduate

University of York


Process re-Engineering
Stakeholder Management & Communications
Talent Management
Management of Change


Accomplished, influential leader skilled in Human Resource Management, Human Change Management, Business Start-up & Transformation, and Project Management. Experienced executive recognized for leveraging best practices, resources, and strategies to deiver winning business and improvement plans by identifying deficiencies in operations and mentoring staff to conquer roadblocks, maximize revenues, and drive operations to exceed organizational goals and objectives. Adept at motivating teams, training and collaborating with all levels of the organization. Combine strong interpersonal and communication skills with integrity and honesty to achieve professional and personal success. Extensive Professional Development - accomplishing certification in PRINCE2 Project Management - Foundation & Practioner (Association of Project Management-2006) and earning a diploma in Business Systems Information - Business Analysis (Information Systems Examination Board-2003).


Travel, people, culture - Love to travel and experience new and diverse cultures - and sometimes you meet the most amazing people!


PRINCE2 Practitioner

Association of Project Management
Dec 2003Present

Diploma in Business systems Information, Business Analysis

Information Systems Examination Board