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Hi, my name is Bruno Alassia, I live in Rosario, Argentina. I'm a System Engineer Student at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional.

I studied English since elementary school, so I have good knowledges in reading, writing and speaking. I am preparing to sit for the FCE (First Certificate in English).

I'm also studying music at a local school, i've been playing the bass guitar for a couple of years, sometimes I get with some friends to practice some songs and jam.

At this moment, i'm working at a local Software company in the development of mobiles applications for Nokia phones.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Mobile Developer


I'm actually working in the development of WRT(Web Runtime) widgets for Nokia phones, most of them, dedicated applications for different important companies of Argentina. This include working with the platform services like GPS, data, accelerometer, sensors, etc.

My responsabilities also include technical negotiations with the client company (API and interface requirements).

Jan 2010Mar 2010

PHP 5 - OOP teaching group

E-Fluxus | FADGUT

Formed part of a teaching group of  "PHP 5 Object Oriented Programing and Zend Framework introduction" course issued by the company E-Fluxus in conjunction with FADGUT(Universidad Tecnologica Nacional) aimed at students and professionals.

The course had a duration of 74hs and include the following topics:

  • Quick review of PHP 4; syntax, session, cookies
  • MySQL basic syntax
  • PHP 5 
    • OOP introduction; classes, instances, methods, properties
    • Abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance
    • Exceptions
  • MVC model
  • Zend Framework introduction to; 
    • Zend Application
    • Basic Bootstrap creation
    • Zend_Request
    • Zend_View
    • Zend_Session
    • Zend_Db
    • Zend_Form
Dec 2008Sep 2009

Web Developer


Worked in several web projects building web sites and applications, making use of CMS frameworks.

Most projects involved working with advanced knowledge of :

  • PHP 5 (OOP)
  • MySQL
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Flash(ActionScript 2)
  • FFMPEG scripts

Worked in a web search engine project, was in charge in the development of the engine core and plugins for different types of search. This project included knowledge of:

  • Python
  • Iron Python
  • Q4M for MySQL
  • Bash scripts 

all combined for queue and threads management.

May 2007Aug 2008

Web Designer and Developer

Grupo Umana

Worked developing small web sites projects, mostly Institutional sites for companies of Argentina. Was in charge of the PHP programing, XHTML, CSS layout and design. Also in charge of the development of Flash banners, games and differents sites content.

After this, I started to form part of some intranet web projects dedicated to different important companies , using a CMS framework made by the company builded on PHP 5 based on MVC model. My job consisted in migrating desk projects made on Visual Basic to PHP for an intranet environment.

May 2006May 2007

Web Designer and Developer


I started PHP programing as a hobbie. Once I learned the basic knowledges, I became a freelancer developer and made some web sites for local companies and institutions, improving my knowledges about the language and server side programing. All of this  projects required design besides the PHP development, what made me learn about CSS layout and image manipulation. Before learning PHP, I already knew Flash - ActionScript 2 basics, technology I used in most of those web sites.


Dec 2010Present

system engineering

Universidad Tecnologica Nacional
Mar 1998Dec 2002

High School

Normal Nro. 1 N. Avellaneda

High School with mathematics orientation. Degree: Fisico-Matematico


Source code control systems (Subversion)
Use Linux for work and everyday use.
Web design
Worked along with the following technologies: - CSS  - Flash - HTML - PHP & MySQL - Macromedia Fireworks
Intermediate C# Development.
Basic Java Development(Desk, Applets & Servlets). Developed some basic applications for Android.
Flash Lite
Developed some games, players and different kinds of applications for Nokia phones, some of them making use of the mobile API services(gps, sensors, accelerator,etc)  
Python, Iron Python
Advanced Python scripts development. Worked in Iron Python scripts for threads and queue management.
Flash AS2
Developed several flash applications including games, banners, graphic charts, mp3 and video players for different web sites and desk applications.
Worked several years in web development which mostly included PHP development. I'm still doing some small web projects. Excellent PHP 5 level (OOP). 
WRT - Web Runtime Widgets
Currently involved in WRT(Web Runtime Widgets) development for Nokia phones.    This technology requires advanced knowledge in the following fields: - Javascript programming (AJAX, jQuery) - UI Programming - Platform Services - Performance skills - JSON   Have developed some widgets for a company in Rosario working for Nokia and involving other important companies from Argentina.