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Work experience

I have various work experiences during my holidays

  • Waiter at  Fish & Co

Learned various skills such as customer services and the right way to handle utensils I have also learned the importance of manners during the job and has trained my endurance.

  • Cashier at a provision shop

I feel that this job was very challenging as i had to memorize every price of the items in the shop as there was no scanner. However, it has given me a very good experience of how a cashier works.

  • A hamper wrapper at a hamper company

This job has educated me with the skills of wrapping well. It has trained me in how should the items be placed. It also has taught me how becareful with the items.


O level

Ngee Ann Poly

I am studying in psychology and community service ( Year 1)

Studying modules such as:




Community Service.

I graduated from my secondary school, Catholic High School

i took 8 subjects, English Chinese,E Math,A math, Chemistry, Physics Geography and History and achieved a a aggregated of 11 for my L1R5

My primary educated was in Catholic Primary School taking 6 basic subjects. Achieving 237 points for my PSLE.


I am Herman Wong, currently 16 years old. I am known to be outgoing and cheerful. I am also very helpful and compassionate towards other, as i believe giving is better than receiving.


I carry an interest for many things :

  • enjoy sports eg: Rollar blading, cycling abd badminton as i believe it will give me a healthy life style.
  • Music (Classical and pop are my favorite)
  • I play the guitar as it is very enjoyable
  • I spend my free time playing computer games such as warcraft and counter-strike