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An MSc in Development Management (Open University UK), twelve years experience in managing a small service based NGO and work with social groups such as Trade Unions, NGOs and CBOs have given me a solid grounding in the theoretical and practical application of management concepts and principles, and helped me to develop reflective and critical thinking. I have an overall competency in realising the context and practice of non-profit management; improving performance, and managing projects and change. I have strengths in team work with others and convey my thoughts and ideas effectively. I also have had to defend with reason and emotion my own work and that of others in controversial campaigns and exhibitions, ultimately changing minds and actions in the African development arena.

Work experience

Jan 2007Present


African Fathers Initiative
I direct the African Fathers Initiative and will continue to commit myself to it until it is brought to a stage where it is a major player in the knowledge management, e-learning and policy formulation and practices around fatherhood, early childhood development and family issues in Africa. Many organisations want to include positive policies around inclusive fatherhood but don't know where to start - this initiative aims to help them in their goals. I am authoring, 'Above Abuse' a training manual for use with perpetrators of Gender Based Violence; developing National Strategic Workshop Plans for African countries wanting to frame new work and impetus around mainstreaming men, boys and fatherhood into gender equality work and work around the UN MDG3 goals and the UN CRC. (Millenium Development Goals, Convention on the Rights of the Child). We aim to build an African consensus that active involved fathers can improve women and childrens lives. Produced and directed the video documentary 'Making Care Work Count' premiered at the 53rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women, New York, January 2009. UNECA 'Gender Wheels of Change Champion - Men Making a Difference in Africa - 2009'. Web Author, Social Networking Inception, Management and Content Creation Specialist on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn Knowledge Groups - Fatherhood Knowledge and Expertise, Managing Development Agencies - Zimbabwe. Web2 - Communication and Information Strategist. Reviewer for Human Science Research Council South Africa (HSRC) journals. I am available for freelance writing and shoot photography with the stories I write. I can write newspaper and magazine articles - gender, masculinities, fathering and parenting is my specialty,

Chair of Board

Rooftop Promotions
Theatre performance, music promotion, video production, TV series novella, training and event hosting - all within a Communication for Social Change model. Programmes on HIV&AIDS, governance and other topical issues have garnered support from a wide range of partners including Hivos, Oxfam, NORAD, SIDA, ZESN, Embassies in Zimbabwe.
Jan 2000Present

Independent Consultant and Trainer on Governance, Gender, HIV & AIDS and Media August 2004 to date

Twenty years experience in knowledge generation and management, communication for social change, policy, research and training in Africa. Dealing with the complex issues of globalisation, media ethics, identity and gendered power. I have produced work on topics such as gender, HIV & AIDS, child rights, rural development, food security, elections and democratisation, refugees and migration, using the media and behaviour change modelling campaigns for a range of clients including UN agencies, press agencies such as IPS, MISA, Genderlinks, GEMSA, NGOs, CBOs and trade unions. I have worked in south and East Africa as an expert adviser and presenter in communication and visual journalism capacity building and strategy activities; as part of a network of relationship builders between governments, political leaders, development practitioners, civil society trade unions and the media. I have worked with World Press Photo on training and mentoring new young photojournalists and have personally trained and mentored two CNN African Photojournalists of the Year. I have worked with AWEPA in East and Southern Africa on helping parliaments and parliamentarians develop skills of dealing with the media and have ran joint workshops for politicians on using the media, covering elections and the work of parliaments. In particular I have worked with women parliamentarians building skills in using the media in many countries. Currently member of the SIDA Gender Equity Fund Working Group for Zimbabwe.
May 1993Present


SAMSO - Southern African Media Services Organisation
SAMSO is restarting in 2010 after SAMSO suffered closure in 2003 because of repressive media laws by the regime. Photojournalism, journalism, graphics, web design and other online media strategies and deployments for development, training and research in visual imagery of African development. Clients included: WHO, ILO, IUCN, UNDP, ZERO - A Regional Environment Organisation, UNICEF, Habitat, UNIFEM, Oxfam, SNV, ITDG, Hivos and various Embassies in Harare, As managing director of a small (seven to twelve staff) but influential photographic and design service based organisation for ten years (SAMSO). I had to develop and practice the skills of: teamwork; problem solving; communication; and management. In particular this demanded working in a multi-cultural setting to enhance within the organisation and with partners; oral and written communication; interpersonal relations; and visual literacy. In addition a knowledge and understanding of African culture and values integrated with a worldly approach to applying knowledge; and to be able to recognise, accept and constantly seek opportunities for change in the context of changing developmental needs has been required. In addition to the above, decreasing opportunities for donor funded work and increasing political and economic difficulties in Zimbabwe meant an entrepreneurial attitude was essential for organisational survival; the capacity to identify and exploit employment and wealth creation possibilities for ourselves and our young photographers was essential; and skills which related to work as a whole and an ongoing capacity for learning and knowledge acquisition formally and informally was heavily required.

Photojournalist/ Videographer

Award winning photojournalist and videographer. Focus on gender and development. Trainer, World Press Photo - Africa Masterclass recommending panelist. Mentor/trainer two CNN Africa Photojournalist of the Year Winners. Gender Champion UNECA 2009 for representation and training on gender and imaging. Director, SAMSO - Organisation trained over 500 + photojournalists in southern and East Africa. Assignments undertaken for CSW - New York 2009 - Making Care Work Count video case study on care work in southern Africa. Clients IUCN, WPPH, RNE, Oxfam, SCF, ZERO, GEMSA, Gender Links, UNFPA, UNDP, WHO, UNIFEM, AFI, SNV etc. etc.

Consultant Trainer

World Press Photo
I have worked with World Press Photo on training and mentoring new young photojournalists and have personally trained and mentored two CNN African Photojournalists of the Year. Co-organiser/Lead Trainer, Wpph East Africa Photography Workshop in 'The Artists in Development Programme (AiD)' that was inspired by the 1995 report of the UN/UNESCO World Commission on Culture and Development, 'Our Creative Diversity', of which the Norwegian government was an active supporter. Following the release of this landmark report, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) was keen to find practical ways to implement its spirit, and the Artists in Development programme grew out of the desire to augment the role of artistic expression in the development process. The programme was launched in 1999 with the Artists in Development Creativity Workshops (AiD I), which ran over a five-year period. This first phase consisted of a series of ten workshops in diverse artistic disciplines held across all regions of the world. These workshops aimed to boost the skills and creativity of talented young practitioners, particularly as regards their interface with the international market, and thus foster individual professional growth and income-generating capacities.
Jan 1989Dec 1993

Expert/Advisor Worker Education - Namibia

Commonwealth Fund For Technical Cooperation
Conceptualising and implementing worker education programmes with ANC and SWAPO labour wings (SACTU, COSATU and NUNW) for transition processes towards liberation and political change post-aparthied Namibia and South Africa. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe and Windhoek, Namibia.
Nov 1988Jan 1990

Southern Africa Co-ordinator Worker Education Programmes

Commonwealth Trade Union Council
Working with National Trade Union Federations in Lesotho, Malawi, Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia to develop union training manuals and workshop programmes on bargaining skills and union administration and finance. Work was participatory and involved setting up writing teams in each country to produce their own materials for their country context. Collaborations with other organisations such as ILO, ICFTU, FES were an essential part of the process.

Area Officer

National Union of Public Employees (now UNISON)
I was education officer for NUPE’s Wales Division from 1978 to 1984 and London Division from 1987 to 1988 providing and arranging for the provision of learning opportunities for over 5,000 volunteer representatives from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds at local level. Topics delivered included negotiation skills, anti-racism and equal opportunity awareness and campaigning, health and safety at work and grievance handling and representation skills. Methods included open and distance learning, study circles, formal face-to-face tutoring and mentoring through telephone, letter and face-to-face sessions. I was secretary to the education, race and equal opportunities committees of the London Division during this time. Working with this diverse group of people taught me much about multi-culturalism and about the diversity and pluralism that needs to be brought into problem solving by people from diverse backgrounds and levels of educational attainment and socio-economic standing.



PhD Media Studies

University of Wales, Swansea


The Open University