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Work experience

I used to do admin job at a locker company for a duration of 2 months. I had to go down to schools to assign the students' lockers and collect money. Also, I went down to some schools to conduct surveys regarding the locker's quality on the Operation Managers of the schools. Overall, I enjoyed this work because it gave me an insight to admin work and taught me how to communicate well with my colleagues.


I like watching television, movies, going for tours, trying out delicacies.


My ambition is to join the police force and to be an outstanding police officer. I feel that there is a need to uphold justice in this society. Also, my career objectives also includes being a psychologist or even a counsellor. I hope to help  people who are facing problems emotionally so as to let them see the purpose of living.


Sign Language
I am currently learning sign language.
I am able to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop Flash, Dreamweaver, Audacity