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To teach individuals desiring to learn, speak, and write using the English Language and to give themthe confidence of being able to apply lessons and exercises learned in order to improve and create more opportunities in their present and future lives.

About Us

We offer 1-on-1 sessions as well as group sessions and cater to each individuals specific needs and goals. Our class is equipped with an interactive SmartBoard which enables children to literally learn English in a fun and conducive environment allowing them to touch and learn. We have library books for the children to check-out and stimulating brain games and activities encouraging the use of the English language. Each class does not exceed 10 students per session. The sessions are anywhere from 1-3 hours long depending on which class the student(s) are enrolled in. We also offer our students movie nights with popcorn which typically begins from 5-6pm and ends at around 9-10pm on Fridays or Saturdays (please ask for more details). Our school is located in the heart of WangJing next to Walmart and across the street from the WangJing Mall. Please feel free to contact us for more info or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping those achieve and reach for success with the use and application of the English language.

Wilson English,以美国小学教学大纲为基准,采用美国本土母语教学模式(Phonics 自然拼读法),结合语言、艺术、自然科学多元化知识,经过Learn-Practice-Play and Read 的循环方式,培养学生听、说、读、写的语言综合能力。Wilson English,采用具有20多年历史的美国最著名教育品牌 Hooked on Phonics以及国际著名的培生教育出版集团(PEARSON EDUCATION GROUP)专为亚洲小学生编写的原版英语教材Gogo Loves English, 由经过专业培训并持有美国本土颁发的TESOL,TESL,TEFL资格证书的美籍教师授课,通过生动有趣的情景教学来帮助激发和培养学生学习英语的兴趣和能力。Smart Board交互式白板,创造趣味性的学习空间,通过肢体语言的互动,激发学生的学习主动性和创造性,学习变被动为主动,有效的掌握并运用所学的知识,全方位提高英语语言能力,同时在形象思维与逻辑思维能力方面也得到有效的锻炼和强化。

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Wilson English

Native Speaker of the English Language and experienced in teaching children as young as 3-years old to the adult level.




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