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Community Activities/ Service

Church Retreat- When I was in high school I joined my church on a trip to Mexicali, Mexico. During my spring break, I was able to help in the rebuilding of a rundown church in the center of a small village. Part of a twenty person team, we were able to give the church a bathroom and shower with running water, something they never had. We spent one day dedicated to giving children in the community showers with fresh water, a daily activity in America that was something of luxury in their village. We painted the interior and exterior of the church alongside native children who were apart of the church. We were able to boost morale through playing games, doing arts and crafts and other fun activities and involvement in the community. 

The Friendship Shelter- I am currently spending 1-2 nights a month cooking dinner and serving food at the Friendship Shelter in Laguna Beach, Ca. There are 32 men and women at the shelter that are homeless adults trying to become self-sufficient and become productive members of our community. My father and I have seen this as a great way to give back to the community providing people who are not as fortunate as ourselves with a nice dinner. 


I am a self-driven, eager young adult with a business administration degree. My goal is to use the skills I have aquired to complete the job at hand in a efficient and professional manor. I am a very social person,  I work very well in groups and confident in presenting in front of people. I have experience in sales and marketing which I believe has helped me develop and polish my comprehensive strategic planning and implementation skills. I am seeking a challenging position where my skills will add value and contribute to a company’s successful track record.

Work experience

Jul 2009Aug 2009

Sales and Marketing Intern

Talend Inc.
  • Initiated the first phase (contact University and College management/technology platform influencers) to determine software platform preferences and optimal methods of product introduction
  • Performed assessments of initial sales presentations and demonstrations for the General Manager-Americas
  • Developed higher education marketing campaign to establish Talend as an open source software standard
Jan 2008Jan 2009


E4 Nightclub
  • Developed a loyal customer base by making strong client relationships (ranked in the Top 3 for securing pre-night sales)
  • Helped market upcoming events to help sell the sponsor’s products
  • Trained and supervised 5 new employees
  • Handled money and processed transactions with accuracy
Oct 2006Jan 2008


SRP- Pera Club
  • Received two raises in wage for good performance
  • Led a catering team by assigning duties to stay organized and on task


Aug 2005May 2010

Bachelor of Science

Arizona State University


Mandarin Chinese
I have always been a driven person; someone who likes to take new challenges head on. In 7th grade I started learning Mandarin Chinese and later traveled to China (twice). I took Mandarin Chinese through out my education graduating High School with AP-6 Honors and took one semester of Mandarin Chinese at the college level as well. While in China I had the opportunity to navigate through the country and interacting with natives in different provinces. I ran into many problems communicating as I traveled to area's that spoke different dialects an unpreventable circumstance that I was able to over come. I gained a different outlook on life through traveling which is something that many people never get the opportunity to experience.