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I am a dedicated employee, possessing more than 10 years experience in a continually changing non-profit business environment, including:

  • a combined five years of purchasing and accounting experience.
  • more than seven years graphics and design experience.
  • more than seven years of experience as a personal assistant to high-level executives.
  • more than ten years experience in database management and maintenance.
  • more than ten years experience in special event planning and coordination.
  • more than ten years of management experience.

I have experience working with Windows Operating Systems 2000, XP, NT and Vista, and am proficient at most Microsoft Office applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Access
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Word

I am a self-motivated and versatile employee who excels at multi-tasking.  I am a very creative person who takes pride in her unique problem-solving abilities as well as her abdundant communication skills.  I am a fast learner, and enjoy taking on new duties and acquiring skills that aid me in my duties.  As an employee, I consider it a personal challenge to exceed the expectations of all that I work with.

Work experience



Completely Crazy Theater Group
  • Acted as director of a performance group totaling thirty-five people, in five departments.
  • Developed and implemented new personnel policies for all five departments.
  • Coordinated weekly schedules for all volunteers and departments.
  • Coordinated special events, bookings and fund raisers for group.
  • Maintained membership database and coordinated communications with subscribers, volunteers and alumni.
  • Developed and coordinated press releases, advertising and various other publicity for group.
  • Developed training and probation procedures for new volunteers and created a committee to oversee volunteer development.

Membership Services

Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
  • Entered all girl, adult and troop/group registrations into council membership database.
  • Generated various regular reports on membership data, using Access-based membership system.
  • Developed and implemented stricter policies regarding the handling and disposal of confidential member information.
  • Maintained accurate records and files for all membership data and physical forms.
  • Responsible for various office duties including, but not limited to: sending faxes, duplicating, generating letters and communications, creating forms, filing, preparing mail, etc.
  • Assisted volunteers with any questions they may have, providing them with the information and resources they require.
  • Fielded phone calls, directed incoming traffic, acted as first line of conflict resolution between volunteers and staff.
  • Provided additional support to receptionist and shop associates as needed.

Accounts Payable Assistant

Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
  • Received, coded, processed, reconciled and recorded all purchase orders for entire council.
  • Handled all aspects of accounts payable, including reconciling invoices, adding account codes, verifying work done and maintaining the financial database.
  • Acquired bids and negotiated contracts for a variety of services and vendors.
  • Established new vendor accounts; familiar with tax-exempt paperwork, credit lines, open accounts, etc.
  • Maintained regular inventory of office, janitorial, maintenance and other daily supplies.
  • Decreased yearly spending on general office supplies by over $1000.00 in 2007.
  • Decreased costs of day and resident camp supplies by combining orders and securing bulk pricing.
  • Coordinated shipments of purchased items to multiple addresses for camps, programs, special events, etc.
  • Performed all of these duties in addition to still performing all duties required of me as Assistant to the COO.

Assistant to the COO

Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
  • Acted as site manager for the office, handling communications with the landlord, local authorities, utilities, etc., scheduled all regular maintenance and services for the site, and acting as emergency contact for the office.
  • Coordinated regular and emergency maintenance for all office equipment from faxes to large production equipment.
  • Kept inventory of all general office and janitorial supplies, and was responsible for purchasing of same.
  • Coordinated meetings, scheduled conference rooms, set-up telecommunications devices and/or presentation materials, arranged catering, etc.
  • Generated various forms of correspondence, presentations, publications and the like for the COO using a variety of Microsoft Office programs.
  • Assisted in preparation for annual audits.
  • Assisted Program Department with online registrations, securing solicitation permits for product sales, typing correspondence, etc.
  • Managed Certificate of Insurance files for council.

Training Resource Assistant

Girl Scouts - Sybaquay Council, Inc.
  • Designed programs, booklets, flyers, presentations, databases, spreadsheets, etc. for all departments using various Microsoft Office programs.
  • Maintained records and databases for Adult Development Department and council library using Microsoft Access and council membership system, and provided regular reports for each.
  • Generated and maintained communications with volunteers; answered questions relating to adult development, scheduled volunteer trainers, responded to negative feedback from trainings.
  • Scheduled training dates and secured locations and materials for trainings.
  • Provided trainings to both staff and volunteers on a wide variety of topics.
  • Planned and coordinated Annual Meetings and Recognition events, scheduling banquet halls, arranging florists and catering, writing speeches, creating programs and publicity, etc.
  • Coordinated and coded accounts payable for entire council.
  • Acted as personal assistant to the Director of Adult Development, scheduling meetings, coordinating schedules, running errands, etc.

Front Desk / Shop Clerk

Girl Scouts - Sybaquay Council, Inc.
  • Provided retail and information services to volunteers.
  • Greeted visitors, directed lobby traffic, answered phones, directed calls, paged employees, etc.
  • Provided basic secretarial assistance for all departments: word processing, filing, duplicating, errands, etc.


Central States Microfilming




High School Diploma

Cary-Grove High School



Microsoft Access II

Elgin Community College

Train the Trainer

Girl Scouts of the United States of America

Microsoft Access

Elgin Community College

Microsoft Power Point

Elgin Community College

Microsoft Excel

Elgin Community College


Kathleen Biesiadecki

Ms. Biesiadecki and I have worked with each other, both directly and indirectly, since I first began my career with Girl Scouts, in 1998. 

She can provide reference to my professial career, in retrospect, since it's beginning.

Brian Brabson

Until his recent retirement, Mr. Brabson and I worked closely together, for a period of almost five years, as co-directors of a small community theater group.  We were both directly responsible for the weekly functioning of the cast, monitoring the lighting, security, crew and performers, scheduling rehearsals and planning performances. 

He can give excellent reference to my management, organization, communication, and creative skills.

Karin Obman

Karin Obman was my immediate supervisor upon being hired at Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (formerly Girl Scouts - Prairie Winds).  I worked underneath her in both of her positions as COO and CEO.

Karin will supply excellent reference to my abilities as a personal assistant, accounting assistant, office management skills and a variety of other areas.

Roberta Ballentine

Roberta has been a close friend of mine for more than half my life.  We have, in the past, worked together in a business environment, although we no longer do so now.  Ms. Ballentine can provide excellent reference as to my character, personality and integrity.  She should be contacted as a personal reference only.