Jeff Wertman

Work experience

Work experience


Further histories include KOKL 1240 AM, McDonald's, Sam Goody / On Cue, and also Wal-Mart.

Recruitment Plus employee


During my year of returning to college to finish the business and pre-education degrees, I took on a job as a workstudy through the federal program provided to the campus.

In March of 2011, I began as a Friend of Pete, working in the administration building.  Our main duties involved interaction with the students: giving tours, information, and making informational phone calls were at the top of our listed duties.

Later in the year I worked more directly with the database involved in the marketing, and became the first R+ employee, soon joined by two more.  It was my duty to print mail, ensure that requests by students were handled appropriately, and to keep a regular information flow going out to our prospective students.

I worked in tandem with the members of Friends of Pete to ensure that their call database was in working order as well.

My employment ended shortly before graduation, roughly 2 months prior to help with focusing on the final tests and coursework.  This opportunity is only available for present students, and I enjoyed it as my first real taste of working in a cooperative office environment.  My final month of employment with the workstudy program was February of 2012.

Bakery Team Member


I started at Target in the winter of 2008 to begin full-time work.

My first duty was as a cashier, after which I learned that my nature to be efficient and ordered did not fit well with the corporate culture of "speedy". The friendliness was there, but I did not meet the "green" light target marks for seconds spent in a checkout transaction.

With HR's help, I moved to the meat department to seek duties more befitting a careful and efficient nature. I found it here alongside 5 other coworkers, and we shared the duties of keeping the department stocked, as well as the dairy department after 5 pm at night.

Our secondary duty was to help with the nightly shipment of frozen and refrigerated foods.

After a stint in the bakery to help during low times, I volunteered to move into this position and spent the last 6 months of my year at Target there. My social and personal skills were sharpened here, and one of the main duties - cake inscription - also had me leaving with quite a few fans!

I attempted to transfer this job to a Target in Houston before moving there for a year, however the slot was filled prior to my arrival in town.  My employment ended with target in November of 2009.

Admissions Lead

Frontier City

During the summers of 2007 and 2008, and the winter season between, I functioned within the admission department for Frontier City.  My duties first began with helping at the front end, and on occasion deeper in the park when a substitute ride operator was needed.

During that winter, I helped with selling season passes at a local mall.  The park mascot was also revived during this year and I wore it there to help advertise for the park.

The second of the two summers led to a promotion to lead/management within the area, and my responsibilities expanded quite a bit - watching over the employees we had and ensuring smooth operations of the Front End (tickets, parking, and customer relations).  I got along well with my bosses and was awarded employee of the year in the first of the two years.

I owe the experience for teaching me just how much fulfilling management can be, and that it takes the proper attitude to do it right.

Jul 2013 - Present

Temp Employee


I began work with HireCall to explore some job opportunities and seek a guided entry into the business field.  So far I have maintained work as a temp employee with them, serving at the following locations:

Paccar-Winch (Broken Arrow area) - Secretarial

Love Envelopes (Owasso) - Inspection

Trak-1 Services - Invoice Preparation (mailing)

Dec 2013 - Jan 2014

Copy Center / Courier

Gibbs & Armstrong Law Firm

I worked here temporarily to help the firm catch up on a backlog of materials.  While there, I worked in the copy center, supporting the needs of attorneys, partners, and paralegals with documentation, and for the secretarial staff of the office in making courthouse runs to deliver documents to the appropriate court clerks and offices of the judges involved.

On a few occasions these documents went to places such as Ada and suburbs outside the city of Tulsa.  I used my own vehicle for these journeys with great measures of safety taken.

GABMH (Gibbs, Armstrong, Borochoff, Mullican, and Hart) is an office full of a wonderful staff and crew.  Everyone there is supportive of each other, and the entire effort is team-oriented.  I truly relished the opportunity and look forward to similar locations.

This job, while temporary, was attained separately from HireCall through a family contact.  The ending of service was on very friendly terms.  Kathy LaVallee was the supervisor over support staff and my initial contact of employment.


Jan 2011 - Apr 2012


Oklahoma State University (Institute of Technology)

When I returned from Houston in November 2010, I made the choice to return to college and finish my degree.

Business Administration caught my eye, being in line with my desire to be in a people-focused, teamwork environment.  I had an elective focus, which I took specifically with an interest in Human Resources.

On the side, I also expanded my knowledge with a Pre-Education degree.  I went into the first trimester with a 2.7 gpa from prior credits, brought that up to a 3.2 over three more, and maintained the workstudy job throughout.

I also participated in a student club called MISA (Multicultural International Student Association) in the interest of broadening my cultural horizons, and was an active secretary until my graduation in April 2012.



Accounting Mathematics

During college, I learned the basic rudiments of accounting.  This was learned without the aid of computer programs to speed along the process, which helped us to understand the true basics.

A Winning Attitude.

I believe very strongly in an optimistic outlook.  No challenge is too great or too small to be conquered by determination and a strong will to complete it!

Computer Skills

Grew up with computers; regular 100+ wpm without errors, and new programs take very little time to adapt to.   Also have some experience with working with PC hardware, networking, and managing peripherals.

Public/Customer Relations

In several jobs and situations which helped with personal growth, I have had opportunities to sharpen my skills in dealing with situations which others may consider tense and/or delicate.


I am an enterprising individual who prizes teamwork and cooperation for the better of all involved.

My interests are in the business world, but I am not afraid to extend myself for the benefit of others and by nature require little in the way of recognition for a job well done.  For me, it is seeing the results of a great effort that truly inspires me.

My hopes are to find a group of people who would benefit from my assistance, and importantly, that can do so in a positive life-changing fashion.


My deeper interests and hobbies lie in the realm of working with people and understanding other cultures, as well as meeting them.

Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to explore a new world or ideal, to understand why it came to be and what it can amount to.

Innovation and creativity, whether personal or observed, drive me to excel and persist in seeing great things happen.