Michele Minno

Michele Minno

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2010 - Present



European projects work leader and researcher. 

Nov 2008 - Jan 2010



Focus on new ideas and prototypes exploiting Semantic Web technologies and languages.

Oct 2007 - Sep 2008

Web and Multimedia Architect


2007 Competitive examination winner.

Work focussed on RAI internal multimedia data (Archivio Multimediale) management.

Mar 2007 - Sep 2007


IBM - Center for Advanced Studies

Focus on model transformation, ontology modeling, model driven programming.

- Senso comune project: building a shared common ontologies of the spoken language.

- Workpad project: querying over different semantic sources in a peer-to-peer fashion. 


Jan 2004 - Feb 2007

Master Degree

Università degli Studi di Roma 'La Sapienza'

110 / 100 cum laude

Exams (mark percentage):

- Advanced Calculus (97%)

- Models of Computation, ComplexityandApproximation (100% cum laude)

- Knowledge Representation (100%)

- Computer Vision and Image Analysis (100% cum laude) 

- Machine Learning (100% cum laude)

- Embedded Systems (100%)

- Robotics (73%)

- Logic circuits (80%)

- Biological Systems Models (93%)

- Neural Networks (93%)

- Distributed Systems (97%)

- Cognitive Psychology (93%)

- Signal and Image Processing (80%)

- Intelligent Control (100% Lisbon)

- Operating Systems (93% Lisbon)

- Constraint Programming (83% Lisbon, Computational Logics Master)

- Web Information Systems Technologies (70% Lisbon, Computational Logics Master)

- Advanced Logics (83% Lisbon, Computational Logics Master)

Thesis: “Data access system based on ontologies” (http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/quonto)

Oct 2000 - Dec 2003


Università degli Studi di Roma Tre

110 / 110 cum laude

Exams (mark percentage):

- Calculus (87%) 

- Geometry and Algebra (87%)

- Physics (93%)

- Electrotechnics (100%)

- Electronics (97%)

- Object-Oriented Programming (100%)

- Database System Principles (90%)

- Operations Research (97%)

- Foundations of Automatics (90%)

- Industrial Automation (83%)

- Software Engineering (100%)

- Electronic Calculators (93%)

- Signal Theory (97%)

- Computer Networks (97%)

- Functional Programming (87%)

- Artificial Intelligence (93%)

- Law for Computer Science Professionals (93%)

- Distributed Data Systems (97%)

- Information Systems Economics (77%)

- Computer-aided Design (93%)

- Computer Graphics (87%)

- Data Structures and Algorithms (97%)

Thesis: “Clustering and classification in virtual restoration, based on 

internship at ENEA”   

Sep 1994 - Jul 1999

Secondary school







Authentication/Authorization protocols implementation

OpenID, OAuth, ..

Developing using a build manager


Developing with a revision control system

svn, git, cvs.

REST server-side services

in Java

Semantic Web languages & technologies

languages: OWL, RDF, DL-lite technologies: Virtuoso    

Blogging, writing


Sketching diagrams

Presentations editing

French language

Beach volley playing

Scientific writing

Writing technical/scientific/sketching papers.

Portuguese language

English language

Guitar playing

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Michele Minno is a software engineer focussed in Semantic Web research and technologies. He published in several academic and technology conferences. He's currently working for the italian IT company Pro-netics as research projects responsible. He is leader of one of the work packages of the European project NoTube, about user profiling and media recommendations based on Linked Data and Social Web, besides being involved and contributing to other research projects. He is interested in speeding up the paradigm shift about data from a machine-oriented to a human-oriented perspective, and in creating real shared re-usable aggregated knowledge among people and computer applications.

He's having a life long effort to expressing my creative energies in different fields. The creative process usually comes after a deep understanding of the field of interest, the ideas behind, the purposes. He can't fit among engineers, nor among designers, marketing guys or (copy)writers. He'd like to be something of all of them. His main objective is to think and realize something (it could be a web application) used by people, that would bring them to think or act in a different way, due to the interaction flows involved and the behaviors triggered. Got very close to that working for the Asemantics company on 99ways.


- books

- movies

- modern art


Accenture Degree Award for the Best Thesis at La Sapienza University, 2007


Mar 2009 - Mar 2009

Semantic Web Services

STI International
May 2008 - May 2008


Microsoft certified partner
Apr 2008 - Apr 2008


Microsoft certified partner
Mar 2008 - Mar 2008


Microsoft certified partner