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Work experience

Jun 2003Present

Chief Architectural Officer

CdB Technologies, Inc.

With a proven ability to work the conception, development, implementation, and deployment of Information Technology (all platforms and databases) strategies that support business and financial objectives, I have led and participated in key initiatives that reduced operating budgets and contributed to strategic and bottom-line stock increases.

I am recognized as an expert in applying technical and business concepts to architecture, assets and portfolio management decisions.I am also a respected leader, with references, able to participate with highly motivated management and technical teams focused on achieving business goals.

I have kept up-to-date with changes in the industry through continuing professional development I am a member of the:

  • EACOE (Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence)
  • CAEAP (Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession)
  • SEI (CMM and CMMi)
  • BPMI (Business Process Management Initiative)
  • BRG (Business Rules Group)
  • PMI (Project Management Methodology and Office)
  • ISACA (SOX compliance)
  • ITGI (IT Governance Institute - COBIT)

Currently, as the CAO for CdB Technologies, Inc., I came onboard in the midst of internal chaos.At that time the organization faced many financial and technological uncertainties.Working hard to forge partnerships and alliances, I developed a framework that supported the technical, information, data, application/development, and operation architectures for our vertical markets (service industry, financial, hospitality, supply chain, insurance, etc.).With this, I was able to bring the organization to the forefront of our local market.

My consulting assignments include:

  • Enterprise Architect for Florida’s Turnpike Enterprises.Assessed the IT organization, establishing governance, principles, guidelines, workflows, process, and rules.Created architecture frameworks for Technical (with Platform and Distributed Systems Management), Information (including Records Management), Information Security, Data, and Application & Development architectures).Created process improvements for CMMi and RUP/UML.Also acted as Project Architect and technical reviewer for deliverables produced by Raytheon for the new Toll System Replacement ($250M) system.
  • Assessed the IT organization, establishing governances, principles, guidelines, workflows, process, and rules for Hartford Life, also responsible or the establishment of the Enterprise and Business Rules Architecture (Technical, Information, Application, and Development architectures).Project Manager of the Strategy and Framework teams for the Configuration and Change Management process, QA and Review processes and alignment techniques for Business and IT.  I also directed the alignment of Business Processes with IT.This included integration of Best of Breed Corporate practices, such as:EAI - Enterprise Application Integration, QA – Six Sigma, Metrics – KOKOMO, PMM - Project Management Methodology, PMO - Project Management Office, and ISP - Information Security Process.I installed Business Modeling processes (including BPMI and Business Rules along with their SDLC).
  • Directed the establishment of the documentation and Application Architecture for FADT.Specific duties included: assisting in the evaluation, selection, installation, enhancements and implementation of the mortgage default package within the .Net environment.Created application/development/training documentation for all services/products for networking and internet/intranet processes.
  • Directed the establishment of the Enterprise and Business Rules Architecture (Technical, Information, Application, and Development architectures) for CMS.Assisted the Medicare Part D (RDS) application development group with Requirements and Business Rules generation.Specific duties included: assisting in the evaluation, selection, installation, enhancements and implementation of a Business Rules Engine (PegaSystems).Other responsibilities include establishment of security, networking and internet/intranet processes in preparation for the Enrollment Payment and Web Portal functions.
  • Established Corporate and IT Governances (Enterprise Architecture Process - EAP, Project Management Methodology - PMM, Project Management Office - PMO, Information Security Process ISP, and Software Development Process – SDP with CobiT for JEA.Developed and installed the Enterprise Methodology Process that addresses Risk/Requirements Management, Configuration & Change Management, Visual Modeling, Component Architecture, Portfolio Management (Asset and Applications), Process and Product QA) that ties into the above processes.Developed and installed and complete UML based Project Development Methodology SDP (addresses Business Modeling, Requirements, Analysis & Design, Construction, Test, Implementation, Deployment, and Environment).Initiated the governances (and related policies, procedures, workflows, activities, guidelines and artifacts/templates).Also assisted in the development of the Roles/Responsibilities of corporate assets via the CMMi.
Dec 1990May 2003

VP - Consulting Services

Polger Technologies Corporation

For over 13 years consulted various clients dealing with all majors aspects of Information Technology (IT), in Enterprise Architecture, Systems Development, Implementation, Operations and Line of Business.

I am an accomplished IT professional, with a proven ability to manage the assessment, development, and implementation of Information Technology strategies that support business and financial objectives, he has led and supported key initiatives that have reduced operating budgets and contributed to strategic and bottom-line performance increases for his clients.He is recognized for his expertise in applying and aligning technical and business concepts to applications, assets, and portfolio management decision.He has demonstrated success in identifying; planning; designing; implementing and managing cost-effective technical solutions to business objectives.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic/Tactical Planning, Project Management (Methodology and Office)
  • Enterprise Architectures (Technical, Application & Development, Information (with Security), Data, Operations, and Organization)
  • Corporate and IT Governances (ISO 9001 & 17799, CobiT, Ticket)
  • Risk (Identification, Mitigation and Management)
  • Multimillion-Dollar Operating and Capital Budget Administration
  • Analytical and Financial Skills (Business Case initiation, Due Diligence and ROI analyses)
  • Business Management (Process, Rules, and Architecure)
  • Portfolio (Application and Asset Management)
  • Operations (including Cost Center, SLA and IT performance processes)

Career Experience

My professional experience includes the following vertical markets:

  • Financial 

   o  Banking (Retail, PTA, Loans and Cards)

   o  Insurance (Life, Health, Property and Casualty)

   o  Securities and Commodities

  • eCommerce (F2C, B2B, B2C)
  • Hospitality (Travel, Resort & Leisure)
  • Leasing (Employee and Equipment)
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Public Sector (Administration, Education, and Transportation)
  • Retail (CRM, eMarketing, Sales, Fulfillment, Shipping, and Delivery)
  • Transportation & Trucking (Goods, Package, Logistics/JIT, and LTL)
  • Utilities (Water, Gas and Electric)

My experience also encompasses: Business and Enterprise Architecture; Corporate and IT Governances; Business (Rules, Knowledge, Workflow and Process) Engineering; Product, Process, and Requirements definition/management, Analysis & Design, Development, and implementation; Testing with Quality Assurance; Enterprise Application and Web Services Integration; Content and Knowledge Library (Image processing & retrieval); Data (Modeling, Warehouse, Mart, Mining (with Business Objects & Intelligence, OLAP, ODS, and DSS); Financial Analysis, Due Diligence, and Planning.

The following is representative of his broad experience and success:

Management and Consulting

  • Assessed and implemented Enterprise Architecture frameworks and Reference Models, establishing governances, guidelines, workflows, and processes for major organizations:  Watkins Motor Lines, The Hartford, JEA, RosettaNet, and Toyota USA.  I was also responsible or the establishment of the Enterprise Architecture Standards (Business, Technical, Information, Data, Security, Application/Development, Operations and Organization architectures.
  • Established the alignment of Business Processes with IT for: Watkins Motor Lines, The Hartford, Arbella Insurance, UAFC, and CapitalOne.This included integration of Best of Breed Corporate practices, such as:CMMi, BPM, BRE, SDLC, Six Sigma, COSO, COCOMO, and PMM/PMO.
  • Directed the alignment of the Enterprise Architecture (Information, Application, and Development architectures) with a Business Rules for the Center for Medicare Services in Washington DC.Mentored the Medicare Part D (RDS) development group with requirements management and Business Rules generation.Also performed the evaluation, selection, installation, enhancements and implementation of a Business Rules Engine (PegaSystems).
  • As acting CIO, he re-engineered the enterprise (H/W & S/W, Information/Data, Application, Administration/Operation, and Organization) for Vacation Galleria (a travel broker).I took the organization from paper, standalone, processing to an eCommerce/ERP (Oracle and SAP)/CRM environment.
  • Directed the establishment of Corporate and IT Governances (Enterprise Architecture Process - EAP, Project Management Methodology/Office – PMM/PMO, Information Security Process ISP, and Software Development Process - SDP for major electric/water utilities (Progress Energy, JEA, Duke, and WE).They are all in the process of establishing Best of Breed Practices to upgrade their environments to required governances and established processes (ISO 17799, FERC, NERC, COBIT and CMMi).
  • Established “Best Practices” for Business Modeling and Development (UML/UMLi) for a Business Process and Rules Enterprise solution for .Net environments (First American Default Technologies and Universal American Financial Corp).
  • Managed the multiple business rules integration and coordinated vendor management for Blaze, Ilog, Fair Issacs, and Stratus programs at CapitalOne, consisting of three separate projects, Credit Billing, Collections and Credit Scoring.
  • Managed development projects for various clients (Arbella Insurance, Toyota USA, RosettaNet, FedEx, BCBSFL, MCI, AAA, PRC, Harris Semiconductor, Countrymark, Credit Card Software, Watkins Motor Lines, State of NC, Bank of America, Bank South, Eckerd’s, etc.).
  • Performed the design and implementation of Business Process Management System architecture needed to facilitate the migration from an ad-hoc to a strategic enterprise environment supporting Service Oriented and Model Driven Architectures.Performed the alignment of business with IT via RUP UML models, CMMi, CobiT, Six Sigma, and ISO.Also performed the assessment and strategic planning for the conversion, from multi-silo environment to SOA/MDA Open architectures for LL Bean.
  • Established the Data Propagation and Synchronization of downstream systems (50 terabyte Data Warehouse and Analysis Engine) for CitiGroup.Specific duties included: the evaluation of Data Warehousing products, Data Models/Data Mapping between Apollo and other applications, and the Reporting Architecture (ODS and DSS).
  • Project Manager for the data conversion of Lawson and CA (AP/AR/PR/GL) from Bank South to Bank of America operations centers.Other duties included:Data Models and Data Mapping between the two application vendors and other applications, and the data scrubbing applications (PL/SQL and native programs.Managed and enhanced web-initiated Application Service Provider’s (Breakaway Solutions (ASP)) websites (Celebrity Cruises, NCL, and Ford Motor Corporation (Industrial America, MarketMaker).
  • Established Software Engineering Group’s to plan and prioritize new projects for CapitalOne, Toyota, RosettaNET and Citigroup and performed vendor analysis, selection and management for custom and COTS application acquisition and development.
Jun 1985Dec 1990

Director - Central FLorida Consulting Services

Performed the technical design of the e-Commerce Virtual Office (VO) project.Specific duties included the development of blueprints and roadmaps for the Technical, Application, Information, Operation and Development Architectures for a health insurance company.Also performed CRM analysis, requirements, vendor evaluation and selection, design, development and implementation for the Customer Service engine; Intranet /Extranet /eCommerce architecture (with future Internet capabilities); and all technical reviews of Use/Test Cases.  Also responsible for the Information Architecture responsible for the administration, propagation, replication, stabilization, and synchronization of data from legacy systems (DB2) to the new distributed VO application (Oracle) with Tuxedo.

Acted as the Technical lead for the business data, process re-engineering and modeling of a leading telecommunications giant’s new local telephone service system.

Performed the evaluation, recommendation and acquisition of the DBMS engine and network architecture (Sybase SQL Anywhere/Remote) for AAA.The system provides field agents access to corporate data using PDA/Notebook/Laptop platforms.

Managed the development of enhancements to the client/server TimeCentre product.All new interfaces were developed in VB with OLE 1 & 2. Also responsible for developing and implementing the client/server based legal Integrated Case Management System (ICMS). 


Mar 1970Mar 1972

Bachelors of Science

Mar 1969Mar 1970

Associates of Science

Highland College


A workflow consists of a sequence of connected steps.  It is a depiction of a sequence of operations, declared as work of a person, a group of persons, an organization of staff, or one or more simple or complex mechanisms.  Workflow may be seen as any abstraction of real work, segregated in workshare, work split or other types of ordering. For control purposes, workflow may be a view on real work under a chosen aspect, thus serving as a virtual representation of actual work.  The flow being described often refers to a document that is being transferred from one step to another.   A workflow is a model to represent real work for further assessment, e.g., for describing a reliably repeatable sequence of operations.  More abstractly, a workflow is a pattern of activity enabled by a systematic organization of resources, defined roles and information flows, into a work process that can be documented and learned.  Workflows are designed to achieve processing intents of some sort, such as physical transformation, service provision, or information processing.   Workflow concepts are closely related to other concepts used to describe organizational structure, such as domains, silos, functions, teams, projects, policies and hierarchies.  Workflows may be viewed as one primitive building block of organizations.  
Business Rules
  I create the rules that tell the organization what it can do in detail, while strategy tells it how to focus the business at a macro level to optimize results.  Put differently, a strategy provides high-level direction about what an organization should do.  Business rules provide detailed guidance about how a strategy can be translated to action.   Business rules exist for an organization whether or not they are ever written down, talked about or even part of the organization’s consciousness. However it is a fairly common practice for organizations to gather business rules. This may happen in one of two ways.   Organizations may choose to proactively describe their business practices, producing a database of rules.  More commonly, business rules are discovered and documented informally during the initial stages of a project.  In this case the collecting of the business rules is coincidental.   In addition, business projects, such as the launching of a new product or the re-engineering of a complex process, might lead to the definition of new business rules.  This practice of coincidental business rule gathering is vulnerable to the creation of inconsistent or even conflicting business rules within different organizational units, or within the same organizational unit over time.  This inconsistency creates problems that can be difficult to find and fix.  
Program/Project Management
  As a Project Manager, I am the person accountable for accomplishing the stated project objectives.  Key project management responsibilities include creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the triple constraint for projects, which are cost, time, and quality (also known as scope).   I act as the client representative and have to determine and implement the exact needs of the client, based on knowledge of the requirements they are representing.  The ability to adapt to the various internal procedures of the contracting party, and to form close links with the nominated representatives, is essential in ensuring that the key issues of cost, time, quality and above all, client satisfaction, can be realized.  
Enterprise Architecture
  As an Enterprise Architect, I work with stakeholders, both leadership and subject matter experts, to build a holistic view of the organization's strategy, processes, information, and information technology assets.  My role is to take this knowledge and ensure that the business and IT are in alignment.  I then link the business mission, strategy, and processes of the organization to its IT strategy, and document this using multiple architectural models or views that show how the current and future needs of the organization will be met in an efficient, sustainable, agile, and adaptable manner.   I operate across organizational and computing "silos" to drive common approaches and expose information assets and processes across the enterprise.  My goal is to deliver an architecture that supports the most efficient and secure IT environment meeting the company's business needs.  


I was born in Oceanside, California and graduated from High School in Lakewood, California.  While in the United States Army, I attended Highland College in Highland Kansas and earned an Associates of Science in Data Processing.

Returning to California, I shaped and glassed surfboards while attending the University of California - Los Angeles (Go Bruins), in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, and eventually received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Computer Science.

I established my own computer consulting company in the late ‘70s and opened offices in San Diego, Newport Beach, Los Angeles/Hollywood, San Jose and San Francisco, California.  My clients included Equitable Life Leasing, the Irvine Company (the founders of many Orange County, CA’s cities and neighborhoods), Toyota, ARCO, Paramount Pictures, Apple, Bank of America, and Industrial Light & Magic (George Lucas’s studios). Riding the crest of the "Information age" I sold my interests in the corporation and decided to "retire to Florida".

I relocated to Winter Springs, Florida in 1980 and moved into my "new" Tuskawilla home in 1982.  While waiting for the neighborhood’s roads to be paved, I realized that retirement did not well suit my lifestyle or interests.

I established another consulting company, whose clients included AT&T, General Mills Restaurants, Universal Studios, Verizon, Hartford Life, Capital One, FedEx, J.M. Family, JEA, the Social Security Administration and the Center for Medicare Services.

This time it was my wife who "encouraged me to stop all this traveling around and settle down like a real grown-up".  So I once again sold my company (but kept a small interest and a "retainer" for future uncertainties, and tried to learn how to play golf.  Not that easy for a California surfer boy who grew up in the ‘60s.  Thank God for bogey boards.

Needless to say, after about six months of hanging around the house, my wife told me to "get out of here, find an assignment".  So in 2003, I became the Chief Architectural Officer for the new owners of my old company.   I recently finished assignment with PMSI, CapitalOne, City of Miami, Pharmion, the State of Florida’s Department of Transportation, the Hartford, etc. 

My hobbies include travel, surfing, skiing/snowboarding, food & wine (within reason) and living the "Florida lifestyle" with my wife, Suzi.


While my enthusiasm for CdB Technologies, Inc. remains, the local technology market has experienced slower growth than originally anticipated.Consequently, I am seeking a new professional challenge that could benefit from my strong, decisive leadership and top management performance. 


Feel free to view my presentations addressing:

  1. BPM - Promise and Challenges
  2. EA as an Actionable Architecture
  3. EA as a Change Management Agent
  4. IT Governance
  5. Governance (Corporate and IT)

on Slideshare -


Jun 1987Present

Business Rules Engineering

Business Rules Group Initiative
Jun 1998Present

Business Process Management

Business Process Management Org
Jan 2009Present

Enterprise Architect

Mar 2000Present


Aug 1994Present


Sep 1996Present

Six Sigma (Green Belt)

Six Sigma Academy