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Work experience

Jan 2009Present


Clezok Studios

a web based service supplying decorative illustrations composed of photography and drawn artwork. Providing image restoration and manipulation services.  Custom desgined illustrations are available upon request.  Prints are available of all illustrations owned by Clezok Studios on canvas or paper and mounted on quality backing material.


Jan 2009Present

Associates of Applied Science

Portland Community College


Adobe Creative Suite CS5
Learning Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator and other design products within the CS5 Design Creative Suite by Adobe in College Course Programs for MultiMedia Associates of Applied Science Degree.
Web Design
Using web design software (Microsoft Expression Web 4) self-taught to build personal websites and learn about HTML
Team Management
Service manager working with clients building work schedules, billable hours of employees, creating estimates for services needed, billing, customer relations, solving inner office problems, ordering shop supplies and parts.  Locating customer  parts for their repairs at the lowest price and highest quality.   Game developer team leader for college course program. I recruited the needed members to create a working game design teaching middle school students about renewable energy sources and their implications within different types of typographical locations.
Final Cut Pro
Multimedia College course editing audio and video clips.
Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5
Self taught in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS4 for three and half years, college course education in CS5 for 6 months
Floral drawings
Using pencil to draw and shade floral designs, such as plants, flowers, and landscapes.


Wayne Meiswich

Worked with Mr. Meiswich editing some photographs and image recovery of his photographs.  Have continued a professional and personal friendship together for past 12 years.


To be an asset and resource for a multimedia based company, working with the illustration graphic team. To share conceptual ideas and creative views to improve visual aspects of designs and produce new features to an exisiting product such as MMORPG's and console game designs.


I am a dedicated individual to create visual arts to fulfill a clients request.  Leadership and communication skills keeping team motivated and focused on meeting team goals and deadlines. Enjoy being a part of creative team building designs and projects with artistic concepts and reliable functionality.

Self taught artist that works with coloured pencil, photography and digital image editing software such as, Adobe Photoshop as a hobby for several years. Worked as a import automotive mechanic and service manager for local facility. After an injury I had to change careers and saught an education to learn professional skills in the field I love designing multimedia projects, digital arts, web design and 3D animation.

As I continue to learn more skills and present software applications to create designs fully functional and artistic that illustrate the ideas and goals of each client. I am a motivated person that works hard giving everything I can into each project I am a part of. I do not like the idea of, "that can not be done", or "you can not do that."  I will strive that much hard to meet the goal set before me. If it means working harder or putting in extra hours, bringing in extra team members to gain insight or a different prospective to achieve the goal.


  • 3D modeling and  rendering
  • Graphic creation
  • image manipulation
  • Animation
  • Web Design
  • Game graphic illustrator
  • Project Management
  • Video editing


Volunteer Services with:

  • Veterans of Foriegn Wars (VFW)
  • Cascade Aids Project