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Aug 2006May 2010

Major- Biology

Bowling Green State University

I have intensive course work in chemistry courses over and above what was called for in the biology degree, and I have a good bit of class work in genetics and genome studies and techniques.

Work experience

Feb 2006May 2010

Chemical Storage Assistant

Bowling Green State University Chemistry Department

My duties included preparing chemical solutions and chemical tests for the educational laboratories. Other duties were cleaning, removing of chemical waste, and dealing with shipping and deliveries. 

May 2008Aug 2008


National Science Foundation

This was an internship at Ohio State University in the REU program. I worked in the Andrea Doseff lab researching the effects of Caspase-3 on apoptosis in mammalian cancer cells.

Caspase,  a  cysteine protease,  is  a primary  role player  in  apoptosis. One member of  the caspase  family,  caspase-3,  is  vital  in  the  apoptotic  process.  Activation  of  caspase-3  has  been previously reported  to be dependent upon phosphorylation by a kinase, δ  (Protein Kinase C).  In order  to  determine  how  caspase-3  is  phosphorylated,  specific  mutants  were  created  to  either mimic or block activation.

My research was to create Glycine and Aspartic acid mutants in single or multiple sites. After  the mutant DNA was amplified,  they were cloned  into  the pENTR-D/TOPO vector, purified,  and screened by using  restriction  enzymes.  After  purifying  the mutant  caspase-3 we  utilized  a kinases  assay  to  explore  the  In Vitro  aspect. By knowing how  apoptosis  can be  activated,  that caspase-3 is a primary  role  player  in  apoptosis,  and  that  caspase-3  is activated  by phosphorylation;  which may lead to the opportunity to control this unique protease. 

The next step is to experiment in vivo to see if it performs as we have found that it does in vitro.

Jan 2008May 2008



I searched through the Thermatoga neapolintana DSM 4359 genome for the Competence Protein E (ComE). I found that the ComE protein in bacterial strains of H. influenzae and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in used in DNA binding, and there is a very strong BLAST hit within Thermatoga neapolintana. The next step was to perform wet-lab experiments to determine if this is indeed the same protein with the same function.

This is currently a submitted manuscript awaiting approval. If approved I will be mentioned within the article.


BLAST Search
Agarose and Gel Electrophoresis Visualizing
Western Blot
Transforming a Vector Into a Host Cell
Restriction Enzymes
Bacterial Culturing
Protein Purification


Mary Toth

Matt Pardi

Florence Basista



In my spare time I like to cycle, read fiction and non-fiction books, play pretty much any sport, and tinker around on computers.

Awards and Organizations

2006  - Present        Delta Chi Fraternity

2010, 2009, 2008    Dean's List  2009                          Ohio State Cancer Reasearch Internship2009                           Boots and Saddles Horse Back Riding Club2008                           Kappa Mu Epsilon National Mathematics Honor Society2007-2008                Hall Council President2007-2008                Resident Student Association Award 2007                          The Delta Chi Fraternity Academic Achievement Award


2008 Ohio Student Research Forum

        Activation and Regulation of Capase-3         Sean Crisafi, Bowling Green State University (The Ohio State University)        Department of Biochemistry        Mentor: Andrea Doseff