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I am a hardworking person, honest, disciplined, and obident to the rules also i have the desire to grow professionally. I am confident through experience that I gained during this time can help me work in a professional, individually or in teams. Values of tolerance, honesty, and discipline are the basics that I always apply to every job I do

Work experience

Dec 2015Now

PPIC Staff

PT Biru Laut Nusantara

Responsible to make production planing and inventory control at shrimp aquaculture. ensuring the availability of raw material and usage control. responsible to make weekly and monthly report.

Jan 2015Jun 2015

Field Staff Trainee

PT Ai Cahaya Yogyakarta

Field Staff Trainee PT Ai Cahaya Yogyakarta Responsible for eel nursery from elver size to fingerling size, responsible to contact fishermans along Yogyakarta south java sea & Kebumen to supply eel elver, responsible to make weekly & monthly report.

Jan 2013Feb 2013

Coral Transplantation Staff Trainee

Coral Transplantation Staff Trainee CV Cahaya Baru Responsible to coral tranplantation for export use


Sep 2009Apr 2014

Bachelor of Fishery Resource Management

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Senior High School

SMA Negeri 4 Kediri

Sains Class



- Leadership skill          - Able to work individually and team
- Decision making       - Able to oganize and perform multiple tasks
- Event Planing


Bahasa Indonesia

English (Speaking – Good, Writing – Fair, Listenig – Good ), 


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)

SPSS 20.00 (Statistic software)

SURFER 8.0 (Maping software)


Organization Experience

2010-2014    Asistant at Aquatic Ecology Lab.
2011-2014    Asistant at Hidrobiology Lab.
2012-2014    Asistant at Aquatic Resources Management Lab.
2012-2013    Asistant at Fisheries Nursery & Genetic Lab.
2009-2011    Staff of Enterpreneurship Department at KMIP
2014                Speaker and moderator at Semnaskan 2014
2013                Team leader PKM-M 2012 at Gunung Kidul


1.SEMNASKAN XI as paper presenter and moderator (2014)

2. Pelatihan Pengembangan Potensi Mahasiswa Penerima Beasiswa held by Direktorat Kemahasiswaan UGM (2013)

3. Training at Unit Kerja BAT Sendangsari, Kulon Progo held by BPTKP DKP DIY  (2011)

4. Stadium Generale "Bulan Mutu dan Keamanan Hasil Perikanan" held by Direktorat Jendral P2HP KKP (2011)

5. Series of Lecture held by LUSTRUM XIII Faculty of Agriculture UGM (2011)

6. Seminar "Dari Bulaksumur Menyokong Perikanan Yang Tangguh" held by Fisheries Dept. UGM (2011)

7. Workshop "KMIP goes to Merapi, Pendampingan Budidaya Lele di shelter Merapi" held by KMIP UGM (2011)

8. Training "PelatihanMotivasi Kepemimpinan" held by KMIP PSDM dept.(2010)



Drs. Namastra Probosunu, M.Si. : Mr Probosunu is an expert in field of Aquatic Ecology. He is one of the lecturers of Fisheries Dept. at UGM. 

Contact : [email protected]


Dr. Eko Setyobudi, S.Pi., M.Si. : Mr. Eko is an expert in field of Fisheries Biology. He is one of the lecturers of Fisheries Dept. at UGM.

Contact : [email protected]


Dr. Djumanto, M.Sc. : Mr. Djumanto is an expert in field Fisheries Biology He is one of the lecturers of Fisheries Dept. at UGM.

Contact : [email protected]