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Master of Science

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Bachelor of Science

University of North Carolina at Wilmington


  • Software developer with over 11 years of research and application development experience.
  • Experience with full software development life cycle.
  • Developed interfaces for cutting edge hardware including, cameras, Wii Remotes, and electroencephalographs


To bring my software development experience to cutting edge research and development projects.


SQL Server
Blender 3D content creation suite
C, C++

Work experience

Mar 2012Present

User Experience / User Interface Developer

ManTech International Corporation
  • Coordinate design and development of a Web 2.0 User Interface.
  • Interface indirectly with another system.
  • Provide near real-time data in a human readable format.
  • Process and display hundreds of data points a second.
  • Work directly with other developers and product owners using the “Agile” methodology.
  • Implemented Web2.0 server using the Model, View, Controller paradigm in the Django python web framework.
  • With a mix of optimized queries, jQuery, and AJAX, created a fast and reliable system that can process hundreds of data points a second.
  • Created and implemented a test plan that uses a mix of unit tests, components tests, and system tests.
Oct 2010Present

Lead Software Developer / Researcher

203 Solutions 
  • Used image processing algorithms to create pattern recognition software. 
  • Worked closely with scientists and statisticians to meet their requirements.
  • Designed and conducted experiments to test various image processing algorithms and artificial intelligence options.  
Oct 2011Mar 2012

Automated regression test developer

ManTech International Corporation
  • Maintained and improved upon an existing automated test framework.
  • Worked with multiple programming languages including Python, Java, SQL, C#, and WPF.
  • Worked in multiple flavors of linux (CenOS, RedHat, and Ubuntu) and Microsoft Windows (MS Server 2000 - Server 2008 and Windows 2000 – Windows 7).
  • Worked directly with developers to perform logical tests.
  • Worked directly with management to provide test metrics in a clear and concise manner.
  • Created a python application what would automatically perform a series of system test on a virtual machine and configure the machine according to user specifications
  • Created an application to manipulate xml configuration documents in plain text and maintain the configuration in a db
  • Optimized automated test to run faster, to be easily maintained, and stay uniform with other test semantics
Jun 2011Oct 2011

Senior Software Developer

Atlantic Telephone  Membership Coop.

Senior Software Developer

  • Worked with management and end users to create web services.
  • Used DOJO and AJAX to develop dynamic web pages.
  • Followed the Model View Controller design pattern.
  • Optimized SQL queries for speed and precision.
  • Worked in concert with team members to fulfill feature requests.
  • Developed SQL queries that combed through millions of records in seconds.
May 2008Jun 2011

Software Developer

Specialty Software Systems
  • Research and development lead on cutting edge machine vision project.
  • Evaluated different technologies and algorithms to complete the project.
  • Evaluated and automated both industrial and point and shoot cameras.
  • Designed and developed the machine vision and user interface software for the project.
  • Extracted components from an image with 1/16 of an inch accuracy.
  • Experienced full software development life cycle.

  • Created UML diagrams and project management documents.

  • Technologies used: C#, WPF, SQL, XML, LinQ, Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, Visio

Aug 2006May 2010

Master Thesis

UNC Wilmington

Using 3D Video Game Scenarios and Artificial Neural Networks to Classify Brain States for a Brain Computer Interface

  • Created a 3D video game controlled by a Nintendo Wii Remote.
  • Monitored subject's brain signals via electroencephalograph (EEG) while they played the game and again while they imagined playing the game.
  • Conducted the experiment on 12 subjects. Responsible for attaching the EEG to subjects and ensuring each electrode provided a proper signal.
  • Used Artificial Neural Networks to classify when subject was physically moving / imagining moving the controller and physically holding / imagining holding the controller still.
  • The Artificial Neural Networks had an average of 66% success rate in classifying the physical conditions and a 60% success rate in classifying the imaginary conditions.
  • Technologies used: Python, Matlab, Blender, Wii Remote, Glove Pie
Aug 2006May 2008

Teaching assistant / Assistant systems administrator

UNC Wilmington
  • Tutored students in Microsoft office, VB .NET, and C++.
  • Maintained 200+ computers in 6 different labs.
  • Created computer images.
  • Installed and maintained virtual environments.
  • Imaged and maintained faculty computers.
  • Technologies used: Vmware, Norton's Ghost, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio 2005, Killdisk, Windows Server 2005
May 2007Aug 2007

Research Assistant

Dr. Douglas Kline
  • Explored topics in forecasting using Artificial Neural Networks

  • Created software to train and test Artificial Neural Networks

  • Implemented a Unit test suite for change testing

  • Technologies used: Matlab

Aug 2004May 2007

Lead Developer

Virtual Studies of the Past
  • Created 3D models of ancient architecture.
  • Created (First Person Shooter) video game controls for users to tour and interact with 3D environments.
  • Used imaging technology (e.g. 3D laser scanner, 3D digitizer, stereo camera) to create life like 3D replications of ancient artifacts (e.g. pottery, bronze weapons, clay statues).
  • Technologies used: Python, Blender
Aug 2004May 2006

Research Assistant

UNCW Grid Computing Project
  • Explored topics in Grid Computing.
  • Submitted jobs to web services that utilized a Grid Network.
  • Created parsing software to extract and categorize the important elements in the Grid Network output.
  • Technologies used: Eclipse IDE, XML (JXPL), GRID NEXUS, Java


  • Cooking (beans are my specialty!)
  • Running
  • Video Games
  • B movies (even better if it's in 3D!)
  • Coffee!
  • Traveling

Publications / Presentations

  • Virtual Studies of the Past, American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting, November 2007 
  • Virtual Studies of the Past, Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion, March 2008
  • Variable Rectangle Strip Cutting Heuristic Analysis – a Real World Implementation, Southeast Decision Sciences Institute, February 2010.
    • 1st place winner of the MBA student paper competition 
  • McRoberts, K.C., J.H. Cherney, B.M. Benson, and D.J.C. Cherney. 2012a. Image recognition to predict alfalfa-grass stand composition. Oral presentation at 2012 North American Alfalfa Improvement, Trifolium, & Grass Breeders Conference, Ithaca, NY.
  • McRoberts, K.C., J.H. Cherney, B.M. Benson, and D.J.C. Cherney. 2012b. Reducing farmer uncertainty in spring forage harvests: Digital image analysis and artificial intelligence to predict alfalfa-grass stand composition. Poster presentation of abstract at American Society of Agronomy Joint International Annual Meetings, Cincinnati, OH.
  • McRoberts, K.C., Ketterings, Q.M., Benson, B.M., Ort, S., and Godwin, G. 2013. Estimating accumulated biomass and nitrogen pools in over-wintered cover crops: digital image analysis versus manual sampling. Poster presentation of abstract at ASA Annual Meetings, Tampa, FL

  • Benson JM, Poland JA, Benson BM, Stromberg EL, Nelson RJ. Resistance to gray leaf spot of maize: genetic architecture and mechanisms elucidated though nested association mapping and near-isogenic line analysis. PLoS Genet. 2015; 1:e1005045


    Oct 2011Present

    Top Secret - Full Scope/Lifestyle Polygraph

    Nov 2014Present

    Certified Advanced Cyber Programmer

    ManTech International Corporation