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To obtain a Literacy Support teaching position that provides ample opportunity to fully utilize my diverse skill-set as a second and fourth-grade classroom teacher, K-4 Intervention Specialist, administrative liaison, teacher support, test administrator and data-analyst, while fostering the development of children as lifelong learners and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Jan 2016July 2016

Early Childhood Education

Monmouth University, Graduate School of Education

Preschool-Grade 3 Certification Program

Jan 2015Apr 2015

Early Childhood Education

Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education

Preschool-Grade 3 Certification Program

Sep 2006Oct 2013

Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education 

Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certification Program

Aug 2000May 2004

Elementary Education 

Elon University

Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, Magna Cum Laude

Instructional Experience


Fourth Grade Accelerated Math Teacher

Milltown Primary School, Bridgewater School District, NJ
  • Provide instruction of the Math in Focus compacted fourth and fifth-grade curriculums
  • Provide differentiation and enrichment to 17 students.
  • Regularly communicate with and educate parents and students' teachers on diverse curricular objectives and approaches.
  • Progress monitor utilizing classwork, homework, unit assessments, enrichment exemplars, algorithm assessments, independent study projects, PARCC, and the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Assessment.
  • Utilize technology to enhance student access to the curriculum through remediation and enrichment. 
Sep 2016present

Intervention Specialist

Milltown Primary School, Bridgewater School District, NJ
  • Employ diagnostic assessment to target academic deltas. 
  • Administer targeted instruction through differentiated approaches and alternate curriculum materials.
  • Progress-monitor student growth by utilizing ongoing informal and formal assessment, such as through regular MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test administration.
  • Administered PARCC to a fourth-grade classroom.
  • Utilize and trained in the Sonday multi-sensory approach to reading.  
  • Create and implement Team Improvement Plans and RTI Action Plans for academically tiered students.
  • Create Student Profiles and Academic Prescription Plans to support teachers' differentiation for at-risk learners within the classroom.
  • Collaborate with teachers, administration, parents, and members of the CORE and CAT student support and referral team, inclusive of the School Psychologist, School Guidance Counselor, Principal, and Response to Intervention Specialist.   
  • Assess incoming students during Kindergarten Orientation and the First Grade Screening.
  • Support the Parent University Program, whereby staff, administration, and parenting experts regularly educate parents about important issues surrounding education and instruction.  
  • Present and communicate to staff and administration regarding community and parent issues.
  • Collaborate with district staff and administration by serving on the Program Evaluation committee.
  • Serve as a teacher-leader of the Peer Buddies program, which partners students from the general education classroom with those in a self-contained setting.
Sep 2012June 2016

Second Grade General Education Teacher

Milltown Primary School, Bridgewater-Raritan School District, NJ
  • Transitioned students to the Second Grade Common Core Mathematics Curriculum utilizing Harcourt Mathematics Program, Math in Focus.
  • Incorporated Next Generation Science Standards into new curricular units of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, which were implemented in all grades, K-4. 
  • Volunteered and was actively involved in the school-wide STEAM Team, participating in vertical articulation concerning curricular and school needs to further support the school and district STEAM program.   
  • Taught Language Arts Literacy through the Good Habits, Great Readers Program, incorporating Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop.
  • Taught spelling through the use of the Words their Way Program of Fountas and Pinnel.
  • Piloted the Spelling Connections spelling program for the district.
  • Actively participated in a Professional Learning Community, with the goal of increasing student engagement through use of the Responsive Classroom approach. Utilized morning meetings, positive language, logical consequences, social stories, and parental involvement to promote a safe environment for risk-taking.
  • Piloted Franklin Covey's approach, The Leader in Me, an approach to student empowerment, incorporating 21st-century leadership and life skills.  Attended training at The Brooklyn Symposium, Winter 2015. 
  • Utilized a SMARTboard to provide students with technology-based, engaging, and interactive instruction.
  • Incorporated the use of Ipads, chrome books, and desktop computers to reinforce concepts and encourage creativity and connectivity amongst teachers and students.
  • Devised assessments with correlating rubrics for reading and writing responses.
  • Created a comprehensive learning program for students identified as at-risk for Dyslexia, incorporating multisensory techniques based upon Orton Gillingham Spelling.
  • Utilized Student Profiles to continually progress-monitor at-risk students and adjust instruction accordingly.
  • Worked with the Response to Interventionists, the School Psychologist, and the Child Study Team to identify struggling students, develop and implement plans for academic and behavioral intervention, and monitor progress.
  • Worked with District Behaviorist, Guidance Counselor, and Principal to identify and monitor target behaviors for Behavior Intervention Plans.
  • Collaborated with the Intervention Specialists to deliver differentiated instruction and assignments to at-risk students through the creation of Learning Profiles.
  • Delivered instruction in compliance with Individualized Education Plans and collaborated with Learning Disabilities Teaching Consultant to create target goals for these learning plans.  
  • Created and Implemented Differentiated Learning Plans, giving students access to the second and third grade Math in Focus Mathematics Curriculum and extensive Language Arts enrichment opportunities.
  • Solely piloted the Mathematics Station Teaching Approach, affording a diverse student population maximal access to the mathematics curriculum and gathering and organized pre-assessment data to place students in flexible and homogenous groups for explicit teaching of differentiated material.
  • Worked closely with parents and outside psychologists to increase emotional and educational success of students at home and in school.
  • Actively participated in vertical articulation of best practices in regards to Core Curriculum implementation with colleagues and administration in Professional Learning Communities, studying the work of Richard and Rebecca DuFour and the Learning by Doing approach, while taking purposeful steps to target and repair areas of curricular weakness.
  • Collaborated with second-grade professionals within the district to create/modify the Reading, Writing, and Spelling Curriculums to be in accordance with Common Core Standards.
  • Volunteered for the Milltown Literacy Team, analyzing best instructional practices that are grounded in the research base.
  • Served as the Building Representative and Facilitator on the district-wide committee, Achieve New Jersey, delivering training and resources for capacity building and official training of the Danielson Framework for Teaching.
  • Represented second-grade teachers on the Superintendent’s District Committee for Curriculum and Instruction, acting as the liaison between the faculty, parents and administration regarding current issues surrounding the district’s education of students and parents.
  • Served as the teacher liaison on the Parent Teacher Organization Board, working collaboratively with parents and administration to support the academic and personal growth of all students.
  • Initiated the creation of a Parent University, in cooperation with the Parent Teacher Organization, bridging communication between parents and teachers.   
  • Annually participated in the New Jersey International Reading Association Young Author's Conference

Oct 2010Jun 2012

Fourth Grade General Education Teacher

Milltown Primary School, Bridgewater-Raritan School District, NJ
  • Implemented a balanced-literacy approach, incorporating Reading Workshop Model of Ralph Fletcher, Writing Workshop Model of Katie Wood Ray, and Word Study.
  • Transitioned students to the Good Habits, Great Readers Program, continuing the incorporation of Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop and Word Study in Language Arts/Literacy instruction.
  • Studied and implemented multisensory techniques based upon Orton Gillingham Spelling.
  • Taught the Everyday Mathematics Program.
  • Transitioned students to the Fourth Grade Harcourt Mathematics Program. Hosted nightly parent education workshops, introducing the program’s mathematical strategies and approaches.
  • Created fourth-grade district assessments for the District Language Arts Assessment Binder and Math Portfolio to help inform teacher instruction.
  • Differentiated literacy instruction based on the Slosson and Developmental Reading Assessment and the use of a leveled library, incorporating reader’s theatre, reciprocal teaching, guided reading, and response logs within a  reading workshop model.
  • Worked with special area teachers to create and implement an integrated unit of study of the Solar System.
  • Attended training for, created, and implemented Performance Assessments through the New Jersey Performance Assessment Alliance, creating performance tasks and open-ended response questions for each unit in the content areas.
  • Equipped students with test-taking strategies and knowledge for the NJASK.
  • Provided advanced self-awareness, tolerance, and social-emotional learning through the Responsive Classroom approach.
  • Collaborated with other fourth grade professionals to rewrite the Social Studies and Reading and Writing Language Arts Curriculum, inclusive of Core Curriculum Standards and topics of study.
  • Participated in the Peer Buddies Program, partnering students from the regular education classroom with those in a self-contained setting.
  • Consulted and worked collaboratively with a group of specialists through Milltown’s Collaborative Assistance Team, targeting specific areas of weakness for at-risk students and executed explicit instruction to increase student achievement and conducting ongoing progress-monitoring of targeted students through documentation of instructional strategies and assessment.
  • Gained extensive experience with the Child Study Team and classification process for students with special needs, hosting and accommodating students from the self-contained classroom during morning meetings and the content areas.  
  • Closely collaborated with the district’s fourth-grade teachers, Science Supervisor, and Assistant Superintendent to create performance assessments aligned with the Science and Social Studies Curriculum.
  • Partnered with the Milltown School Parent-Teacher Organization to promote teacher involvement in PTO activities, provide input on future initiatives and events, and host/plan events for the school and community.
  • Coordinated the Fourth Grade Luau Send Off for five years, organizing teachers, administration, students and parents in celebration of the students’ efforts and accomplishments.
  • Served as the Fourth Grade Team Leader and Chief Communicator on Milltown’s Communication Council.
  • Led Milltown's Math Task Force, studying and devising a flexible math grouping approach for the fourth-grade students.  
Oct 2010Jun 2012

Accelerated Mathematics Teacher, Fourth Grade

Milltown Primary School, Bridgewater-Raritan School District, NJ
  • Coordinated with colleagues to develop the Differentiated Mathematics Grouping Initiative.
  • Created assessments and a grouping process for assembling students, based upon the level of necessary instructional support.
  • Taught the Accelerated Fourth Grade Math Class using the Harcourt Mathematics Program, delivering compacted fourth and fifth grade curriculum to 25 qualifying students.
Sep 2006Jun 2010

Fourth Grade General Education Co-Teacher

Inclusive Setting, Milltown Primary School
  • Partnered with two special educators to create a safe and supportive environment for general and special education students in an inclusive, co-teaching setting.
  • Utilized Mel Levin’s constructs approach to access diverse learners by differentiating instruction, assignments and assessments based upon students’ individual learning profiles.
  • Developed and taught in compliance with Individual Educational Plans using IEP Planner, creating objectives, modifications, and accommodations for special needs students.
  • Motivated students with hands-on Everyday Mathematics lessons integrated with literature and real-life experiences.
  • Implemented Reading and Writing Workshop as the framework for Language Arts/Literacy, involving picture books, units of study, and corresponding mini-lessons. Integrated the content areas into reading instruction through the use of reading response letters, book clubs and jigsaw grouping.
  • Collaborated with language arts and content area supervisors and colleagues to create and implement new and engaging Science and Social Studies units, designed to incorporate language arts, specifically through Writer’s Workshop, Reader’s Workshop, and Word Study.
  • Attended training sessions and implemented the Marine Activities, Resources, and Education (“MARE”) Program, promoting ocean literacy through an integrated curriculum.
  • Equipped students with test-taking strategies and knowledge for standardized assessments.
  • Afforded children leadership and philanthropic opportunities within the school and community while serving as the Teacher Advisor of the Milltown Student Leaders.
Sep 2004Jun 2006

Fourth Grade General Education Teacher

Hillside Intermediate School, Bridgewater-Raritan School District, NJ
  • Taught Everyday Mathematics Program.
  • Participated in a Collaborative Learning Group with grade-level colleagues, investigating and implementing key principles of the Keeping Learning on Track Program.
  • Attended training for The Writer’s Notebook: Making It Come Alive by Katie Wood Ray.
  • Designed and implemented Learning Action Plans.
  • Participated in the Hillside Literacy Team, a group of professionals participating in vertical articulation surrounding the school’s teaching effectiveness and strategy of reading instruction.

Teaching Proficiencies

Lucy Calkins, Units of Study

The Daily Five, Boushey and Moser

Reading Workshop, Ralph Fletcher

Writing Workshop, Katie Wood Ray

Guided Reading, Fountas and Pinnell

Sonday and Orton Gillingham Multisensory Teaching

Fountas and Pinnell: Leveled Literacy Intervention 

Harcourt School: Intervention Station

MacMillan/McGraw-Hill Leveled Readers

Good Habits, Great Readers

Developmental Reading Assessments DRA-2

Running Records

DIBELS Assessments

Qualitative Reading Inventory

Slosson Oral Reading Test

Words Their Way, Fountas and Pinnell

Spelling Connections, Zaner-Bloser

Handwriting without Tears, Zaner-Bloser

Cloze Reading Instruction

Reciprocal Teaching

Everyday Mathematics

Harcourt School Publishers (HSP) Mathematics

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Math in Focus Singapore Math

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, On-Core Mathematics

Flexible Mathematics Grouping

Responsive Classroom

Franklin Covey's, Leader in Me

Individualized Education Plans

Behavior Intervention Plans

Differentiated Learning Plans

Student Learning Profiles

Student Action Plans

Student Team Performance Plans

Curriculum Integration Performance Assessment

Marine Activities Resources and Education

Technology Integration

Richard and Rebecca DuFour, Learning by Doing Professional Learning Communities

Professional Responsibilities

CORE Team Member, Milltown Intervention and Referral Team, 2016-2019

MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Testing Administrator

PARCC Testing Administrator 2018

RTI and I&RS Program Evaluation Committee Member, 2017-2019

District Technology Review Committee, 2017

Leader in Me Lighthouse Member, 2016-2017

Leader in Me, Milltown Book Discussion, Summer 2015

Leader in Me Training and Symposium, 2015

Achieve New Jersey Facilitator, 2012– 2015

Parent Teacher Organization Member, 2004-2016

Chair, Parent University Education Program, 2016-2019

Parent Teacher Organization, Teacher Liaison, 2016-2017

District Committee for Curriculum and Instruction, 2012-2013

Reading and Writing Curriculum Writing District Committee, 2013

Spelling Connections Curriculum Writing District Committee, 2013

New Jersey International Reading Association Member and Young Author’s Conference Volunteer, 2006-2015 

Milltown Literacy Team, 2006–2012

Math Task Force, 2010-2012

Student Leaders, Teacher Facilitator, 2011–2012, 2016-2019

Social Studies Curriculum Writing District Committee, 2012

Science Curriculum Writing District Committee, 2011

Communication Council, 4th Grade Liaison, 2007–2010

Hillside Literacy Team, 2006

Technology Competencies


MAP Testing Administration

PARCC Testing Administration


Power School


Apple IPads

OnCourse Lesson Planning/Website Creation/Evaluate

Homework Hero/Web-Based Parent Communication

Photosharing Website Creation

Plickers Assessment Tool

Google Professional Suite 

Reading A to Z/Raz-Kids


Xtra Math

Amazon Tenmarks



Spelling City

Khan Academy

Study Island

Brain Pop, Brain Pop Jr.


Conversational knowledge of Spanish


*available upon request