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VP Sales and Marketing


Orbograph is the leading provider of image character recognition software and date entry automation solutions to the banking and healthcare industries.

Leveraged existing resources of parent company's U.S. infrastructure to launch sales/marketing presence from the ground up in the U.S. for the Orbograph subsidiary. Signed up 18 of the top 20 solution integrators within 18 months, with sales increasing from zero to over $500,000 in the first year and to $1 million in the second year. Launched User Group/Industry Summit, securing attendance from most of the industry's current and potential integrators.


President & Founder

Oh! Space

This hobby-turned-business is an Innovative real estate repurposing brokerage service transforming vacant commercial properties into short-term income-producing private event spaces.

  • Conceptualized, launched, and directed all aspects of infrastructure and business development, including funding, branding, collateral, website, property acquisition, contracts, finance/accounting, and lead generation.
  • Collaborated with partner to build highly successful company within an untapped market. Secured position on event lead generating websites and co-cultivated partnerships with property owners, clients, and 3rd party providers. 
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial success in leading Oh!Space to feature 6-8 properties in its rolling portfolio and generate over $300,000 per year, with projected bookings of $400,000 in 2013.
  • Transitioned business operations to partner to pursue new career passions in Southern California.


Myriad Systems Incorporated (MSI)

MSI provided print/mail and electronic statement rendering / delivery as an outsourced service to financial institutions, utilities, and governments as well as providing various cloud-based (SaaS) applications for back-room automation.

Brought on board based on previous exceptional marketing success with AFS to energize and professionalize MSI's marketing and business development. Led all marketing activities, including corporate/product strategy, brand management, product releases, advertising, traditional and social media marketing initiatives, client visits, and strategic partner/user relations. Added senior HR functions, internal communications, and new product initiatives to core responsibilities.

  • Completely transformed the company's image, marketing, and sales functions, translating into a 50% revenue growth (to over $9 million in annual revenues) within 2 years. Created a fresh new look, improved relations with existing clients, and captured new customers nationwide as a result. Specific contributions included:

-        Redesigned all collateral, including logo, PowerPoint template, and stationery.

-        Reengineered promotional website and instituted SEO as well as Google AdWords strategies.

-        Created Facebook and LinkedIn presence; secured placement on multiple industry online           directories.

-        Wrote and distributed manual to all employees introducing MSI's new look and calling on their                support.

  • Secured buy-in from 12 prominent, well-connected industry professionals from MSI's base to form a User Advisory Group that evangelized the company's offerings and brand. Increased attendance at conferences from a dozen or so attendees to over 100 and boosted sales; convinced principals to increase event investment/promotion.
  • Paved the way for MSI to receive numerous unsolicited RFPs from around the U.S. for its services, a first in MSI's history, with the company poised for large deals and a subsequent lucrative sale of MSI. Persuaded principals to hire VP of Sales, instituted standard proposal process, boilerplates, and formal training, home office visit protocol, and other strategies.
  • Reduced voluntary employee turnover from 20% to less than 2% annually. Introduced monthly all-employee communications meetings, instituted 401(k) and financial education programs, and included employees in credit for the company's sales successes. Improved employee morale and gained new hire candidates from employee referrals.
  • Facilitated partnership with FedEx and MSI on innovative service offering that generated high margins for all parties, gained national press for MSI, and was incorporated into other MSI customers' online bank offering.

General Manager

Endpoint Exchange

Endpoint Exchange was the first telecommunications network established for the secure exchange of electronic check images between U.S. financial institutions.

Collaborated with team of executives while employed with AFS on conceptualization and launch of Endpoint Exchange network; named GM following Metavante’s purchase of AFS. Directed all sales, marketing, core engineering, and ongoing operations of the network. Tasked with elevating Endpoint to the next level to meet anticipated exponential growth.

  • Grew the network from 300 to over 5,000 U.S. financial institutions within 2 years. Established interfaces and sales channel relationships with 8 of the top 12 core system vendors, integrated 15 of the top 20 bank and credit union service bureaus, and drove annual revenue growth 140% within 2005 and 680% within 2006.

-Established formal vendor sales program and integrator test platform for vendors.

-Recruited, hired, and trained national direct sales force to function as relationship managers.

-Defined territories for all parties to eliminate any potential channel conflict.

  • Led Endpoint Exchange to obtain high passing score on all federal audits, representing unprecedented achievement. Researched all FFIEC requirements and assigned teams towards meeting requirements pre-audit. 
  • Increased sales and bank enrollment process by 1,600% in less than 2 years. Engaged seasoned software developer in writing innovative web application that proved to banks their potentially significant savings by joining the network. Developed downloadable Enrollment Kit that condensed paperwork into an easy step-by-step protocol. 
  • Secured Bank of America for the network that generated significant trade press and increased annual revenues by $1 million, with Endpoint signing an additional 11 of the top 20 U.S. banks as customers. Engaged in extensive communications to navigate large-scale corporation and gain SVP within BofA as coach, leading to account capture.

VP Marketing

Advanced Financial Solutions (AFS)

AFS specialized in the development, sale, installation, and support of image-based check processing solutions to the financial industry.

In charge of the entire marketing mix for the company, including corporate and product strategy, product and corporate brand management, product releases, marketing collateral, social media, partnerships, and others.

  • Played instrumental role in AFS' breakthrough growth to over $100 million in revenues and a ranking among the largest and most respected provider of check imaging solutions to the community banking industry. Transformed the entire image of the company, leading to multiple national awards and expansive industry recognition.
  • Elevated the company's look and image to the level of a Fortune 500. Implemented a series of strategies in marketing collateral, trade show booths, and online marketing that positioned AFS as a top industry player.
  • Captured numerous awards for the company, including Inc 500 (5 consecutive years) from Inc. Magazine, Metro 50 (5 years) as one of Oklahoma City's 50 Fastest Growing Companies, Oklahoma Innovator of the Year (3 years), Oklahoma Venture of the Year, Top Ten American Companies for Employee Financial Security- Principal Financial Group, and Oklahoma's Most Desirable Place to Work.
  • Designed and led development of highly innovative intranet web site that created a Facebook-like collaborative forum (before the advent of Facebook) for employees to obtain company news and announcements. AFS was able to expand from 70 to 350 employees without an increase in HR staff, as well as maintain a remarkably low 1% turnover.
  • Developed product release methodology to improve add-on orders, increasing revenues 22% (one of the add-on products alone produced 35 orders for $1 million in a single day).
  • Served as a key catalyst for influencing Congressional action to facilitate launch of Endpoint Exchange network, with the network processing the first electronically exchanged check image in U.S. history.


Panini North America

Panini is a manufacturer of tabletop sorting machines for check and coupon-sized documents.

Led team of 8 in finance, marketing, sales, installation, support, and maintenance service of machines in the Americas. Provided executive-level management with Panini North America’s U.S. and Latin American dealer network. Improved product quality significantly within a 6-month period. Researched and presented findings that led to creation of Panini MyVisionX scanners that can be currently found in 10,000+ bank branches throughout the U.S. 


Michael Miller

I hired Jeff in 1999 as VP Marketing for our software company which was making cutting edge backroom solutions for the banking industry. At that time, we were 8 years old; we had developed some fantastic products, and were generating about $20M in revenue. But we knew it was time to take our marketing to the next level if we really wanted to grow. We had been so blown away by what Jeff had done for another company in our space, bringing them from basically no US customers to the clear market leader in their sector, that we finally corralled him at a trade show, made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and hired him on the spot. 5 years later, Jeff had played no small part in elevating us to one of the leading providers in our space with over $100M in Revenue and the strongest brand recognition in our niche. Jeff had built all of our collateral, our public and intranet web sites, launched all of our new products, made us the star of trade showings, and organized our client user group into the envy of the industry. Along that way, he tirelessly promoted our success to the media, earning our company five consecutive Inc 500 awards – at that time, I believe, a feat only accomplished previously by one other company in the history of the award. 

Jeff is a true marketing and business development powerhouse. I recommend him highly. 

Gary Nelson

As President and Chief Executive of Endpoint Exchange and Advanced Financial Solutions (AFS), I am a huge fan of Jeff Vetterick and have no hesitation giving him the highest recommendation. Jeff is a brilliant marketer. He established and led creative marketing teams that were the envy of our industry, and helped both companies drive phenomenal growth. 

The addition of Jeff at AFS proved to be a great move as we successfully launched new product lines in a very competitive market. While our engineering teams were churning out inventive products, Jeff matched their pace with equally inventive marketing programs. His creativity footprint was a part of our strategic plan, while elevating the “look and feel” of our relatively small technology company to that of a Fortune 500. 

Jeff was part of the AFS team that launched our sister venture, the Endpoint Exchange network. Once up and running, I persuaded him to serve as General Manager of Endpoint, and Jeff went to work, growing the network 15-fold in two years. 

Jeff is a proven creative asset and a valuable part of the core team. I’m sure whatever industry he chooses next will benefit from his vast experience and expertise.

Sean McElroy

Jeff is one of the most energetic and committed marketing minds I've ever worked with. His breadth of experience and down to earth, no-nonsense approach both to content targeting and delivery makes me thankful such a seasoned professional is working on our team.

Avikam Baltsan

Jeff’s professionalism and competence as a sales professional was a key factor in Orbograph’s early success. He was instrumental in leveraging the benefits of our technology to achieve meaningful commercial and business breakthroughs and establish relationships in the financial transaction processing industry that to this today continue to be important for our company.

Richard Owens

I’ve been in the role of solution sales of large, complex systems with long sales cycles for the majority of my career. I have worked for Jeff as my sales and marketing manager at 3 separate companies. I've teamed with Jeff from company to company because he acts like a true servant-leader.

He builds the sales supporting infrastructure that reps in the field need. His brochures and sales analysis tools always looked great and were extremely valuable in closing deals. Thanks to Jeff, I knew that when I showed up to work a trade show that we were going to steal the show with the awesome booth and promotional campaigns Jeff had driven. Pipeline reviews were always productive and not just box-checking. Our comp plans were always fair and well structured, and no matter what, he made us whole when we deserved it. I’d work with him again.


Continuing Education

My Book

Videos Written/Produced

Here are links to several corporate promotional videos that I wrote, produced, and co-directed.   These videos were produced on extremely low budgets using employees as actors, with the intent of showing only once, to open the Advanced Financial Solutions (AFS) Annual "Vision Client Conference".   Spoofing icons of popular culture and containing industry inside-jokes, they were intended to be light, informative, and entertaining, while showcasing the conference's theme.  

Vision 2004:  Software Garage - Poking fun at the Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage" TV series, this video used the motorcycle build as metaphor for a new product line being developed by AFS.   Immediately following the video's sole showing, the motorcycle was ridden on stage and presented to a lucky customer drawn at random.

Vision 2003:  American West - using cows on a cattle drive as a metaphor for the clearing of check payments, this video positioned AFS as an innovator driving a new paradigm shift in bank check processing.

Vision 2002:  Vision Possible - spoof of the Mission Impossible TV series, this video positioned the AFS management team as committed to banking industry efficiency mission of the Federal Reserve.

Vision 2001: Star Check - another spoof, of the 60's Star Trek TV series, produced to introduce the concept of multibank check image exchange to AFS' customer base.