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Work experience

Jun 2009Jul 2010



JGC Group is a national company leader in FMCG market, beverage and wine sector. It is weelknown by its brand DON SIMON (juices, wines, soups, etc.)., exporting to about 100 coutries in the world.

I join JGC as Purchasing Manger of all Industrial Purchases. JGC has launched and global project for developping a Corporate Purchasing Department in its Headquaters at Madrid.

I have the responsibility for negotiating and defining the Purchasing strategy of about 65 M€ of Direct Purchases, and 85 M€ of Indirect Purchases, as well as 70M€ of capital expenses.

Activities and accomplishments:

·Centralization of all Purchases in the Headquater at Madrid

·Price negociation: 9% price reduction in Direct purchases and 7% in Indirect.

·Developing of MRP in our SAP system to improve the planning and suppliers programming

·Developing of an standardized and formalized saving plans of the technical specifications of all purchased components: 7% additional savings

·Suppliers Panel definition at Group level

·Suppliers reductions by 10%

Apr 2006Feb 2008


AL is a company of the automotive market for the production of parts for all car-makers. It belongs to the italian multinational FIAT Corporation.

Supply Chain Manager of Llinars plant. Purchasing turn-over: 30M€. Staff: 10 people. Reporting to AL Purchasing Vice-President and to Plant General Manager.

Activities and accomplishments:• Price, quality and service negotiations: 2% price reduction. • Saving plans at plant level: 250 K€ per year• Participate in the global worldwide negotiations of Raw Materials.• Suppliers quality improvement: 50 % reduction of PPM and quality claims• Customer service.• Improved the service rate to customer: from 80% to 90%.• Improved the service rate of suppliers: from 60% to 80%.

Oct 2004Apr 2006


European Purchasing Manager for the Business Unit Rear Lamps (BURL). Under my responsibility there were 6 plants (in France, Poland, Italy and Spain). Purchasing turn-over: 116 M€. Staff: 30 people. Reporting to AL Purchasing Vice-President and to the European Business Unit Operations Manager.

Activities and accomplishments:• Price negotiations for the BURL: 3% price reduction.• Saving plans: 1,5 M€ per year.• Coordination of all activities oriented to research new sources in Low Cost Countries (LCC).• Represent the BURL in all AL activities, participating in all negotiations at Corporate level, being the leader of the specific categories for the BURL.• Participate in the definition of a Global Suppliers Panel and in the Partnership agreements.• Suppliers quality improvement in the BURL: reduction by 60% of PPM and quality claims.• Extend the consignment stock to all BURL plants: reached in all plants.

May 2001Sep 2004


Purchasing Manager of Llinars Plant. Purchasing turn-over: 25M€. Staff: 5 people. Reporting to AL Purchasing Vice-President and to Plant General Manager.

Activities and accomplishments:• Price, quality and service negotiations: 1,5% price reduction.• Saving action plans: 150 K€ per year.• Supplier Quality improvement: 50% reduction PPM and quality claims.• Definition of the suppliers strategy.• Participate in worldwide negotiations of Raw Materials.

Mar 1997Apr 2001



INVENSYS is an UK global technology group, supplying solutions, software, consultancy and equipment to monitor, control and automate processes.

Corporate Purchasing Manager of Invensys Appliance Controls in Europe. I was responsible for Raw Materials Corporate negotiations for 5 plants. Purchasing turn-over: 50 M€. Staff: 25 people. Reporting to Invensys Purchasing Vice-President and European Operational Manager.

Activities and accomplishments:• Price negotiations: 3% price reduction.• Suppliers number reduction: 40% in 4 years.• Inventory reduction: 60% of inventory reduction in 4 year.• Suppliers quality improvement: 65% reduction PPM and claims in 4 years.

May 1991Feb 1997



Valeo is an independent industrial French group, fully focused on the design, production and sale of components and integrated systems for cars and trucks.

Senior Buyer and SQA responsible of plant. Turn-over: 5 M€. Staff: 3 people. Reporting to Plant Purchasing Manager.

Activities and accomplishments:• Price negotiation for metallic raw materials and part: 1,5% price reduction• suppliers panel reduction: 15% reduction• Suppliers quality improvement: 10% reduction of PPM and quality claims.

Feb 1990May 1991



AGUAS DE BARCELONA is a service company of Barcelona with more than 140 of history that has contributed to the development and of its metropolitan area.

Responsible of branch at Zaragoza for the phone and aerial installation at home-market. I was in charge of 6 persons.

Feb 1989Feb 1990



Amper is one of the main Spanish providers of communications solutions for civil and military applications (engineering, networks, software and systems).

Responsible of branch at Zaragoza for phone installations at home and industrial market. Our sole customer was Telefónica de España. I was in charge of 5 people.



I have got 20 years of experience in Purchasing, 13 of them in Automotive market. Other markets: Electrical, FMCG and Services.I made an international experience working for Invensys Appliance Controls in ITALY, where I was living for 4 years, as Purchasing Manager of the Plant and Corporate Negotiator for key Raw materials (copper, brass, silver, plastic) for the Group in Europe. I also lived in THE NETHERLANDS during several monthsAdditionally I've got experience in Suppliers Quality Assurance (along 13 years) y 1,5 years as Logistic Manager in my last company ae Automotive Sector.TECHNICAL SKILLSTeam leadershipProblem solvingProject ManagementAble to delegateQuality PerformanceBudget administrationKPI metricsExecutive reportingMethodologies definitionI am looking for a new experience as CORPORATE PURCHASING MANAGER or SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER. My target is to reach a General Management in a small/medium size company.


I like walking in the mountains, reading, playing chess, movies and photografy.


My professional objetive is to continue with my international carrer in the Supply Chain/Purchasing Area as WW or European Vice-President and, after, jump into Operations as intermedaite step to reach a General Management / CEO.

I prefer Industrial sector or Distribution but I am open to other possibilities. My experience in the Auto market has given me a broad knowledge in many areas (Purchasing, Logistics, Quality, Finance). Prefereable in EMEA region, USA, Canada or Mexico.

I have international experience. I relocated in Italy but I have dealing in many European countries


I have responsible of several projects for lanching products in the Automotive market.   I have managed small and medium size project teams (between 3 and 10 people).   Under my responsibility there were:   - cost control - timing control - reporting to CEO and Steering Commitee - contact with Customers and Supplier  
15+ year in Purchasing. Biginning as junior buyer up to reaching European Corporate Management I negotiate with any kind of suppliers from any country. Tough, intuitive. I am able to find the weak points of suppliers and take advantageo them.
Since 1994 I have been responsible of developping the Budget and Busines Plans of my Department according with external and internal tarjets. Used to aggresive tarjets.   Used to define the KPI indicators for a close control of deviations and urgent action plant to recover situation.
In 1992 I performed an internal Valeo trainning of Automotive Quality standards auditor. I was qualified and I was responsible of my Plant Suppliers Quality Assurance department. Since them , in all my following appointments, I have been responsible of SQA.   I performed many Quality System and Process audits. Expert for defining action plans for boosting the Quality level of suppliers (rates of 30-40% improve per year). Escalation processes.   QUALITY is key issue for a right Suppliers panel definition and improvement.
I manage teams since 15+ years. I am convinced that a team can only succeed if each member is well coached, understands his duties and targets; and if the manager supports his team. I like to delegate each one the respobility to reach his tarjets mediating in the discussions to get the best for the team.   I control the activity of the hole team driving it in the right direction.