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Mature, Innovate with strong analytical, planning, implementation experience.Posses good interpersonal skill and a "Results/Target with Quality" orientated individual.Paper qualifications include a Degree in Business Administration.


Diving, Scuba Diving, Cooking, Reading Motivational articles, Socializing as well as keeping in touch with latest trends with regards to Fashion trends


To head a team of professionals in an organization towards progressively achieving the companies goals by putting the knowledge I have acquired practically and theoretically in Marketing and Business Administration as well as social networking over the years.


Mahendran Sethuraman

Rekha Sathasivam


Work experience

Customer Care Executive

Maxis ISP (M) Sdn Bhd

  • Handlingin-bound and out-bound calls
  • Constantly communicating with customers pertaining to their account status, ISP services, new and current promotions and trouble shooting internet related problems
  • Providing technical solutions
  • Updating the database frequently to ensure customer history and ISP related problems are resolved according to time frame allocated
  • Handling of upscale marketing
  • Studying new products and promotions and presenting it to colleagues effectively 
Aug 2008Present

Corporate Accounts Manager

Swasstika Enterprise
  • Marketing of merchandise to VIP, VVIP, existing and new clientele.
  • Overseeing operational accounting aspects of the boutique, employees as well as stock (s).
  • Defining monthly sales targets for the Sales Representative.
  • Training of Sales Representatives in order to enable them handle new and existing clientele whilst creating strong rapport aiding them achieve higher sales target.
  • Encouraging Sales Representatives to increase sales numbers by manner of promoting current fashion trends and Target-Commission System (staff motivation plan)
  • Meeting up frequently with new and existing clients in order to fulfill their fashion demands.
  • Drafting sales strategies and marketing ideas in order to clear stocks yet maximizing profit where possible
  • Performing daily management of cash flow and keeping track of stock movement
  • Book-keeping of company’s overall income and expenditure (P&L) 
Mar 2003Apr 2005

Planning Manager

Dizengoff Nigeria Lmt.
  • Reporting to Managing Director directly
  • Heading a team of over 400 locals besides Professionals and out-sourced agencies
  • Assisting Managing Director in Strategic Planning, Execution and Implementation
  • Presenting and discussing business solutions and plans to Board of Directors and Stake Holders
  • Analysing previous and present business performance, industry trends, existing and regulatory requirements and evaluating their impact on business operations.
  • Drafting out alternative courses including risk assessment, capital investments, acquisitions and expansions.
  • Reorganize company structure through bottle-necking job processes, departmental work flows and functions as well as performance
  • Studied whole company's work processes through division(s), individuals job scope and performance of division(s) and departments through reports and documentations
  • Created a new and effective manner for individuals to perform task through systematic job procedures and processes by introducing flow carts and inter-departmental training, tracking and documentations.
  • Helping each department achieve better sales and order by manner of training
  • Performed division examination to ensure all processes are strictly adhered to by factory workers as well as division head(s).
  • Bottle-necking clearing agencies to eliminate illegal activity as well as ensuring that agencies abide to Memorandum of Understanding pertaining to issues of lost or misplaced shipments and periods by which agency would have to complete customs clearing and hand over to forwarding agency.
Sep 1999Dec 2000

Customer Care Consultant

Maxis Telecommunication (M)Sdn Bhd
  • Customer service for walk-in customers
  • Providing customers with services required
  • Handling registrations of new mobile walk-in customers as well Dealers registrations
  • Receiving payments and from customers with regards to their accounts as well as processing payments received to the center through post and payment method
  • Dealing with inquiries pertaining to service Provider and services rendered
  • Managing customers in a prompt manner so as to speed up waiting period


Sep 2002Sep 2005

Bachelor in Business Administration

Systematics College
  1. Marketing Management 
  2. Human Resource
  3. International Business 
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Hospitality Management
  6. Finance  
  7. Information Systems 
  8. Operations Management
  9. PropertyManagement
  10. Business Law
  11. Management Accounting
  12. Corporate Strategy
  13. Statistics & Probabilities
  14. Algorithm & Data
  15. Communicative English
  16. Strategy Management.
  17. Practices of Business Management
  18. Accounting                                     
  19. Special Topic : Business Administration
Dec 1999Dec 1999

Certificate in Customer Service

Maxis Telecommunication (M)Sdn Bhd

In house Training provided by Maxis Telecommunications (M) Sdn Bhd for Customer Service Consultant to aid in better understanding the overall business network and functions of each department. These training also teaches us how to communicate with customers.


Strong eye for detail
Decision Making, Leadership
Creative Thinker
Able to think out of the box, innovative so as to  create win-win situation between Employer and Customer
Strategic Planning
Posses acute Strategic Planning skills.  Ability to study ,market trends to  minimize risk and able to draft mitigation plans and prepare execution routine
Customer Service
Have dealt with customers from all walks of life coming from diverse cultures and traditions. Experience in customer service both 1st and 2nd stages. Have good standing with customers as I am able to sympathize and understand the customer requirements. 
Expert in up-sale marketing, drafting promotional ideas, creating promotional strategies