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Work experience

Jun 2011Present

Shop assistant

Customer service, sales, purchasing, inventory management.. you name it, I've probably done it. During the summer of 2014 I planned and executed the reorganization of our departments warehouse facility. During my stay at the company I've learned a lot about working in a team with all kinds of people, communication, being organized and the importance of customer and the customer service. Rewarding experience.
Jul 2009Jul 2010

Battery deputy officer

Armoured Brigade
One year military service in the Finnish armed forces. I graduated from Reserve Officer School and my rank is currently 2nd lieutenant. An experience I wouldn't change for the world. The long, exhausting full-week trainings in the woods in the middle of the winter really teach you about yourself and about your character. As a leader, I also learned a lot about responsibility.
May 2007Jul 2009

Shop assistant

Basic shop assistant duties, i.e. selling, reorganizing the store as well as working in the warehouse. Summers 2007, 2008 and 2009 before leaving to army for a full year.



Master of Science (MSc)

Turku School of Economics
Finished my Bachelor's thesis in autumn 2013 on "Accounting tools in a lean company" where I studied the different data collecting and financial reporting tools suitable for modern production company. I minored in Information systems science and studied also English, French, German and Swedish. I'll start my Master studies in autumn 2014 after student exchange in France, and I'll graduate in spring 2016. During my master's I've also studied supply chain management and industrial engineering.

Student exchange

NEOMA Business School
Student exchange in Rouen, northern France in Neoma Business School. I studied three courses of French but also international finance and strategic management. But the greatest lessons I learned came from living and studying with students from all over the world. All in all a great experience.


Tampereen lyseon lukio, High school


Same as with my German, I can manage every day life and working situations.
Management accounting
This is what my studies have been mostly about. Management accounting tools and internal reporting. I do realize that even though I have a lot of studies on the subject, I'm still, and I always will be learning new.
One of the trickiest and most time-consuming courses I've ever done but it was well worth it. It gave me good knowledge about how to create useful tools and user interfaces for Excel spreadsheets.
I've done a course on ERP systems and used R/3 version and know the basics of it.
I can manage every day life as well as working situations.
Customer Service
This has been my career so far: knowing what the customer wants and making sure that he/she gets the best possible experience and will want to come back. Customers are what businesses are for.
Microsoft Excel
Both VBA and formulae. This is my favorite tool, even on my past time.
I've studied English since I was 9 years old and consider myself fluent.
Both through my hobbies, work and studies, I consider myself experienced in working in various kinds of team with a lot of different people. I have experience on working with international teams, with members from multiple countries due to my studies both in my home university and especially from my student exchange in France.

Basics of Juuso J. Viita

24-year-old accounting, finance and information systems student at Turku School of Economics, Finland with interest in business development, production management and production engineering.

Alongside with my studies I also work in an old hardware store in my home town Tampere, where I've gained experience in customer service, people skills and working with all kinds of people. All in all very eye-opening and rewarding experience.

When I'm not studying or working, you'll most likely find me from the gym, jogging around the city or watching football (soccer).