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Customers preparing to buy a puppy are likely to find what they are looking for at Just Puppies in Towson and Rockville, Maryland. First opened in Maryland in 1999, the stores are a popular destination for people in search of purebred puppies. Registered at America's Pet Registry, Inc., Just Puppies' puppies wait for their future owners in a caring, pleasant environment.

The puppies come from a select network of USDA-licensed breeders, allowing Just Puppies to control the quality and overall health of the dogs it sells. The company requires customers to use its authorized vets, located in Maryland or Virginia, for the first 30 days; otherwise, the limited health guarantee will be null. Prior to purchase, Just Puppies' affiliated vets examine the dogs twice, and they need to re-examine them within five days after purchase. If a puppy fails the exam, Just Puppies will refund the purchase or find the customer an adequate replacement. This is one reason Just Puppies stands out as a pet store trusted by Maryland residents. 

Owning an animal is a commitment, and Just Puppies' staff is there to help prospective customers decide which type of dog best fits their lifestyle. People with children, of course, will want a child-friendly breed, and urbanites may not want a dog that prefers the outdoors. Overall, the staff at Just Puppies’ Maryland stores have a great deal of experience to share. They own pets themselves and relate to customers' concerns.

Just Puppies prides itself on working on a human scale, as opposed to bigger stores that are less customer-centric. The Just Puppies team invites prospective dog owners to stop by or visit the Maryland stores’ website,