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Justin Redemann is a sophomore at writer for the Foothill Dragon Press. He has written in various sections this year. He has enjoyed writing for the Dragon Press and is thankful he received the opportunity to do so. Next year he hopes to develop new skills in  digital photography.

Best Work


It may be blunt and it may be bleak but I have shown solid integrity in Journalism this year. I have always been honest with my editors and advisers no matter the circumstances. Integrity is important because the foundation of a relationship with another is based on truth and honesty. Yes, sometimes I have taken the easy way out and put in the least for the best possible outcome and yes, sometimes I have not finished articles by my deadline. But I never lied about these things. I have always kept my integrity sacred and forbid myself from crossing paths with dishonesty. I associate honesty and trust with strength and courage. All valuable attributes that are vital in life. Once you start off on the road of dishonesty, there is no turning back in my opinion.


I am currently involved with the International Services of the Rotary Club. I recently participated in Relay For Life, an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society to raise money towards cancer research. I play Club soccer for the Ventura County Fusion at not only the youth u17 Silver level but also for the Mens PDL Semi-Professional team. I also play for the Ventura High School Soccer program. Next AYSO season I will be either coaching younger soccer teams or refereeing their games.


1. I transitioned from writing in the News section, into the Arts and Entertainment section and wrote my first Arts and Entertainment article with no help whatsoever. To do this I looked at the format of other music reviews throughout the world and followed a similar format to what my fellow A and E peers were doing. I felt I wrote a stellar article considering it was my first taste of artistic reviews. Personally I felt that this was a good example of initiative.

2. During my year of journalism I wrote for 3 different sections. Starting with News, transitioning to Arts and Entertainment, and then writing for Features once or twice. We were creating the health section and I took up an article for Features regarding fitness. I chose soccer as the primary workout, for it is my area of expertise and showed different ways to improve your health through the sport. Just like my first Arts and Entertainment article, I knew little to nothing on how to write a health article. Through the help of my editors I was able to format and produce an article that was the first of its kind.


Work Effort
Before Journalism I did not show enough passion and effort in my work. I had to adapt because work effort is a necessity in Journalism.
Quality of Writing
My quality of writing has skyrocketed because of the amount of articles and different types of articles I have written this year. Feedback from others also helped a lot.
Cooperation With Others
My Cooperation with others improved immensely because of constant interaction with editors and advisers.