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Hello, I am Justin Mitchell Johnston.

Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio. Below you will find a better insight to my professional person than my resume can offer. I will also be adding a presentation of some of my best work soon.

I would like to start off by introducing myself as a passionate consultant and young entrepreneur. I am focused on designing and reengineering systems for both efficient operations as well as long term sales & marketing strategy.

My main objective is to foster continuous win-win relationships through honesty and integrity.

A vast range of experience and creative wit allows me to analyze and assess risk without overlooking small details. I am able to develop effective strategies in both project management and new business acquisition roles.

My mantra is:  "To create measurable benchmarks and develop a system to destroy them."

Services & Core Stregths

Project Management 

Feasibility & risk analysis, scheduling, operations process, coordination of key players and internal team members. Able review and assist the work of others while coordinating  Journeyman carpenter & electrician. Competent in the performance and supervision of residential building trades, project design + permit process and the coordination of subcontractors. 

Business Development 

Brand development, customer use case research, content management, inbound marketing, content strategy, Proven track record of success in full cycle business, able to identify customer needs, negotiate and develop solutions to close deals, outstanding interpersonal and presentation skills, results driven. Best practices and latest trends for content management solutions


 Wire frame & rapid prototyping (invision, keynote, omnigraffle),  adobe creative suite, sketchup, ux/ui design and heuristic review of data, A & B testing, information Architecture and process layout options.  Wordpress, design and front end development. Real estate entitlement or construction design and permitting process. 


Develop specific definition of problem(s)

  •      Draft Issues throughout process map
  •      Customer/employee surveys & Interviews
  •      Conduct benchmark gap analysis relative to expectations
  •      Consider Five forces model if applicable

Gather Data

  •      Tour operations
  •      Sample communications
  •      Create workflow/ organization chart

Data analysis and solution development

  •      Begin cost impact and payoff analysis


  •      Responsible department charts
  •      Project management techniques
  •      White books and employee handbook


  •      Ongoing analysis of KPI's,
  •      Data analysis and adjustments
  •      Continuous human process development

Education Background

University of California San Diego 

Certificate in Human Interaction Design Specialization

Design Principles, Social Computing, Input and Interaction, User Experience: Research & Prototyping, Information Architecture, Designing & Analyzing experiments, Capstone Project

University of Southern California

B.A. Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

Marshall School of Business & Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Clients & Projects

Premier Health Care Management

Customer On-boarding and Relations Management

Redesigned customer acquisition, data gathering, customer management and onboarding process. Developed and implemented:  custom javascript map for sales & marketing, CRM software implementation, departmental support and training, operations management and set KPI's, employee handbook and best practices workshops. Increased market share from San Diego County to Fresno by 250% in 5 months 

Cadd Contractors

Start-up Development & Revenue Stream Modeling

worked with founders to discover and develop multiple revenue streams and fine tune business plan. strategic networking with staffing and engineering firms through Associate General Contractors. 

Kelli M Homes LLC

Online Presence, Acquisitions Process  and Project Management

developed all marketing mediums including web, paper and phone system. integrated CRM and automated content management system. Networked with strategic partners to build team.  Negotiated offers on distressed residential properties, and raw land. Analyzed the feasibility of each deal to determine the best investment strategy. Coordinate all aspects of construction including the design and permit process and hiring of labor as well as subcontractors. 

Bio-harmonic Technologies

Web Development & target customer persona

Front end wordpress development and ongoing site maintenance for web presence.  Introduction and interaction to local customer persona and networking groups. Marketing plan and event presence. 


IT infastructure & Process engineering

evaluation and replacement of office systems and equipment as well as business systems and tools including software and customer management tools. Contracted data storage and device management replacements for mobile and office use. worked to keep cohesiveness in office communication and one going policy development.

You Back Packing 

Investor Relations

strategic pre & post launch marketing plan.  Funding strategy. exist strategy and outsourcing of content creation through creative mediums and user interaction.

Skyscene Aerial Mapping

Industry relations and strategic partners

Determined business niche and price modeling through: customer use case scenarios, industry association and strategic networking. Evaluated best overall strategy for services including analyzing the purchase and ROI of additional UAV (drone) mapping equipment & software to offer greater design and construction services. Connected industry experts to gain insight in cross company workflow processes for orthomosaic and point-cloud technologies used for project mapping, real estate and volumetrics in grading & mining.


Business Development Specialist

 Develop strategic growth plans involving brand development, short-term sales goals and long term diversification plan. Manage full cycle business process: identify market segmentation, source lead generation, analyze customer needs, evaluate competition, determine appropriate price modeling, and participate in multiple professional network organizations. Collaborate with marketing teams to develop consistent brand awareness at all stages of contact utilizing traditional and digital mediums including blogging, social media and website SEO. Identify potential customer persona and create specific content for each campaign. Work closely with product development team, providing customer use-case scenarios and determine competitive features leading to customer ROI. Report industry insight and customer demonstration feedback to evaluate product functionality.  

Rising Sun Ranch

Ranch Property Manager

16 acre farm and community center for sustainable design and events.  Part time management and maintenance of 3 tenant units, vegetation/fire clearing, gardens, cash crops, and all community events. Produced marketing material for events including website.

Red Thorn Media

Proprietary contracts and copyrights

worked closely with founders to infiltrate emerging broadband television key players prior to Netflix.  Intense networking and fundraising to aid in product development and business launch over all.  worked closely with legal team on NDA agreement and pre-hiring process.


A short powerpoint presentation highlighting some of my Best work.

**** Please note proprietary client info is not shared****

Web Project links


Mark Miller - Owner & General Contractor @ SEG Construction

Carina Swanson -  Civil Designer at Kimley Horn Engineering

Brian Crowle - Account Manager at Raymond Handling Solution 

Kurt Kathol - President at Skyscene Aerial Mapping and photography

Bradon young - CEO at                                                      

Travis Lyon - Managing Director at Premier Healthcare Management