Justin Myles Holmes

Justin Myles Holmes


I own and run a coffee house / tech dojo in New Paltz, NY with my partner Amanda Catherine (whom I met at a conference).

We do five things:

  • Technology Service
  • Web Development
  • Organic / Fair Trade Beverages
  • Live Events
  • Network Connectivity

I teach classes to our members weekly.

If you are interested in beginning discussion about a web development project, feel free to email me or call us.



Python / Django

Not much to say.  Django rocks; python rolls.

PHP / MySQL / XHTML / CSS / General Tech Skills

I run Linux on almost all of my computers.   I code almost every day. 


If I'm going to use a turnkey solution, WordPress is my favorite.



Bachelor of Arts

SUNY New Paltz

On paper, my degree was in political science, but in reality, my degree probably more probably reads something like "how technology changes social, political, and economic realities in local communities."