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Justine Su



A 16 year old student that attends El Dorado High School with  2 years worth of video knowledge. A 1 year Advanced Video student.

Work experience


"21 Ways To Say No To Alcohol" - PSA (Producer) November 2014

- in 30 seconds it tells you 21 ways to say no to drinking until you are 21.


"Beautiful Life" - Music Video (Director/Producer/Editor) October 2015

-3 teens start loosing hope within themselves after have self-conflict.

"Senior of the Month"- Segment (Producer/Cinematographer) October 2015 

- El Dorado has a monthly Senior who gets recognized for all they do in their community and school. 

"Try This" - Segment (Director/Producer/Editor/Colorist) December 2015

- Two girls go out and try a new thing.

"With H.O.P.E." - Documentary (Cinematographer/Editor) December 2015

- A non-profit organization that brings awareness to teen suicide.

"I Adore You" - Short Film (Director/Editor) January 2016

- Two teens narrate a story about why they love each other and what makes the other so special.