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I am an agile iOS & Web Developer with skills and competencies in digital design, software development, and cross-functional solution-oriented teamwork. The devil is in the details, and I focus on functionality and user experience, recognizing the importance of customer engagement and feedback in delivering rich outcomes. Most recently I worked with Cymax Stores as a front-end developer on an international technology team numbering nearly 100 active members committed to growing Canada’s second biggest e-commerce venture. 

In the last two years, I have studied technology and design at Lighthouse Labs and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Some of the additional technical skills I developed include video and audio production. I was also able to further build upon my nearly decade’s worth of leadership, collaboration and management expertise. 

During these last two years, I have developed the following technical competencies:                                                        

  • iOS: Objective-C, Swift 3.0, MapKit, CoreLocation, CoreData, and Realm;
  • Web: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord, SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Sinatra, Wordpress, and API creation and use;
  • Adobe CC 2015 including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and PremierePro;
  • Social media platforms for business such as Hootsuite, Facebook and Twitter;
  • Email marketing tools including SEO, Google Analytics, and MailChimp.

I recently finished Lighthouse Labs' fully immersive iOS development program, and I am excited to have joined the awesome team at Later!


We have identified a problem for music connoisseurs.  They wake up in the morning and don’t always know what song to kick off their day with.  The FaceForward App utilizes facial recognition software to determine their emotional state and then presents the user with a song that is aligned to their mood. This ensures that they have a higher likelihood of beginning their day on the best possible footing. The app is free on the App Store:

Technologies used: Swift, Realm database, AVFoundation and MediaPlayer frameworks, the SHOUTcast API, and Microsoft Cognitive Services' Emotion API. 

Gifter is an iOS app that allows users to set reminders for events and occasions. 

Technologies used: Objective-C, JTCalendar and UserNotification frameworks, and Realm database.
Note: This project is still under development.

Unlisted is a service for private home sellers to list their homes and connect with potential buyers. We identified a gap in the real estate market for direct transactions facilitated without realtors brokering business.  Further, through our discovery process, we learned that there is an appetite for this type of service. 

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript with jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3 on Bootstrap framework, and PostgreSQL database deployed on Heroku. Incorporated Google maps and Elasticsearch APIs.

Vakanz is a web app that allows travellers to plan their vacations well in advance. From multiple scraped APIs, users are presented with aggregated weather data, nearby attractions, general city info, and Flickr images based on their search query.

Technologies used: Ruby on Sinatra framework, JavaScript with jQuery and HTML & CSS on Bootstrap framework, and PostgreSQL database deployed on Heroku. Incorporated Google maps and Flickr APIs.

Work experience


April 2017present

Jr. iOS Developer

Cymax Group

June 2016Sept 2016

Front-End Web Developer Intern

My primary responsibilities included onboarding new and existing Cymax customers into the launch of our Constant Retail e-commerce platform. This work required me to enable customers to migrate their existing digital assets onto one of the core website themes we had developed. Further work included customization of front and back-end elements.

 Additional responsibilities included coordinating customer experience and feedback into our project’s iterative development cycles, enabling continuous service improvement into the technology stack while sharing web development knowledge with our cross functional teams.


  • Though we on-boarded many new customers to the Constant Retail platform, I successfully managed the migration and launch of eight existing Cymax customers over a 30-day period. 
  • I also developed quality assurance skills and contributed to the overall business process improvements of Constant Retail, accelerating adoption of this technology stack with new and existing customers.

Ministry of Justice, Police Services Division


Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Provided administrative support to the Executive Director and Police Services Division office in order to meet and exceed goals for integrative and effective responses to crime in British Columbia. I was responsible for the organization of data entry and management, coordinating communication between government branches and stakeholders, and assisting with the correspondence process by formatting and editing outgoing letters and briefing notes.


  • Event planning for 14 Crime Reduction roundtables and almost 30 consultations involving local governments, policing, First Nations, crime prevention and restorative justice programs and other stakeholders.
  • Event planning for nine BC Policing Plan’s stakeholder roundtables and eight focus groups involving local governments, policing, First Nations, crime prevention and restorative justice programs and other stakeholders. This was the first step of the Province’s Families First Agenda where I managed event planning including procurement of venues, catering and other contracts.
  • Assisted in the implementation of recommendations from Justice Braidwood’s report, Restoring Public Confidence – Restricting the Use of Conducted Energy Weapons in British Columbia.

Balzac LLP 


Director of Marketing & Communication

As a founding Partner in this startup, my responsibilities included developing the brand, market engagement strategy, investor prospectus, and developing and managing the direct marketing as well as the integrated social media program from pre-launch to operational service. Developing, managing and growing the media package also fell under the auspices of this role.

Additional responsibilities included product development and prototyping. As Balzac was delivering limited series, high-performance men's underwear with integrated social media technology and service features, this role necessitated the development of additional skills and competencies on the fly.


  • Research and development on product and market analysis for the preparation of the business plan and investor prospectus.

Ascenta Capital Partners, Inc


Communications Associate

Developed and assisted in the coordination of both print and online media, including editing and formatting client profiles and news releases. I was involved in the development and maintenance of clients’ corporate identity, which included updating their websites and PowerPoint presentations, and producing print marketing materials for investor packages. In addition, I contributed to the company’s monthly newsletter - Resource Investor Monthly.


  • Assisted in the development of an effective and successful marketing campaign to promote Western Wind Energy, in which the company’s share price increased by 69% to $2.60 and its market capital increased by 67% to $76.4M.
  • Assembled a high volume of presentations, brochures and investor packages for resource conferences in Canada under tight deadlines.


Lighthouse Labs


Web Development Certificate & iOS Development Certificate



Digital Design and Development

Hootsuite Media Inc.


Hootsuite Certified Professional Certificate

Langara College


Advanced Project Management Certificate



Business Management

Completed the 'Principles of Business Management' course, which helped prepare me for management and leadership roles.

Simon Fraser University


Bachelor of Arts, Communication Major


Lighthouse Labs


Academic Advisor and Web Development Program Advisory Council Member

As a member of the Lighthouse Labs Web Development Program Advisory Council, I belong to a team that is committed to enabling new software developers in Western Canada with access to curriculum and educational programs that deliver upon current employers' needs and the changing requirements of the technology eco-system at large.