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I'm the Software Engineer for NFQ company which specializes in ecommerce, travel startups and custom web solutions. In this role I'm mainly responsible for developing PHP backend solutions for the clients. The most exciting work in this position for me was to automate a workflow for a moving startup and make everyday life easier for nearly 200 employees who would use our created software. It was not only challenging experience, but ir was really inspiring to work with multicultural and multilingual teammates.

Before joining NFQ I worked for another company which specializes in ecommerce and startups too. I was responsible for developing new local restaurants startup there and I had great opportunity to start development process of that web on my own.

I'm truly passionate about my work and I'm always eager to connect with other web developers. While I enjoy my job I think the favorite part of it is developing a really high quality products and afterwards seeing that it gives results not only for the customer but for me too - as priceless experience that allows to learn and make even better products in the future.

I have an Business Informatics Bachelor's degree from Vilnius University.

I'm always interested in new opportunities and challenges that would let me improve my programming skills and grow as a person too. So feel free to to contact me if you would like to connect.

See you soon!

Work Experience

Dec 2013Present

Software Engineer


For about one year I was working on biggest e-shops in Lithuania, created on OXID (e.g.,,,,, My main responsibilities was supporting, bug fixing and creating new features. I was working not only on back-end, but also on front-end. I had a lot of performance related tasks, a lot of API integrations and Payments integrations. I have learned a lot about ecommerce and backend development in this position.

Afterwards I started to work in dedicated project teams which I have described below (Jankowfsky, Movinga).

I have worked as an team lead of 3-4 programmers where I had to teach juniors programing techniques and code review their code for couple of months.

Currently I'm working on the biggest Lithuania travel site where my responsibilities are bug fixing, refactoring old parts to the new-clean structure and implementing new features.

Sep 2015Nov 2015

Software Engineer

Movinga GmbH (Dedicated Team at NFQ)

I was working with the fastest growing and biggest Germany moving company startup. I was responsible for implementing new backend functionalities like price calculations, sync between old system and data sync from the backend site to the frontend site. This was the second multilingual and multicultural team I worked with. Nevertheless this was really inspiring for me and I was really excited about the work I do there. It was the second big project for me which we started from scratch. I have trained my communication, time planning, and programming skills while I was in this position.

Oct 2014Jun 2015

Software Engineer

Jankowfsky AG (Dedicated Team at NFQ)

I was working for a Jankowfsky AG which specializes in ecommerce solutions. It was the first time when I worked in a multilingual team and I successfully managed to do that without any issues. In this position I was working on the one of the biggest T-Shirt store in Germany. I was implementing new features and making bug fixes. I also had to communicate about the tasks with the client and I successfully managed to do that too.

Nov 2013Dec 2013

Web Developer


I was responsible of new start-up coming. I had to start a completely new custom content management system based on Yii framework and develop it. I had to plan database structure, implement new features. It was really exciting for me as I didn't have any web development from scratch experience, so I had to train my skills and get job done. With some help from the other developer I managed to move forwards.

Apr 2012Dec 2013

Information and communication technologies specialist

Kaunas "Vyturys" Catholic Secondary School

I was working as IT technician on one of the biggest schools in Kaunas. I was responsible for about 200 computers and their network functionality. In this position I have learned a lot about hardware, about the networks infrastructures and learned a lot of from the people who worked with me. In simple words I would say there was a lot of elder people who needed help with computers, so it was really good challenge for me to teach and help them to work with computers. In this way I have trained my communication skills a lot.




I have plenty of experience working with PHP backend tasks. I have worked with frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony2 and CMS systems like OXID, PrestaShop, OpenCart and even with custom ones. I have done a lot of performance optimizations and custom modifications for the startups and e-commerce sites.


I have a lot of experience working with SQL databases like MySQL and MSSQL. I have done a lot of performance optimizations on the big projects and I have implemented a lot of custom procedures on database based functionalities in the various projects.


I have worked with JavaScript technologies like JQuery and AngularJS. My main responsibilities mainly was implementing refactoring old code and bug fixing. 


I have a lot of experience in HTML. I have done a redesign works, I have created HTML pages and implemented them on custom CMS and OXID. 


I have done couple big frontend redesign tasks which were basically based on CSS and HTML so I have plenty of experience with CSS, but I don't like working with it.



Business Informatics (Bachelor's degree)

Vilnius University

I learned a lot of things including computer architecture, programming and business principles.

My bachelor thesis called "IT security educational game" was nominated as the best thesis in the Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty of Humanities.

The idea of the game was really simple. There was a web with known vulnerabilities and some hints to it. Each level had one vulnerability so, if user found it, he can go to the further level.
Administrator (teacher) had access to each user statistics and was able to see progress of every user (he was able to see user tries and data how did user try to break the level).

This game was supposed to be used during IT security lectures in Vilnius University.


High school

"Azuolas" Catholic Secondary School


  • Symfony2
  • Laravel
  • Silex
  • Yii2
  • OXID
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • WordPress
  • PHPUnit
  • Behat
  • ElasticSearch
  • Memcache
  • RabbitMQ
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS
  • JQuery
  • Gulp
  • Grunt
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Twig
  • Smarty
  • Blade
  • Jenkins
  • Capistrano
  • GIT
  • Gitlab
  • Github
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • Vagrant
  • Puppet
  • UNIX


  • - I was the one of the backend programmers and I was reviewing front-end tasks.
  • - I was the full stack developer on this project. I was implementing new features and bug fixing.
  • - I was the team lead of 4 programmers team. My main responsibilities was to code review and working on backend features which needs more experience.
  • - I was the main backend developer and my responsibilities was bugfixing and some new features implementation.
  • - I have done reimplementation of the design for the OXID CMS and I was working on backend functionalities for a while.
  • - one of the main backend developer roles to refactor old legacy functionality to Symfony2 and implement new features on it.

And others... 

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