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Warehouse Production Specialist

Committed and reliable Warehouse Professional with over 4 years experience in a production environment encompassing quality control, order fulfillment, packaging, shipping and receiving. Track record for completing tasks quickly and efficiently without compromising accuracy. Fosters collaborative teamwork and positive attitude as demonstrated through effectively leading teams of 10+ to accomplish organizational objectives and customer satisfaction. Adept at all warehouse operations including loading and unloading pallets, forklift, bailer and pallet jack use and workplace safety procedures. Knowledgeable in picking and packing of merchandise, scanning system tags and utilizing various computerized programs.

 Core Competencies

  • Inventory Management
  • Pallet Jack/Forklift Operation  
  • Time Management
  • Shipping and Receiving  
  • Machine OperatorProfessional 
  • Sorting/Assembly
  • Collaborative Teamwork
  • Shipment Preparation
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Workplace Safety Protocol
  • Team Leadership


Professional Work Experience


Camp consular/ security

Carl adams world class wrestling camp

· Escorted 300 students  to a stadium where they practice wrestling 

· Responsible for cleaning all wrestling mats.

· Ensured all wrestling mats are properly transported to and from the stadium. 

· Accountable for reviewing and signing off on improvement evaluations. 


Stock recovery associate

Big lots

· Responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of all store aisles .

· Organized all Products on the shelf.

· Provided excellent customer service when nesscery.

· Ensured all store shelves were fully stocked on a daily basis and a timely manner.


Stock and truck loader

P.c. Richard & Son

· Responsible for locating products throughout the warehouse.

· Loaded trucks and statged orders in a timely manner.

· Provided excellent customer service and worked as member of a team


Bulk and materials handler


· Responsible for transfering Doe in to the hopper.

· Also ensuring that the chocolate hopper was full.

· Working with the blending team when nesscery. 

· Going back and forth to the packaging when needed and ensuring all safety rules are met.


Warehouse/ assistant shipping and receiving


·Under the direction of the immediate supervisor I perform duties related to receiving and shipping merchandise. Verifies merchandise and organizes its distribution. Prepares related documents.Verifies the quality and quantity of items against supporting documents. 

· Staging orders for production 

· Loading and unloading trucks in a timely manner

· Inventory speaclist updating the inventory throughout out the day. 

· Working directly under the warehouse mannerger submitting test to the the labs 

· Responsible for all inter branch transportation.  

· Responsible for warehouse cleansiness 


Computer & Technology Proficiency

  • Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7, 8



Forklift certification 

cpr cert

cpr and child adult A E D CARE CERT



High school diploma

North babylon highschool


North Babylon highschool