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Justin Mondor is the Owner of Gym Star located in Regina, Saskatchewan. Justin is a Bodybuilder and Fitness Industry Sponsor. He is also the Owner of Canadian Fitness Distributing established in 2009. Previously, Justin was an Install Bay Manager at Visions Electronics. His workout apparel retail company, Gym Star, has been selling workout and athletic apparel clothing brands across North America since 2007. Justin is a graduate of the University of Regina. Gym Star is a premier seller of men’s and women’s workout clothes for everybody style and type, including hoodies, sweat pants, shorts to tanks, T’s, muscle shirts, bra tops, and jazz pants. They carry the top brands in athletic wear such as Better Bodies and GASP. Gym Star also carries all of the athletic accessories that people need at the gym, including gym carry bags, water bottles, wraps, braces, and belts.

Gym Star Apparel
Regina, SK
(888) 720-4977