Work History

Work History
Nov 2015 - Present

Assembler P3


I currently am working as an Assembler on Flow 2 at TerumoBCT and have been loving the learning experience, seeing the way my work and knowledge gained in prior jobs come together at the highest level in an advanced cGMP medical assembly environment.

I came to TerumoBCT by applying for multiple jobs available at the company, applying to those where my experience in Computer Engineering and degree in Chemistry were a requirement. However the assembler position was the first to respond and I eagerly accepted the offer as I had become enthralled in reading the patent applications and history of technological development at the company and wanted to get my foot in the door any way I could.

That said I am now working 3rd shift as an Assembler and enjoying it. I take ever opportunity I get to speak with my superiors or read additional information about our technologies in the library or online in my spare time. I would love to move up or horizontally in the company into a position where my existing experience and knowledge might be better used and I could learn even more and contribute my own experience. I believe in the mission of the company and think there are many things ahead in terms of technology to be applied and hope to play a role in that. I feel my wide ranging knowledge of chemistry, electrical engineering, software development, network administration and additive manufacturing processes is a unique combination of skills that could be valuable at TerumoBCT.

Sep 2013 - Present

General IT and Programming Services

Worked as the primary IT services and programming consultant for WattsanWater, an electrical engineering services group focusing on hydroelectric power and water distribution services for many water districts throughout the world.

I provided general computer and networking assistance to the employees of this company, answering simple questions, repairing workstations and updating hardware as needed. 

Constructed workstations using parts sourced at a low cost, custom building their new computers at a 70% discount over the bid from Dell.

Developed software to provide information on water levels along the various waterways and dams in the Brush, CO water district to a hardware SCADA system being installed by WattsanWater. The company needed a system to update readings of water levels at multiple metering stations across the state - I implemented this using a Ruby back-end running on a CubieBox that accessed via https, the readings needed and using a simple Regex process extracted the numbers needed and updated the SCADA system in under a second. Being on a CubieBox, the system can be copied and deployed elsewhere for only 30 dollars.

I am still working here at present but am seeking more stable and consistent, challenging work. 

Dec 2010 - Aug 2013

Software Developer and IT Support

Performance Software Solutions
Worked as a .NET developer for a custom software development consultancy. 

Primary focus was on a custom application for a federal government organization. The development objective was to provide a Windows application that allowed employees and contractors from different states within the department to quickly access, manipulate and update data from a central MSSQL database. A second objective was the creation of software for mobile devices to allow for employees in the field to enter new information easily - this was eventually implemented using Windows Mobile devices replacing an earlier custom embedded system unit with an ARM processor.

The need for absolute availability and the sheer volume of new data being collected and the compute power needed for analysis led for the use of a cloud based deployment, giving me a great deal of experience with cloud based deployments utilizing systems such as Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and new releases from google.

Development was conducted using Visual Studio and it's source control solution. I have expert level experience programming in C# (or really any .NET language), C++, Ruby, Python, Java and Javascript.

Web development was completed using ASP.NET in C#.

Left the company following completion of that project as the amount of work available was minimal.

Aug 2009 - Sep 2010

Network Administration - Testing

Sun Microsystems
Worked primarily in the data center at Sun Microsystems in Broomfield configuring networks to match those of common and large customer networks in order to test software patches for all types of Sun hardware, software and new products.

Worked at the company until laid off along with my colleagues following the purchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle.

Because tests required specific metrics, when a project was delivered to our team we would recreate the test environment in the data center. This required knowledge of all currently used operating systems, databases, knowledge of medium to enterprise level network, server and workstation hardware and virtualization technologies.

In particular, skills I gained working at Sun are in addition to the already wide level of expertise in network security, systems administration and software development, include:

Operating and configuring thin client workstation based networks for security and ease of deployment.
Administration of networks, servers, and data storage solutions utilizing multiple protocols such as Ethernet (copper or fiber), Fiber Channel (copper or fiber), Infiniband and wireless solutions.
Penetration testing of networks from WAN, LAN, and physical attack vectors efficiently with automated tools in addition to conventional methodologies.
Software testing and quality assurance using automated testing solutions from HP and Microsoft, especially in virtualized environments with VMWare and VirtualBox. 
Configuration of hardware firewall and load balancing solutions for both data storage and data transmission objectives.
Large scale data storage utilizing enterprise tape storage devices, especially those of StorageTek.
May 2008 - Sep 2008

Analytical Chemist and Lab Tech

Hazen Research
Returned to my prior position during summer break to assist with a particularly heavy sample volume.

May 2006 - Sep 2007

Analytical Chemist and Lab Tech

Hazen Research
Performed a wide variety of analyses on samples received by our lab as well as researching and testing the viability of new analytical methods for the analysis of atypical samples. Similarly, I participated in the R&D of new projects at their earliest stages, conducting bench-top scale tests and reporting the findings to the managing engineers. 

Primary duties involved the reception and cataloging of samples, then generating reports of the analytical findings requested.
During my time there I became expertly proficient with typical analytical laboratory  procedures, safety protocols (also given a 30 hour OSHA Outreach training through the company) and the following devices and methods.

AA Spectroscopy (Perkin-Elmer PC and standalone), XRF and XRD, ICP-MS and ICP-OES including autosampling (Perkin-Elmer), GC/MS (P&E Clarus), UV/NIR/Visable Spectrophotometry, LECO Sulfur, Meter usage and calibration with PH or specific ion probes, sample prep including acid digestion, filtration, dilution and change of matrix, vacuum desiccation, etc.

My expertise in IT and software development also allowed me to become proficient programming instruments with PC interfaces, auto titrators and auto samplers in particular but also simpler devices such as data recording of dilutions given to a sample, automatically entering basic information like sample mass and PH into reports.

*My work at Hazen Research began during a summer break, because I was learning so much and doing well I stayed on full time for 18 months. After which I returned to complete school. I returned the following summer to work between semesters. 


Sep 2007 - May 2009


Colorado University Boulder
Aug 2005 - May 2006


Colorado University Boulder