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Justin McDonald

Flexible professional


Self starter, problem solver and quick learner. Versatile skill set with experience in merchandising, customer service, manufacturing, construction and retail. Attention to detail regarding written and oral communication. My work is a source of pride for me. Recognized skills in mentoring, training and mediating between employees, meeting deadlines and in leading team projects.



Fork lift and boom truck operation certification through Home Depot and magic hat brewing company


General Equivalency Diploma

Champlain Vally Union, Hinesburg VT

Tested out of Champlain Valley Union High School in the 10th grade 

Work experience


Electrical Apprentice

Courtesy Electric

Worked with other electricians on housing development projects and service. Worked to meet deadlines on time and in a safe manner. Troubleshot, installed and repaired electrical systems, lines and devices. Left because of an injury.


Maintenance tech

AVL solar

Estimated labor and materials and installed electrical and alarm systems in new business locations



Design painting and home repair

Worked on various property as an independent subcontractor. Estimating jobs and working for several Home improvement company's and general contractors as an electrical sub contractor developed a pool of businesses clients who would call and recommend me to work on small to medium remodels, additions, factory rewires and new structures.


Store vendor/merchandiser

United Retail Service

Worked as a representative for my company at 3 Home Depot locations in or around Asheville NC. Built, updated and maintained lighting and fan displays to POG specs. Kept inventory sheets and company equipment organized and up to date and ordered parts as needed. Worked independently and coordinated with department heads to keep inventory accessible and visible and restock as needed. Received forklift certification through Home Depot and had authorization to use lifts and SKU label carts. Changed SKU labels to reflect changes in inventory, sales and resets.


Manufacturer/machine and line operator

Magic Hat Brewing And Bottling Company

Cleaned, operated and maintained factory equipment for production, packaging and sales. Supervised and or trained up to 5 employees at a time on overnight shifts. Conducted labs or "airs" tests on batches to ascertain ph levels, co2 levels and alcohol levels. recorded the lab test results for future reference. Operated a propane forklift and loaded pallets of product into shipping areas and trucks. Worked with a team to meet shipping deadlines and overcome equipment breakdowns and sometimes faulty materials. I was a part of a rapidly expanding and wildly successful business that grew more than 500% in the time I was employed there.



I am an attentive listener and can perform most written or orally directed tasks, I will always ask questions if I don't fully understand what needs to be done and how. I can effectively convey training and information to others as well.

Problem Solving

This is my strongest suit, using the resources on hand, I come up with solutions to problems that present themselves throughout the work week. Also preventing things from going wrong by learning from experience and having a good general awareness of my surroundings and of the equipment needed to perform a job well.


As my summary suggests, I have done many different jobs in the past, I feel I've excelled at all of them. I enjoy learning new things and hope to get a diverse position with an interesting company. I am also looking for a position with advancement as a possible reward for hard work and dedication.

Time Management

I am quite good at multitasking and having a lot going on around me. I feel that I can do twice the work of some people I have worked alongside and keep up with most seasoned employees.


I enjoy working with others and developing a rapport with coworkers. I am good at training others once I know all that a job requires.

Work Ethic

I am a hard worker and do not require much instruction or supervision. I like challenging work that pushes me to use my experience and use the skills I have learned to do the best job possible. My work is a point of pride for me and I always do the best work that I safely can.

Working Under Pressure /Deadlines

I have had many jobs that require deadlines to be met and I always try to work as a team with everyone on the floor to meet time frames and goals. I have rarely missed a reasonable deadline with a team of coworkers. When me or my team have missed a deadline I've gone the the extra distance to make up for lost time (machine breakdowns, shipping problems etc.)

Text section

Thank you very much for taking the time to look over my resume, I hope To have a chance to prove what a valuable asset I can be to your work force.