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Diction and Tonality

Speaking clearly is very important in a phone based environment. Tone, pitch, and timbre can mean the difference between a satisfied customer and a screaming escalation.

Keystrokes Per Hour

Being able to accurately input large amounts of data in a timely manner is important in an office setting. As of my most recent measurement, I am rated at over 11,000 keystrokes per hour.

Customer Satisfaction

Being very willing to work with clients to reach a satisfactory solution to a presented set of issues is an important, yet sometimes overlooked facet of the service and satisfaction cycle.

Customer Service

Reaching out to people to ensure that communications are clear, as well as seeing that issues are properly communicated and addressed is part of a proper cycle of service and satisfaction.


Understanding issues and being able to explain problems in a human friendly manner is a critical skill, to ensure you are on the same issue that your client is describing.

Technical Support

Being of a technical mindset makes it easier to solve technical issues, as the concepts often fit in place with less confusion. This provides for smoother turnaround times on resolution.

Grasp of the English Language

This is very important when your role encompasses helping users via text-based media, such as chat or email.

Spelling and Grammar are significantly important, and should not be ignored.

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP

Being able to put issues to rest on five different Windows operating systems is an admirable undertaking, as each operating system handles differently, and solution sets can change based solely on this variable.


National Career Readiness Certification


Gold Tier Certification

The National Career Readiness Certificate was awarded after completing a series of tests.

I hold the Gold level certification as of May 2016, with certificate ID: JZ945T8TSTSW.

Earle C. Clements Job Corps Academy


Business Office Technology

This vocational program provided training in the use of the Microsoft Office Suite, as well as basic office technologies, such as fax machines and copiers.

T. R. Robinson High School



Completed High School with 31.5 credits of a required 24. Awarded membership in our school's French Honor Society program.

Work experience

Medical Transportation Management, Inc.

August 2017Present

Customer Care Representative

Taking incoming calls from clients to book trips to medical and non-medical destinations within our service area. Callers may be on our local ADA service, or part of the Oregon Health Plan.

In addition, I aid in processing Mileage Reimbursement documentation and Bus Passes.

I have written several tools to aid colleagues with the booking process, including a 12 hour to 24 hour clock converter with our time windows for trips and a digital sign-up form for our Shopper service to enroll ADA clients, as well as digitized several of our forms that are frequently mailed to clients to allow easier printing on demand.

Sykes Enterprises, Inc.

May 2017August 2017

Customer Support Representative

As a Customer Support Representative, I assist callers for a very large national telecommunications company with understanding their bills, providing options for plans that fit their needs, and act as a trusted advisor to those desiring to acquire new hardware.

Trillium CHP (OfficeTeam)

August 2016January 2017

Member Support Representative

Through a temporary assignment via OfficeTeam, I assisted Trillium Community Health Plan members with various requests and questions. I provide over the phone support for plan members and potential members, helping with various aspects of the Oregon Health Plan as applied to a Coordinated Care Organization, including physician and dental care assignments.


May 2016August 2016


At Safeway, I assisted shoppers with their purchases, as well as locating items in store, along with preemptive item replacement if I suspect the contents of a customer selected package are damaged or no longer fit to consume.

In addition, I also assisted in our store's deli and produce departments as needed, and handled over the air announcements of specials running in-store.


Apr 2015May 2016

Customer Support Representative

My role at Firstsource was comprised of offering world-class support to customers of one of the USA's largest mobile telecommunications providers via chat, assisting up to two customers at a time. I was also responsible for making sure that the customer's needs are covered with regard to their mobile devices and level of service, and making sure that any billing discrepancies are addressed. My role covered basic technical support, as well as product recommendations when asked.

I also served as a Subject Matter Expert point of contact on the work floor, assisting agents in-house with difficult questions regarding our client's products and services. This role was performed while also directly supporting customer inquiries.

CGS (Computer Generated Solutions)

Sep 2014Feb 2015

Honeywell Support Agent

With CGS, my duties consisted of a phone based support offering exclusively for Honeywell employees with Dell or Apple desktops and portable machines.

Here, I was tasked with providing help with basic hardware and software issues, along with software license verification and installation in a timely manner.

Greenway Health

Nov 2013Aug 2014

Customer Support Analyst

In this phone and chat based support offering, I carried the responsibility of assisting Greenway (neé Vitera Healthcare Solutions) clients with their practice management software and basic server support.

Support in my department was exclusively for Greenway Medical Manager, a text-based client with local server and remote hosted options for practice management, offered on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows, and SCO UNIX servers.

Stream Global Services

Mar 2007Oct 2013

Technical Support Representative

In this role, I initially provided support to paid users of  AOL's dial-up and high speed internet services, troubleshooting dial-up connectivity, high speed internet issues, and problems with the AOL software.

I transferred over to offering phone-based hardware and limited software support to home users, small businesses, and corporations for Dell desktop and notebook systems via telephone, in the Dell Small Business and Corporate Business Group Basic Support Queue.

I moved on to coordinating onsite service through our multi-country support network to arrange repairs for clients in the United States and Canada via the Dell Service Provider Queue.

In my final role with Stream and Dell, I was responsible for communicating with customers via telephone and email to resolve issues and provide a dedicated support channel for issues as part of the Dell Client ProSupport Queue. This role required agents to take full ownership of a given support ticket and follow up with users until they report the issue is resolved to the customer's satisfaction, and the go-ahead to close the ticket is given by the customer.