Focused, flexible, and driven to learn new processes within the IT world. Experienced professional in Geographic Information Technology and environmental impact sciences. Focused skills in data analysis, geo-spatial data, and effective solutions to difficult problems. Looking to fit into a culture that promotes learning and reaching for potential to challenge my need for an engaged career.

Software experience: ArcGIS10, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint Outlook, Access, Microsoft Windows XP,7,10, Linux operating systems, Google Sheets suite, MySql, Oracle, and Atlas. 

Work experience
Work experience
Apr 2014 - Present
Visual Data Specialist II
Google, Bothell WA

Mastered proprietary GIS software and implementation of said software in order for google maps and earth to function properly across many countries.

  • Used various sources of input to create and maintain GIS data in Atlas.
  • Compiled data from database to formulate and analyze trends and changes withing consumer requests.
  • Utilized various software programs to perform necessary duties.
  • Communicated effectively across multiple teams of varying experience in order to achieve team goals.
Apr 2013 - Apr 2014
Sample Custodian
Amtest Laboratories, Kirkland WA
  • Oversee and process all environmental and biological samples that enter laboratory, and effectively communicate and distribute samples and supplies through the laboratory.
  • Communicate effectively with customers in order to derive their needs and understanding of that environmental testing they need.
  • Able to use Laboratory Information Management Systems(LIMS) effectively to correctly enter sample data and reduce information error for environmental reports.
  • Multitasking involving balancing customer service, logging in samples into LIMS, organizing and sample order preparation.
Nov 2011 - Dec 2012
Environmental Field Technician
Antea Group Consulting
  • Sampled, collected, and log data on ground water , soil, and air extracted from contaminated sites according to MTCA-A and MTCA-B standards.

  • Executed oversight of drilling operations, to ensure the safety of work and quality of soil sampling.

  • Created employee guidelines for proper sampling procedures for sampling technicians.

  • Routinely used MS Outlook, Excel, and Word to schedule and plan events and email coworkers, work on EIM databases, and write reports for ground water monitoring.

  • Maintained and occasionally repair as needed monitoring and gauging devices.

B.S. Geology
Washington State University, Pullman WA
  • 1 year work withing Geo-analytical laboratory in sample processing and data entry.
  • Treasurer of Geology club
Nov 2011 - Dec 2012
Hazworper 40 hour
OSHA Washington State

Standard OSHA 40 hour Hazardous sites and materials training.

IT and technology
  • Custom build home computer system and servers.
  • Troubleshooting involving Windows operating systems and Linux operating systems.
  • Limited usage of database programs such as MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft access.
Organization and Presentation
  • Provided group and individual presentations based on data and process implementation concerning GIS software and Standard Policy Practices.
  • Generation of data reports and analysis to be seen by executives.
  • Documentation and careful organization of presentations and field notes and government documents.
Customer and Consumer support
  • Confident, attentive, and professional customer support in the physical and digital environments both in and out of the office.
  • Office professionalism honed in large and small working environments.
  • Worked for public works in Pullman WA and honed governmental image on the job.