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Expert Answers

Dedicated to the belief that the best answers come from people, Andy Kurtzig founded in 2003 as a groundbreaking way for individuals to access Expert insight online. Used by millions of individuals from all over the world, is a leading Internet destination for obtaining specific answers to questions that require expertise. helps people find answers related to legal issues, medical questions, auto repair, and other areas of concern and confusion. users receive personal answers to questions. Experts tailor answers to each of the questions posed. The process by which people access information on is as innovative as it is effective. Rather than having to use a search engine to find information, any one of the 17 million registered users at can simply post a question to the site’s homepage. After that, one of the 20 thousand Experts on will respond to the question with the best answer she can provide. If the questioner finds the information satisfactory, he pays the Expert a small, one-time fee selected by the questioner. If the answer is not satisfactory, the questioner is not obligated to pay and can seek another answer. Through’s unique system, millions of individuals from over 145 countries across the world have received compassionate Expert advice or insight on a variety of issues. Since its inception, has become one of the most widely used services on the Internet. Certified as a Top 250 website by, has received considerable media exposure and has been featured in stories for NBC, CNN, Newsday, AOL, and the Washington Post. Based in San Francisco, is committed to environmental justice and green commerce. The company encourages users to reduce waste and is mindful of its own planetary footprint. promotes a compassionate and quality user experience and the sharing of knowledge and understanding with all people, regardless of location. is TRUSTe certified, and is a member of the BBBOnline Reliability program that has granted an “A” service rating.

Largest Expert Answers Website enables users to connect with a worldwide network of Experts in order to find answers to specific queries.