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  • 18 years in professional translating and 13 years in interpreting experience
  • Extensive interpreting experience at Silicon Valley IT companies
  • Interprete regularly at United Nations HQ in New York
  • Interprete regularly at Federal & California State government agencies
  • Former In-house Interpreter for SONY Electronics, and a subsidiary of TOYOTA
  • Completed two-year E>J translation and E<>J interpretation programs
  • U.S. Government Security Clearance: Secret - Level II (FEMA)
  • Language Consultant / Interpreter for the U.S. Federal Government
  • Owner & CEO of a Japanese Interpreting & Translation agency
  • Native Language: Japanese

Work History


Japanese <> English Conference Interpreter

Freelancer & EJ EXPERT

*SI: Simultaneous Interpreting
*CI: Consecutive Interpreting

International Conference, Summits, & Sign-in Ceremony

United Nations High-level Political Forum 2017 Sustainable Development Goals (SI) UN Head Quarters, New York

United Nations Culture of Peace Conference 2017 (SI) UN Head Quarters, New York

North Pacific Coast Guard Summit 2014 (U.S., Canada, Russia, China, Japan, & Korea) San Francisco (*SI & Relay) 3 days

North Pacific Coast Guard Forum 2014, Berkeley (Simultaneous & Relay) 2 days

California State High Speed Rail Project Negotiation Meeting at CHSR & Japan Consortium 2015 (SI & *CI) 2 days, Sacramento 

General Motors International Grandmasters Conference (SI & Relay) Sonoma, 2015

Fifth World Congress on Positive Psychology 2017 (SI) 3.5 days, Montreal, Canada

NEWAYS International Conference 2012 (SI & Relay) 2 days, Provo, Utah

Japan Association of Life Organizers International Conference & Symposium 2013 (Japan, Australia, Canada, and Holland), Kyoto (Simultaneous) 3 days

International Federation of Professional Organizers Annual Meetings 2011 to Present

Sisterhood Relation Signing Ceremony between California State Railroad Museum and Railway Museum in Saitama, Japan (SI & CI) Sacramento, 2016

Apple Retail Tour (SI) San Francisco 2018

IBM Cognitive Marketing presentation (SI) San Francisco 2016

IBM Almaden Research Center Presentation Meeting (SI) San Jose 2016

Google Executive Partners & TOYOTA (SI) Google HQ, Mountain View

Google Executive Partners & Japan Airlines (SI) 2 days, Google HQ, Mountain View

Google Executive Partners & TOYOTA (SI) Google HQ, Mountain View

X (Google X) Presentation Meeting (SI) Silicon Valley 2017                         

Facebook Sales Conference (CI) Facebook HQ

Teradata PARTNERS 2015 Conference (SI), Anaheim, 4 days

Oracle Cloud Marketing Sales Boot Camp (SI) Oracle HQ, 4 days, 2015

Oracle Cloud Marketing Sales Boot Camp (SI) Oracle HQ, 4 days, 2015

Oracle Cloud Marketing Sales Boot Camp (SI) Oracle HQ, 4 days, 2016

Oracle Cloud Marketing Sales Boot Camp (SI) Oracle HQ, 3 days, 2016

Adobe Customer Experience with Mitsukoshi-Isetan (SI) Adobe HQ

Adobe Customer Experience with Mitsubishi Group (SI) Adobe HQ

Twitter Marketing Division Global Training Conference (SI) 3 days, Twitter HQ, San Francisco

Twitter Research Meeting with Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. & Yahoo Japan (CI) Twitter HQ, San Francisco, 2013      Subject: Illegal Contents Prevention

Cisco Systems & NTT Technical Presentations and Q&A sessions, Cisco HQ 2015

Huawai Technologies Technical Presentations  with KDDI (CI) Santa Clara, 2015

OpenTable Global Sales Conference 2015 (3 days) San Francisco 

Hitachi Data Systems Board Meeting (SI) San Jose, 2016

Stanford University d-school presentations & meetings (SI) Palo Alto, 2016

Cisco Systems Executive Briefing (SI) San Jose, 2017 ~ 2018

Dropbox Executive Briefing (SI) San Francisco 2017

box Works 17 Global Conference (SI) Moscone Center, San Francisco

SoftBank US Showcase 2014 (SI) 

SoftBank & Next VR Executive Meeting (SI) Newport Beach

Square POS System Presentation Meeting (CI) San Francisco, 2014

CardLinx Association IoCT Forum 2016 (SI) Grand Hyatt SF

CardLinx Association Sales Meeting (CI) San Bruno

Mastercard Global Conference (SI) San Francisco 2017

Venture Capital & Start-ups

Silicon Valley New Japan Summit 2017  (CI) Stanford University

Startup World Cup Championship 2017 (SI) hosted by Fenox VC
Subject: Venture Capital & Startup
San Francisco, California

U.S. Japan Venture Capital Conference “Moment 2015” hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan & Stanford University
Subject: Venture Capital & Business
Palo Alto, California, October 2015

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan Program Next Innovator Open Innovation LP Tour (SI) 3 days WiL、IDEO、AIG Innovation Center、Palo Alto & San Francisco

Stanford University Open Forum 2016 Managing Open Innovation (SI) Stanford Univ, Asia-pacific Research Center

Plug & Play (VC Incubator) Presentation Meeting (SI) San Jose

Accenture Open Innovation & IoT Presentation & Tour (SI) 2 days, Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley New Japan Summit 2016  (SI) Stanford University

International Foundation of Information Technology (SI) 2 days

California Public Utilities Commission Presentation Meeting with Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (CI) Los Angeles, 2018

U.S Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation Research Conference of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, & Industry (SI) Sacramento, 2018

Japan-U.S. Council Silicon Valley Japan Platform Retreat (SI) 2 days, Napa 2016
Subject: AI & Data Science, Autonomous Vehicle, Fintech, Wellness & Food, U.S. Presidential Campaign

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Presentation Meeting with the Ministry of Economy, Trade, & Industry (CI) Davis & Sacramento, 2016

Washoku Event and Presentation hosted by The Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, and Fishery of Japan and Nikkei, broadcasted by Tokyo TV, VM Ware, Palo Alto, 2014

California State Department of Water Resources, Research Meeting & Visit with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (CI) Sacramento, 2014
Subject: Water Droughts

Department of Water Resource and Environmental Protection Agency & California State Board with the Ministry of Economy, Trade, & Indstry (CI) 2 days, Sacramento, 2014
Subject: Drought and water rights

California State Department of Education Presentation Meeting with Japanese Universities (CI) 2 days, Sacramento & San Francisco, 2014
Subject: Special Education

California Earthquake Authority Presentation Meeting with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (CI) Sacramanto, 2014
Subject: Fire and Earthquake Insurance

California Energy Commission Presentation Meeting with Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (CI) Sacramento, 2013
Subject: Renewable Energy

Investor Relations
Non-deal Roadshow for Takara Leben (CI) San Francisco, 2016

Cyber Security
Bandai-Namuco Anti-piracy Division Cyber Security Presentation Meeting (CI) San Rafael, 2015

FireEye Cyber Security Presentation Meeting (CI & SI) FireEye HQ, Milpitas, 2016

Game & Drone Technology
Bandai-Namco Global Sales Conference 2 days (SI) San Jose, CA 2017

GDC 2016 (Game Developers Conference) 3 days (CI) Moscone Center
Subject: Digital Advertising
San Francisco, CA; March 2016

Focus group sessions & marketing research meetings for BANDAI Namco (SI) South San Francisco 2014, Subject: Video Games

Marketing research focus group sessions for Nikon (SI) San Francisco, 2016
Subject: Live Streaming & Drone Photography

Energy, Environment, & Natural Resources
California ISO Technical Meeting with Nomura Research Institute (CI) Folsom, CA 2018

California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Research and Technical Meeting with the Government of Japan (SI) 2018

Sandia National Laboratory (US Department of Energy) Technical Conference (CI & SI) 2 days, Livermore, 2016 Subject: Hydrogen energy

California Fuel Cell Partnership Headquarters & California State Energy Commission Media Interview with Asahi Shimbun (newspapers) (2 days) Sacramento, 2016
Subject: Hydrogen Vehicle Technologies

Seattle Public Utilities Presentation Meetings & Plant tours at the water treatment facilities (CI) Seattle, Washington, 2015

Industrial & Machinery
Koh-Young Technology Global Sales Conference (SI) San Diego, 2018

Komatsu Executive Strategy Meetings & Dinner Reception (SI & CI) 2 days Silicon Valley, 2016

Commissioning for Japanese machinery at pipe mill (7 days)
Subject: Manufacturing, production, steel pipe
TMK IPSCO, Wilder, Kentucky; August 2014

Max Machinery Global Sales & Marketing Meeting (CI) 2days, Santa Rosa

Toyota North America Global Dealer Meetings (SI)
2016 Torrance, CA,
2017 Plano, TX

TESLA Motors Plant Tour & Presentation (SI)
Fremont, California; September 2017

TESLA Motors Technical & Engineering meeting (CI)
Subject: Automotive, electrical equipment
Fremont, California; August 2015

California Fuel Cell Partnership Headquarters Presentation Meeting
Sacramento, 2016

Construction & Civil Engineering 
CIty of Livermore with Mitsubishi Research Institute & Okayama University Local Urban CIty Redevelopment Program Presentations & Meeting (CI) Livermore, 2014

NTT Facilities & Yahoo Japan Data Center Construction Project Bit Presentations (SI & CI) 2 days, Wanatchee, Washington

NTT Facilities Data Center Construction Project Technical Meeting (CI) Sacramento

Meeting between a major general contractor company and a Japanese food manufacturing plant (CI) Sacramento, 2013

Food & Manufacturing
Ito-en Marketing Interviews & Meeting (CI) San Francisco

Daio Paper Corporation Marketing Interviews (CI) Cupertino

H2O Plus Brand Focus Group (SI) 2 days, South San Francisco

Kampo (Japan Post) Insurance IoT Presentations, Meetings, and Tours (SI) 3 days, Silicon Valley

Workers Compensations Insurance Claim Case Interview (CI) Sacramento

Labor & Employment
Harassment Compliance Workshop Presentation (CI) Gridley, CA, 2015
Subject: Employment Law

Witness interviews for a corporate human resources dispute (CI) Chico, CA, 2015

Administrative hearing at California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board
Sacramento, California; November 2013

Hearing at California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CI) Sacramento, 2013

Medical & Medical Equipment

HIMSS 4th Annual Patient Engagement Summit 2016 at Stanford School of Medicine (SI) 

Integrative Oncology Conference 2015 (CI) Reno, Nevada 

Sutter Hospital & San Francisco Children Hospital Research Meetings with Japanese non-profit organization (CI) Sacramento & San Francisco, 2016 Subject: Facility Dogs

Mental Health
Institute for Challenging Disorganization Annual Conference (CI) 2.5 days / yr
2016 Portland
2015 Cleveland
2014 Nashville
2013 Denver
2012 Chicago
2011 Raleigh, NC

International Positive Psychology Association 5th World Congress (SI) 3 days
Montreal, Canada, 2017

Professional Organizing 
Professional Organizers in Canada Annual Summit 2014 (CI) Calgary, Canada

Australasian Association of Professional Organizers Annual Conference 2013 (CI) Sydney, Australia

National Association of Professional Organizers Annual Conference (CI & SI) 3 days / yr
2017 Pittsburgh
2016 Atlanta
2015 Los Angeles
2014 Phoenix
2013 New Orleans
2012 Baltimore
2011 San Diego
2010 Columbus

Japan Association of Life Organizers Annual Conference (SI) 2 days / yr
2017 Sendai
2016 Takamatsu
2015 Sapporo
2014 Yokohama
2013 Kyoto
2012 Nagoya
2011 Fukuoka
2010 Tokyo

A presentation speech and book signing event for Marie Kondo, a New York Times and LA Times Best Seller author.
Subject: Publishing
Santa Cruz, California; February 2014

A presentation speech and book signing event for Marie Kondo, a New York Times and LA Times Best Seller author.
Subject: Publishing
Santa Cruz, California; February 2014

Media & Television
Media interview for Asahi Shimbun (CI) Emperor Hotel Tokyo, 2010

TV show production & Filming for Subaru 2015 WRX Reality Show (CI) Vallejo, 2013

Legal, Court Trial & Deposition
Defamation Case Depositions (CI) Palo Alto, CA 2017

U.S. Department of Justice Anti-trust Law Case Investigation Interviews (CI) 2 days, SF

U.S. Department of Justice Anti-trust Law Case Investigation Meetings (CI) 3 days, SF

Deposition and prep meeting for patent infringement case (Check Interpreter) 3 days, San Francisco, 2015 Subject: LCD Screen

Deposition Prep for Pharmaceutical Civil Case (CI) 4 days, Honolulu

Deposition Prep for Anti-trust Civil Case (CI) 5 days, San Francisco 2015 Subject: Capacitors

Deposition Prep for Anti-trust Criminal Case (CI) 3 days, San Francisco 2015

Deposition Prep for Anti-trust Civil Case (CI & Whispering) 2 days, San Francisco 2014

Court Trial for Civil Auto Injury Case (CI & Whispering) 2 days, Yolo County Superior Court, Woodland, California; May 2014

U.S. Immigration Office Entry Permit Interview (CI) Sacramento

Deposition for Civil Personal Injury Case, Auto Accident Case, and Bodily Injury Case (CI) Since 2010 to Present

Immigration Law Attorney & Client Consultation (CI) Sacramento

Art & Culture

Tatoo International Convention (CI) San Francisco Hyatt, 2011

Wedding Reception (CI & Whispering) Sacramento Ball Room, Sacramento, 2014

Wedding Ceremony & Reception (CI & Whispering) San Francisco, 2016

Public Figures I Interpreted

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple

Michael E. Gerber, an American best-selling author of "E-Myth" & entrepreneur

Bill Bradley, former U.S. Senate & Democratic Presidential Nominee

Neil deGrasse Tyson an American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator. 

Michael F. Koehler, CEO of Teradata

Dr. Gill Pratt, CEO of Toyota Research Institute

Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe Systems

Satoshi Seino, Chairman & Director East Japan Railway Company

Admiral Paul F. Zukunft Admiral/Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard

Mike Rowe, celebrity, “Dirty Jobs”, Discovery channel television show

Robert Herjavec, celebrity, “Shark Tank”, abc television show

Daymond John, celebrity, "Shark Tank", abc television show, Founder & CEO of FUBU

Marie Kondo, organizing consultant, international author of New York Times bestselling book 

Aaron Leviean American entrepreneur. the co-founder and CEO of Box.

John Roos,  a former United States Ambassador to Japan

OPI & Skype Interpreting
Certified Languages International, over-the-phone interpreting & Tester, 2011 to 2016 (over 1000 hours)

Language Select, over-the-phone interpreting, 2010 to 2015 (over 500 hours)

Marine Software Sales Meeting (CI) San Francisco

Market Research Focus Groups & interviews for Canon (SI) 4 days, 2013
Subject: Multi-function Printer & Scanner

CardLinx Association Sales Meeting with AEON Group (CI)


English <> Japanese Translator


Translation Projects
Automotive, product manuals, environment & sustainability, IT (hardware, software localization, and mobile applications) health & nutrition, mental health, medical, science, retail, business, sales & marketing, human resource, financial, legal, insurance, education, government, media, press release, publishing, travel & tourism, art & design, entertainment, subtitles (movies, corporate promotional videos, TV commercials, and others), professional organizing, and others.

Translation Clients
GE, Nokia, IBM, Google Japan, Rakuten, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Kyocera, CITI Bank, Coca-cola Company, Eaton, Zurich, MetLife, NEC, DuPoint, Nike, Levis Strauss, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Stryker, FDA, Warner Brothers, NBC, Kowa Pharmaceutical, IKEA, Nissan, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Motors, GM, Exxon, AMEX, Barclays, NYSE, NASDAQ, Chicago Field Museum, Delta Airlines, Princess Cruise, Marriott, City of San Jose, Seektech, NHK, Gekkeikan, LifeVantage, Institute for Challenging Disorganization, Tokyo University, World Economic Forum, U.S. government, and many others.


In-house Interpreter/Translator & Executive Assistant

SONY Electronics, Inc.

Responsible for interpreting executive meetings and translating technical documents for R&D division. Reported directly to VP.


In-house Interpreter/Translator & Executive Assistant

CAS (Subsidiary of TOYOTA)

Responsible for interpreting executive, board, and shareholder meetings, and translating administrative, financial, and technical documents. Reported directly to President.

Professional Training

Jan 2016Jul 2016

English-Japanese Interpreting Program

Simul Academy 

Six-month online interpreting program at a renowned institute


English-Japanese Translation Program

AISEI Language School, San Francisco, California

Two-year translation program: Fundamental, Practical, Ad-hoc, Professional, IT & Software 

May 2011 Dec 2011

Advanced Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpretation for Professionals

Jidai Academy

Six-month online interpreting training program 


Fundamental English-Japanese Interpretation Workshop

AISEI Languagel School

Onsite interpreting workshop for aspired interpreters



Business Management Major

University of Phoenix

Business Major

California State University of Sacramento

Art Major

Saga Art College

Japanese Painting


Professional Associations


Charter Member

National Language Service Corps, U.S. Department of Defense

Business Management



American Translator Association