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Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Software Developer

Tiempo Development (HQ: Phoenix AZ)

2 Project CopiaMobile, Aravo Solutions

  • Activities:
    • Technical Services Development
      • Implement ETLs/Integrations using Dell Boomi product, and consume client or provide to clients services like:
        • WebServices, FTP, ssh, VPNs
      • Consume in house SOAP WebServices to interact with propietary application.
      • Create queues and filters usgin ActiveMQ.
      • Perform Unit / Integration testing of WebServices/ETLs using SoapUI
    • Automation Test Development
      • Development of new Framework to test web application using primary selenium and Java
      • Support on tester execution bugs.
      • Add more product functionality in Automation Test Software.
    • Technologies / Tools used:
      • Eclipse (Juno), notepad++
      • Dell Boomi
      • Version Control Systems: SVN
      • Projects Managers: Jira & (kanban board)
      • Builds Monitor: Jenkins
      • WebServers: Tomcat, Jboss
      • Telnet, FTP, SSH, WebServices, XML
      • Java, BDD JBehave, Selenium
      • SoapUI.
      • Web Services, 
      • XML, XSLT, javascript, 
      • ActiveMQ, JMS.
    • Courses :
      • Agile Mgnt Framework
      • Agile Estimation  
      • Scrum & Kanban board & metrics (workshop)      
      • Scrum  Sprint Planning & US 
      • Continuous Integration 
      • Burndown       
      • TDD 
      • Self Organization 
      • Sprint Review & Retrospective 
      • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi - Web Intelligence and Big Data with Gautam Shroff on coursera
      • University of Toronto - Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code with Jennifer Campbell and Paul Gries on coursera
      • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - Functional Programming Principles in Scala with Martin Odersky on coursera
      • BerkeleyX - CS169.1-2x Software as a Service with David Patterson and Armando Fox on edx
      • Universitat Politècnica de València - Android: Programación de Aplicaciones con Jesús Tomás Gironés on miriadaX
Aug 2004Aug 2011

Project Leader and Software Engineer


4 projects - GE, STC, SoundblazeEMC

  • Activities:
    • Development, support and maintenance of Web and Web 2.0Applications
    • Project leader from July 2008
    • Automation Test Development
  • Technologies / Tools:
    • Java J2EE, Adobe Flex 3, Perl
  • Courses:
    • Configuration Management.
    • Identification of Risks and Issues.
    • Validation and Verification.
    • CMMI Introduction.
Jan 2010Aug 2011

Software Engineer [subcontractor]



•  Mantainance of Test Automation Framework made in perl for EMC Clarrion plataform HW

•  Add more product functionality in Automation Test Software.

•  Bug fixes in scripts

•  Support on tester execution bugs

Tools/Technologies used:

•  Tech:   Perl, CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network), html, CSV, Clariion Plataform

•  Tools:   Navisec CLI, Shared Folders Windows, Shell Scripts 

•  IDEs:   Eclipse, Komodo IDE, Notepad++

•  VersCtrl:   ClearCase

•  Tracking:   BMC Remedy 

Aug 2007Dec 2009

Project Leader

Soundblaze Project


•  Development of Web 2.0 applications in Adobe Flex 3, Grails, MySql, BlazeDS(AMF)

•  Bug fixes

•  Server and Configuration Management; control over dev and prod servers: MySQL, App/Apache/JBoss

•  Deployments on Production

Project leader activities:

-  Tracking working time.

-  Activities reports.

-  Team Management.

Tools/Technologies used:

•  Tech:   Adobe Flex 3, Cairngorm MVC, Spring, Groovy on Grails, MySQL

•  Tools:   Telnet, FTP, SSH to control and access servers dev and prod environment 

•  IDEs:   Eclipse, Flex Builder, MySQL suite

•  Server:   Centos, MySQL, Apache, Jboss, BlazeDS (AMF), RackSpace

•  VersCtrl:   SVN (Bugtraq), Git (Setup, Code Repo)

•  Tracking:   Redmine 

Feb 2007Aug 2007

Software Engineer [subcontractor]

STC Scientific Technologies Corporation


•  Development  and mantainance of web applications in Java J2EE (JSF), Maven/Ant, Oracle and JDO/Kodo.

•  Development of new modules requested to applications

•  Bug fixes

Tools/Technologies used:

•  Tech:   STC framework, J2EE, JSF, Facelets, Oracle ADF, xhtml, JDO/Kodo

•  Build Tools:   maven, ant using TestNG

•  Build Monitor:   Cruise Control

•  IDEs:   Eclipse IDE 

•  Server:   Tomcat, Oracle

•  VersCtrl:   SVN (Bugtraq)

•  Tracking:   Jira

Feb 2005Feb 2007

Software Engineer [subcontractor]



•  User Support Level 2 and mantainance of 3 global web applications in Java J2EE, Oracle, and OnLink.

•  Application Monitoring.

•  Development of new modules requested to applications.

•  Bug fixes

•  User Support (Phone calls, emails, IMs).

Tools/Technologies used:

•  Tech:   Onlink, J2EE, Servlets, JSPs, Oracle (Triggers, Procedures, Functions, Cursors)

•  Tools:   Telnet, FTP, Access to development environment (UNIX)

•  IDEs:   Eclipse IDE (Callisto, GuidePost), PLSQL Developer

•  Server:   Jboss, WebLogic, Tomcat, Oracle

•  VersCtrl:   CVS

•  Tracking:   HP Service Manager 

Aug 2004Feb 2005

Intern [subcontractor]

EKI / Kraft


• Maintenance of web applications in Java Struts, Oracle.

• Primary on Front End of application implementing some JavaScript validations and functionality.

• Bug fixes

May 2004Aug 2004

IT support

Bodega Industrial Ferretera S.A.
  • Activities::

-  IT Support

-  IT Assistant to 17 users and 1 linux server


Hobby experience on Scala   Participated in course Functional Programming Principles in Scala in
Experience using Active Perl 5.10 using several CPAN modules.   Exporter Object Oriented Programing Moose (few knowledge) Rex Ex Files, Log, etc
Personal work / training on PHP   Symfony
Adobe Flex
Experience developing on Adobe Flex application:   Action Script, Flash, Cairngorm, AMF, Red5 (rmtp, rmtpt)
Java J2EE
Experience developing Java J2EE aplication    GRAILS JSPs,Servlets, JSF / ADF, (Basic) Spring, (Intermediate) JDO / KODO (Basic)
Linux Debian (Ubuntu) / Unix
Expirience as user and server admin.   Servers set up in linux: LAMP: Apache, MySQL, PHP Application WEB Server (Tomcat, Jboss...), FTP, Telnet, SSH, SVN, Redmine


Management Skills

  • Self Learning
  • Team work
  • Proactive
  • Work under pressure
  • Enterprising

Personal Information

31 Years old

Mexican, Single

Monterrey, N.L., México


Integrating a company where I can develop myself as profesional and personal, contributing to achieving company's goals through the use of my abilities, knowleged and work experience.


  • Web development and desing
  • Mobile Development
  • Linux, Unix
  • Microprocesors and assemblers

PDA Behavioral Assessment

I am a nice guy, friendly, accurate and diplomat. I will endeavour to avoid conflicting situations through attention to detail. I'll do anything in my power to avoid risks and errors. I'm objective and rational in my work. Since I tends to be a perfectionist and detail, I feel comfortable working with sufficient time and information to be able to organize myself. Before taking any decision I rather have as much data available so I act with caution when making decisions. I prefer to work being objective and based on data and facts. I'm motivated by a moderately structured environment. I React positively to both the praise and the sincere appreciation for my expertise or knowledge in particular. I'm fairly extroverted and I like to work with others. I'm a good team member, who can become an integral part of the group. I'll be efficient to influence others in a "non-aggressive", to react positively through the transmission of detailed or specialized information.

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