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  • Fuel Cell CAN Monitoring & Control System (Software & Firmware Programming)
    • Created a host application for monitoring and control through CAN bus, using Visual Basic language.
    • Worked with another staff on client side doing C programming on Microchip 8-bit microcontroller (PIC18) to control and data logging of multiple fuel cell stacks and DC-DC units.
    • PCB Design of I/O board for the system.
  • Generator Synchronizer System (Hardware, Firmware and PCB Design)
    • Developed a software Phase-Locked Loop algorithm on the Microchip 16-bit digital signal controller to synchronize 5KW A.C. generator to the grid bus.
    • Design PCB for DSP controller and I/O control boards.
    • Design electrical wiring of the system     
  • Web-based Monitoring and Control for Fuel Cell UPS (Software Programming)
    • Using NetBurner Ethernet core module, HTML and Javascript.
  • Web-based Monitoring and Control for 35W Portable Fuel Cell Stack(Software & Firmware Programming)
    • Using Rabbit 8-bit microprocessor Ethernet core module, C, HTML and Javascript.
  • Robotic Systems Development (Hardware (Mechanical & Electrical) & Firmware Design)
    • PCB design and firmware programming of basic modules (microcontroller core module, color sensor, etc) for staff and students to use in their project developments.
    • Design and developments of robots to participate in annual Singapore Robotics Games (Yr 2004 -2007). 
    • Using Rabbit 8-bit microprocessor core module (C Programming) and Microchip 8-bit microcontroller (Assembly & C).

Professional Profile

Experienced in embedded system design

  • Microcontroller, Microprocessor & DSP Programming  (C & assembly)
    • Rabbit, Microchip, TI, 8051, Atmel
  • PCB Design and Fabrication
    • CAD software: Eagle, Target 3001
    • Milling Machine Operation
  • Electronic circuitry design
  • Software Programming
    • Visual Basic, HTML, Javascript, Linux
  • Familiar with MS Office, Matlab
  • Knowledge in PC setup & installation, network fundamental


Work experience

Jun 2003Present

Technical Support Officer (Project)

Temasek Polytechnic
  • Coordinator for the installation and integration of Fuel Cell test equipments, process control systems and building management system for the newly start-up Fuel Cell Application Centre in TP.
  • Involved in the Fuel Cell project developments (2007 – present).
  • Involved in the UNSW foundation year (2006-08) & TP (2003-06) academic teaching such as giving lectures, provide trainings, students’ project and laboratory supervisions.
  • Involved in the project development of robotic systems to participate in annual Singapore Robotics Games (2004 – 2007).
    • Sumo Robot Competition
    • Intelligent Robot Competition
    • Legged Robot (Marathon)
Feb 1999Jun 2001

Technical Support Officer

Temasek Polytechnic
  • Primary job involves in maintaining PCs and test equipments in the laboratory.
  • Web Administrator for students’ final year project website.
  • Involved in an individual project development of a large panel display clock for the school.
May 1998Feb 1999

Technical Sales Specialist

Fukutomi (S) Equipment & Supplies
  • Job scopes covered in-door sales, providing customer service & technical support, doing the setup, maintenance & repairing of machines including computer systems.
  • Designed and maintaining the company’s website


Jul 2006Dec 2008

Master (MSc)

CGPA: 3.39 / 5