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Junaid Iqbal Memon




Cloud 9 Group was founded by Junaid Iqbal Memon in 2014. As a property developer, he has always been one to look for opportunities especially in real estate and development ventures. Based in Dubai, he has successfully completed a number of residential projects under his name.

Mr. Memon was born in India, but since 1992, he has been raised by his business-oriented family in Dubai. He has successfully completed his education both in Dubai and in the UK. He took up BS Business Management at Aston University from which he graduated with Honours. With his mind set to venture more into property development, he decided to pursue a Masters degree in Investment Analysis. He successfully finished the program at Aston University with Distinction.

The fact that he hails from a family with a well-established background in business made a huge influence on him. At a young age, he has been exposed to the world of business and entrepreneurship which opened up his mind to a clearer understanding of spotting prospective business opportunities while at the same time, encouraged him to craft entrepreneurial strategies. This led him to look to property development and real estate for profitable opportunities.

With the goal of diversifying his portfolio, he made the decision to use the vast experience he has in business to see what real estate has in store for him. This led to ventures established in the UK, Dubai, and India. The prolific expertise and experience he has as an entrepreneur have made him a keen observer of present trends and prospective ventures that offer profit possibilities. His decision to focus on property development has led to the completion of a number of residential projects under his name. Presently, he owns a number of businesses and properties and manages them too. He also has ventures that are operating in the UK, Dubai, and India.

A voracious reader who keeps himself well in tune with economics and present world affairs, keeping up with the times especially when it comes to property development trends is something that he has always made sure of. He understands how important it is to take note of market trends so as to inject feasibility and practicality in the development projects that he decides to undertake.

As a strong believer in effective communication, he always places emphasis on establishing a proper connection between his team and his clients. With the property development and real estate market being quite a competitive industry to be in, ensuring customer satisfaction is key towards edging out the competition. This is also the reason why he makes his customers’ interest his priority at all times.

Mr. Memon is a strong believer in properly balancing both work and personal life. This is why, as a way to take some time off the gruelling world of property development, he makes it a point to spend time with his family to ensure a healthy balance between family and work.

If you want to know the potential of your property development, get in touch with Junaid Iqbal Memon and the Cloud 9 Group. Read more about Junaid Iqbal Memon online.

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