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Work experience

Support Researcher

Samsung Electronics

I worked in the Samsung Electronics on the last summer vacation(July, August. 2009).

My position is a Support Researcher. Support Researcher is  literally supporter of Samsung's researcher.

When researchers ask for a help, supporters who like me go to the researchers lab.

Because  researchers asking part is daily different, I can work in variety part and doing variety experiment.

For example, one day, I am taking inventory in a warehouse or clean up the luggage in a warehouse.

another day, I am observe a electronics instrument all day long and check a malfunction of instrument.

In addition , go through variety work, I can learn abuot the how to work with other people.


Fresh man

Chungang University

I graduated from Chang-Hyun High school in Republic of Korea this year.

when I was high school students I joined a  science experiment club. and I was representation in club.

I could not variety experiment but leadership training by controling my junior in club.

and I usually awarded writing prize in high school. so I think that I can good writing in variety part.

In university, I am studying managemnet, accounting and trade and so on. but I effort to do well all part of my filed. and at the same time, I am doing CCC(Campus Crusade for Christ) activity. so I meet many people and learn about how to good relationship many people even if somones aren't like to me or correspond to my thing or style.



I think very long time. and I can get a result of my direction.

I want to join variety part of management department. especially, I want to be a management consultant.

In that position, I wnat to design many companys management style, management strategy and human-


 But I don't want to be a first leader like CEO. the reason why these style, I can do well support top-leader throug my own strategy or definite information. but I can't do well action in position of top or CEO.

 Namely, I can and I want to do management by management consultanting.

Plus, I will make a best company in the world!!!


I like listen to persons think and idea. and I'm a best listener in conversation.

and I like conversation too because I can know that peoples think or who they are.

In addition, through the listen active, I can make a many relationship each other people.

I am interested in psychology. the reason why I like psychology, I think that psychology is best knowledge

to know peoples think, idea, and value and so on. so psychology is can help to me doing a conversation and management especially human management by knowing peoples propensity.


What job do?

My job (I hope so) is management consultant. Listen to clients opinion, think and idea abuot company. and based these clients think, I suggest a good and adequate management strategy for clients company. In addition , I control employees go to well direction too. Most of all, I wnat to be a friendly and faithful management consultant at least in my field.

Job purpose

-Receive much recognition in my field. so I lead evrybody want my hand.

-Always back to the basics and start work with a renewed mind.

-I will always gorw through my work and better than now position.

-I will be a managemant role model in my field.

-Onece I take a companys management, make a best company in the companys market