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Juma Al Falasi

CEO at E.R.E. private joint stock company


An experienced marketing management professional in the local and International markets, university educated, with first-class management and marketing credentials with business invention qualities. Over 19 years of extensive experience in developing inventive ideas.  Highly motivated, flexible, team player with leadership qualities.  Sociable, outgoing and adaptable to various cultures and backgrounds.  Reliable, dependable, ethical and trustworthy.



Postgraduate Cerificate in Real Estate Management and Development.

 Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 
Sep 2011Sep 2014

Real Estate Economics

This course aims to introduce students to an economic analysis of real estate markets. The course will help students to understand land and property markets from an economic perspective; to examine land and property as a set of linked markets and to consider regulatory constraints on real estate in economic terms including planning.

Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation 1

This course aims to establish the economic context for the creation of value, introduce the principles for the assessment of value in property markets, develop a clear understanding of the valuation process and appropriately apply the principal valuation methods (conventional and contemporary) to a range of property types and interests.

Construction Technology

The overall aim of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of the different elements that make-up a building so that they can communicate effectively with construction professionals in the design and construction of buildings. Subjects include:

Structural Requirements for Buildings; Substructure Design – Foundations; Substructure Design – Basements; Structural frames and suspended floors; Superstructure - External walls and cladding Superstructure – Roofs; Services in Buildings; Offsite construction; Low carbon construction.

Spatial Planning

This course aims to help students to develop a critical understanding of: spatial planning agendas; sectoral and spatial policy frameworks at national, strategic and local levels; legal and ethical frameworks; implementation mechanisms; development management issues; relationships between land and property and planning, including development rights and property rights. The syllabus includes the following subjects:

Reasons for planning; Development Planning; Urbanisation and Urban development; Development and property rights; Development Management; Environmental Assessment; Conservation and Globalisation and urban transitions.

Real Estate Investment Analysis

This course aims to enable learners to develop an in-depth understanding of property as an investment medium and the application of investment and finance theories to both the general investment markets and the property market. 

Real Estate Management and Sustainability

This course aims to give students an understanding of: the legal framework for property management and ownership; the roles and functions of the property asset manager; the financial, legal and technical skills within the management domain; concepts and tools for sustainability management within real estate.

Real Estate Development

This course aims to achieve an understanding of the structure and functioning of the contemporary real estate market and of the factors influencing the development decision.

Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation 2

This course aims to develop a critical evaluation of valuation and appraisal methods and provide an opportunity to develop an in-depth knowledge of advanced methods of valuation and appraisal for land and property markets.

A University Diploma in International Business Studies & Total Quality Management 

 the Aviation college of Dubai
Jan 1998Dec 2000


Program Overview

The Diploma of Business and Quality Management is designed to address the operational relevance of business and quality management in the context of present day organisations. The diploma prepares learners to understand the essential business and quality management tools, methodologies and systems for improving organisational performance. It also enables learners to take their organisations through the roadmap of business excellence.
The Diploma of Business and Quality Management is based on the premise that learners will have fundamental knowledge of business operations and organizational functions at the macro and micro levels. The first year of the diploma program prepare learners with a solid foundation to understand key business functions and the processes that link them. Advanced courses such as Total Quality Management Fundamental, Quality Tools and Techniques, Business Excellence, and Business Process Management provide a more detailed examination of the functional areas of quality management. Upon completion of this specialized program the learners will be able to introduce essential implement quality management tools and systems in the organization, and will be able to prepare their organizations to compete for various regional and international quality awards.

What is Unique about this Program?

Use of most advanced teaching and learning methods to develop quality management expertise and competencies;
Taught by world-class experts based in different countries;
Flexible delivery model using e-learning medium in Year 2 of the program to suit the schedule of busy professionals in full-time employment; and to remove travel requirements;
Contextualization of Total Quality Management (TQM) principles in relation to the cultural and economic situations of Middle East and North Africa region;

Program Goals

The Diploma holder can expect to find employment as business and quality professionals/managers in all sectors of the economy, including oil and gas, government sector services, private businesses, and a wide range of emerging sectors such as tourism and hospitality, banking and finance, education, healthcare, sports, lifestyle and social sector. Diploma holders already on job can expect to gain in terms of career progression after successfully completing this diploma program. In the specialist field of quality management they can be hired as quality managers, quality assurance managers, quality analysts, quality control inspectors, quality assurance officers, quality control supervisor, quality assurance technician, quality surveyors etc.

Program Outcomes

Analyze and evaluate the contribution of a wide range of business and quality management techniques to organizational effectiveness;

  • Illustrate the different approaches of identifying and analyzing business problems;
  • Apply modern business and quality management principles to solve problems and streamline organizational processes;
  • Demonstrate effective inter-personal skills in their professional roles;
  • Apply effective motivational and leadership skills for achieving organizational objectives;
  • Plan, develop, implement and evaluate business and quality management strategies in all sector of the economy.
  • Apply knowledge of global best practice trends in business and quality management.
  • Analyze and evaluate the contribution of a wide range of business and quality management techniques to organizational effectiveness.
  • Illustrate the different approaches of identifying and analyzing business problems.
  • Apply modern business and quality management principles to solve problems and streamline organizational processes.
  • Demonstrate effective inter-personal skills in their professional roles.
  • Apply effective motivational and leadership skills for achieving organizational objectives.
  • Plan, develop, implement and evaluate business and quality management strategies in all sector of the economy.
  • Apply knowledge of global best practice trends in business and quality management

Work History

3 YEARS as CEO  

Jan 2007Dec 2009

Onsite Sales Broker THE MARKETING DIRECTORS Represented in the residential sales  Condominiums, a AED. 20 B project targeted toward high-end buyers. Manage all aspects, including construction, maintenance, and sale of mixed-use project, which includes 17 luxury residential condominiums. Ensure properties are “live-in” ready through providing oversight on condo conversions. Collaborate with lenders, prospective buyers, investment groups, developers and contractors to ensure projects run smoothly and are completed in a timely manner. Generate awareness of new properties through targeted in-print and online marketing. Overcame buyer challenges including high property fees to successfully attain 5 offers within 24 hours

Marketed homes, land, residential and commercial rental space to and for clients. Converted prospected leads to closed sales transactions through relationship management and networking. Provided close and personal client attention, routinely following up to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. Negotiated and prepared contracts and documentation to facilitate the buying process. Achieved the Quarter of Excellence, and Listing Agent of the Month awards for outstanding sales performance. Consistently provide high standards of customer service, astutely analyze needs, requirements and budgetary limitations to identify and recommend suitable property, often surpassing their expectations. Provide expert guidance and advice on property buying/selling process to ensure clients contractual and legal requirements are fulfilled with minimal anxiety.

Served as wearer of many hats, including Project Manager, Director of Sales, Construction Manager, Property Manager and Owner Consultant for the  Condominium project. Managed and oversaw a 167-unit condominium conversion project in the 3 Cities area, working directly with architects, landscapers, interior designers, contractors, and graphic designers to create a strategy for improvements. Oversaw the entire conversion process including the selection of materials, designing spec condominiums, and managing the legal services team on restrictive covenants, public offering statements and sales contracts. Worked closely with Chief Financial Officer to manage the project’s budget for contemporary style condos. 

Assisted company owners with transitioning during the merger of Signature and Ammons Pittman, focusing on residential and commercial brokerage following the merger. Managed the operations for a startup real estate firm, implementing systems to maintain company and agent records and documentation. Recruited, hired and trained 16 new real estate agents, ensuring adherence to best practices and assisting agents in meeting and exceeding sales goals. Oversaw all aspects of the relocation division and represented clients during the purchase and sale of residential homes. 


secure tech int.
Dec 2000Jul 2007
  •  Served as the leading supervisor for 25 personnel which increased operational efficiency by 15% within a 6 month period.
  •  Evaluated the effectiveness of the database management technology and investigated problems and inefficiencies.
  •  Designed and developed changes and modifications to the database with conflicting requirements.
  •  Performed in-depth analysis of automated and manual systems to accomplish design and programming assignments related to database management.
  • Converted existing databases to meet new release requirements and develop and maintain SQL scripts and shells scripts to perform database administrative functions.
  • Prepared technical papers, plans, and feasibility reports addressing unique user requirements in order to make recommendations to the leadership team .
  •  Developed changes to the ORACLE and SQL databases in order to improve efficiencies and to modify the storage structure and between databases .
  •  Assessed long range needs related to architecture development and system and program specifications and coordinate development of system documents for complex assignments in accordance with the U.A.E. DNRD and other federal standards.
  • Provided technology Face Renegotiation program/project management for product and content technology initiatives.
  • Oversaw and monitored progress on multiple complex projects relative to scope, schedules, budgets, and quality.
  • Facilitated solutions to multi-layered problems and managed difficult process improvements.
  • Communicated and reported benchmark successes and challenges to executives, customers, and all other relevant individuals and groups.
  • Performed duties as Information Assurance Security Officer.
  • Developed, published, and maintained Information Assurance plans, policies, and procedures.
  • Evaluated and recommended information systems security controls and procedures.
  • Developed and implemented information security disaster recovery procedures.
  • Represented the organization on several inter-agency planning committees involving information assurance, security, and technology service support issues.
  • Conducted system security audits and review vulnerability assessments.

3 YEARS as a LOCAL AGENT                     

FEC General Maintenance 
Dec 2000Nov 2004
  • Provide comprehensive day-to-day field supervision at the site. Ensure all construction is being performed to quality standards in compliance with design specifications, drawings, budget and schedule.
  • Interpret and explain plans and contract terms to involved staff and contractors.
  • Co-ordinate and optimize the arrangement of daily activities tasked to the construction crews and external subcontractors to minimize lost productivity time.
  • Assist with preparing request for proposals for public tender of services and statement of work documents. Also contribute to contracts, change orders, material and services purchase orders for approval by Owner. Assess and where appropriate make recommendations on contractor requests for extension of time, claims for additional payment, and contractual disputes.
  • Review quotes, material requests, procured items, deliveries and on-site production to validate accurate fulfillment and quality control.
  • Certify invoices submitted by suppliers and contractors and recommend for payment by Owners.
  • Perform inspections at completion of each construction phase, and sign-off on quality of workmanship along with crew leaders and external subcontractors
  • Determine and recommend labor force, materials, and equipment requirements
  • Build and update project schedules. Responsible for ensuring completion of activities according to schedule. Expedite and co-ordinate any delayed or potentially delayed activities. Maintain regular estimates of the cost-to-completion and time-to-completion for each task.
  • Co-ordinate, administer and lead weekly progress meetings with Owner/general manager, site engineer, crew leaders and subcontractors.
  • Completion of computer-based weekly and/or daily reports, project log and documentation files.
  • Enforce and promote site safety and project procedures and proper use of equipment.
  • Advise Owners on any recommendations for improvement to practices regarding health and safety, construction approach and quality control plans. Recommend measures to enhance improvement or efficiency opportunities that may arise.
  • Identify risk and opportunity in all aspects of construction management, and implement mitigation measures where risks are appreciable.
  • Conduct ongoing meetings with field staff to remain informed of project work and facilitate resolution of presented or developing issues.
  • Provide on-the-job training for staff in carrying out construction supervision including contract administration, quality control, construction and monitoring and evaluation, and other relevant activities.

4 years Executive Director                                                 

 DGM General Maintenance
Jan 1996Dec 2000
  •  Interface with site supervisors on a daily basis to provide proactive technical advice for field activities.
  • Verify safety precautions stipulated on permits to work, risk assessments and job safety analysis are being implemented.
  • Verify third party certification for loose lifting gear, pressure vessels, electrical equipment etc, is correctly color coded and being used properly.
  • Identify site hazards, non-conformance, corrective and preventive actions and bring them to the immediate attention of site supervision (and record).
  • Closely monitor high risk activities; confined space entry gas testing and air monitoring, lifting activities, work at height, movement of abnormal loads etc.
  •  Identify additional safety training requirements to be delivered to the workforce.
  • Investigate unsafe acts and conditions and provide solutions to prevent recurrences.
  • Place safety posters, hazard flashes, site safety campaign promotional material and the results of safety incentive schemes prominently on site.  HSE Supervisor. Provide a Daily & weekly & monthly & summary report of field HSE issues and activities including HSE documentation; risk assessments, JSAs, toolbox talks produced, etc.
  •  Develop and comprehend Health and Safety policies, procedures and guidance, in keeping with best practices and make recommendations on their implementation, application and compliance.
  •  Review the Company Health, Safety and Environment Policy statements on an annual basis.
  • Devise, develop and monitor effective Local Policy statements/Fire Plans and Fire Risk Assessments strategies and make recommendations on the implementation of these strategies. e.g. Prepare a Calendar of periodic Risk Assessment Audit across the Company facilities and processes and, carryout the same as planned. Liaise with concerned process owners for identifying corrections, corrective and preventive actions for zero accident incidence
  •  Provide independent professional advice and technical information where appropriate to Department Heads and all Line Mangers to enable the company to discharge its statutory, common and moral Obligations, keeping staff and Managers abreast of changes in HS&E Legislation and Codes of Practice.
  • Provide, or where necessary source, training for staff in relation to Health and Safety policies, practice and procedures.
  •  Ensure all personnel have the necessary training for the project and new hire safety training orientation.
  • Generate Accident/Incident Reports and Corrective Actions.
  •  Design Safety Meeting Presentations.
  •  Liaise between Management and Staff on all matters relating to health, safety and environment to ensure consistent application and understanding of policies and procedures.  Monthly HSE Status report
  •  On Site Safety inspection, where required by Client to ensure work being carried out on site by ASE are meeting the Client’s safety rules and regulations. 35- Prepare list of Personal Protective Equipment required for various jobs and maintain a list of approved suppliers, whose supplies quality is inspected and certified at time of receipt.

2 years Director Assistance & Executive Manager

Dubai of Islamic Affairs   
Apr 1996Sep 1998
  • Performed clerical duties which included mail sorting, typing and proofreading of documents.
  • Provided timely information to colleagues regarding their meetings, inter-company report registration deadlines, planning sessions and notified departments regarding urgency of requests and deadlines.
  • Operated switch keys to relay calls on the PBX switchboard to appropriate departments.
  • Received, recorded and routed all incoming deliveries and signed bids addressed to specific recipients.
  • Placed long distance calls, as requested.
  • Placed outgoing calls for the duty officer and acted as temporary receptionist for the telecommunications office.
  • Relayed messages to appropriate departments/personnel during emergencies.
  • Provided assistance to callers and transferred callers to requested extension numbers.
  • Maintained and updated directory database which included input of complete information of company representatives.
  • Extended assistance for product inquiries, forwarded request for proposals and determined problems that needed to be resolved for coordination to the help-desk department.


I have achieved an advanced modernization of the national flour mills.

This modernization development has increase of revenue.




Starting and establishing new businesses; as well as turning up an unprofitable business to a profit-yielding establishment.






May 2003Jul 2003


                                                                                            BOSTON, USA

English Language Intermediate level          

Lewis School of English 
May 1999Jun 1999

Language                                                                  UK, Southampton

Creativity Centre
May 1998Sep 1998

Seven tactics successful team playing                        UAE, Dubai 

Microsoft Windows              

Samah Cultural Centre 
Jan 1996Dec 1997

IT SKILLS                                                                               Jordan, Erbid 

English as a Foreign Language         

Brighton Embassy Language & Training Centres 
May 1996Jul 1996

Language                                                                              UK, Brighton 

Survival training 

Central MILITARY Command 
Jun 1993Aug 1993

Summer Military Training                                                   UAE, Dubai

Learners English       

British Council 
Jan 1992Mar 1992

Young Learners English                                                     UAE, Dubai         


Reading Science & IT invention magazines, Management & leadership articles.

Sports: Basket Ball, Horse Riding, and Swimming.